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With every company and industry that one wishes to venture there is always a capital requirement involved. Almost all industries today require a good amount of investment. However there are a few areas where low investment is required and one can manage with low amount of initial capital. Rubber band is one such field. This field is one good idea for retail business since it is a utility product and is used almost every day across the world for different purposes. Especially you will find women love shopping for these accessories generally for hair styling.

In this field of retail business your raw material is a very useful and common one that is used for various purposes. Therefore you will need to concentrate on the industry from where you can find the raw material in the lowest possible cost without compromising on the quality. You can get in touch with the manufacturer and form a good trio so that you can make a good start with a good and low capital. Rubber bands have a very good demand in the section of women’s accessories. Therefore you will need to understand the shopping needs of the product in the market.

Such surveys and analysis always help in understanding the demands and supply system especially when you are new in this field of business. This will add to the profitability of the company. You can contact the various shopping malls and complexes where you can open retail stall for your self. You can keep all the varieties of the rubber bands in your store that are in demand. You will need to create a separate section for the women’s accessories and keep a collection of this product that will attract the female customers. This will also add to the chances of sales in both the sections.

You can contact the different manufacturers and distributors that are interested in providing you the products at low price and in bulk quantities. Once you can find such vendors you can finalize the business deals with them. This will help you in getting good quantities of material and all the different varieties. The more you have varieties of rubber bands in your retail store the more you will be able to attract customers for shopping in your outlet. You will find women flocking to your store if you for the accessories.

The variety of the products is a very essential component of every retail business. Keeping in mind the need of the hour different sizes and designs of the rubber bands is a must. Life keeps changing every now and then and therefore changes have to be maintained in the stock of your store as well. For this conduct a survey of the shopping demands of the women in the market of accessories. After understanding the culture you can come up with new ideas, colors, patterns and styles to raise the sales of the product.

These bands are made up of rubber and hence the packaging of the product has to be done with special care. If by chance the packaging of the product is not done carefully and it gets heat from any source then it the material can start melting and losing its shape and property. This will spoil the look and selling value of the product completely. Hence such simple and yet important minute details must be kept in mind. Another thing you can do to attract the women customers for shopping in your retail outlet is by keeping other smaller related accessories like purses, belts, pouches etc. this will increase your sales and profit margin of your business.

To enhance and spread your business you can try your luck in the international market as well. There may be many countries and places in this world where rubber may not be found in good quantity and they may be importing the raw material from different places. You can try and start your retail store in such places. Here you can get some idea about the shopping trends in the country and provide the type of bands that are in demand in the women’s accessories field. This will help you in establishing in the international market.

In this field of rubber bands retail business you should try and kill the competitors. You should merge with them who have already established themselves already in this field of women accessories. This will help you in reducing the competition although you will have to share your profit with them. This will make people prefer your product for shopping in the market. This will increase your popularity.

Also in this field of retail business you must think of different utility of view. You can provide bands as women accessories as well as for other purpose like for folding sheets, wrap for cables, etc. these items also have good shopping demand in the market. It will also increase your sales and profit as well.

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