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Offer one of the finest selection of silk scarves, cashmere and other fabrics like shawls in pashmina, velvet, cashmere and silk; head scarfs; capes and ponchos; brooches and shawl pins;men's s scarves, jewelry and many other quality items. Visit the site for online shopping and for more information.
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Clothing is amongst the basic human needs. Providing protection from weather is the primary objective of clothes. Apart from regular clothing weather protective clothes are used according to seasons. A clear distinction existed between regular and seasonal wear. Fashion however is never satisfied with the way people pursue clothing and keep on introducing new ideas, many of which turn into trends. One such idea than transformed into reality was the dissolving of dividing line between regular and seasonal wear. Sweaters have replaced blazers in business offices and all season jackets are developed to go with any weather. Caps are no more a summer thing and are increasingly used to mix with clothing styles. Clothing is no more dependent on season and the growing fashion awareness has seen seasonal wear turning into a regular retail shopping item. Two such items that have gained popularity in clothing are the scarves and shawls.

Scarves are increasing being used by women of all ages. Apart from protecting hairs scarves drastically adds to the looks and compliment dressing. Scarves have always been in fashion and only changed for better over the years. Girls have a big collection of scarves to go with every dress in their wardrobe and to fit every occasion. From the trendy scarves for colleges and parties to plane rich ones designed for formal gatherings scarves today address all dress code issues. Scarves are available in all price ranges and affordable to all. It is one of the regular items in retail shopping list of all women. Designers keep introducing new designs in scarves regularly to keep the scarves business alive.

Silk is the favorite amongst retail customer shopping for shawls. In order to meet the huge demand for silk shawls many manufacturing units have sprung up especially in China and India. The shawls are light and easy to use, available in many colors and style, and require very low maintenance. These factors have worked in favor of popularizing silk shawls as fashion. Silk shawls have good sales record and contribute significantly to the shawls business.

Cashmere Shawls are famous world over for its rich material, softness and beauty. Although they are very expensive this has not affected its popularity across the world. Cashmere shawls forms an important collection at any fashion store as it has good shopping base with high profit margins. However it is important to deal in original shawls. The high demand and profit margins in these shawls have seen counterfeit shawls smuggled into the shawl business. Retail Customers often fall prey to such shawls as they are sold at a lower price. Cashmere shawls are not manufactured everywhere and need to be exported from India. It is necessary to check credentials of the exporters in order to avoid receiving a consignment full of counterfeits.

Another best buy in Cashmere shawls is the pashmina shawl. It is the most luxurious of all shawls and on the wish list of every women shopping for shawls. The shawl is highly recommended for that elegant look at formal or business parties. It also requires high maintenance and hence used only on special occasions. It has established itself as a status symbol and compliments well to the rich dress fabric and expensive jewelry. No wardrobe collection is ever complete without a pashmina shawls and fashion aware consumers will make sure they own one. Pashmina shawls forms an entirely separate unit of shawl business and even a moderate sales in this unit can surpass regular income in silk shawls.

Fashion shows and articles today provide useful tips on how to use scarves and shawls effectively in all seasons. Scarves and shawls are easy to blend with clothes and are available in many materials, designs and styles. Apart from fashion, covering head has a great significance in many religions and use of scarves is prescribed for the purpose. In country like India it is a custom to present shawl to dignitaries during formal gathering as a mark of respect. There is good shopping for both scarves and shawls in retail stores and is fast turning out to be a promising business. With an encouraging support form designers scarves and shawls will continue to be a popular fashion accessory. Updating the collections with the changing trends in scarves and shawls will ensure regular shopping in scarves and shawls business.

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