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Leather Belt buckle  Call 1-866-499-7491
Offer huge selection of belt Buckles in different designs such as Western, Rhinestone, Sports, Superman, Batman, Graffiti, HipHop, Women, Military, Firefighter etc. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
Elite Belt Buckle Hub, 20687-2 E.Amar Road # 313, Walnut, Ca 91789
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Leather Goods  Call Only email support
Online retail store selling all kinds of fashionable leather products such as wallets, purses, belts, clutch bags, keyrings, briefcases, wash bags, jewellery rolls and much more. Visit the site for online shopping.
Bennett Corner House, 33 Coleshill Street, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1SD
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Natural Reflections  Call 585-374-2520
Offer wide variety of leather accessories including men and ladies wallets, leather checkbook covers, leather purses and handbags, belt buckles, leather care products and more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more details.
PO Box 518, Naples, NY 14512, USA
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Business Information By Mast Directory: Leather Belts Business Information And Guide

Leather has always be something that people have wanted to wear and do shopping for, be it leather shoes, leather jackets or leather belts. Leather has been a fashion symbol for quite a few decades now. Even in the movies females wearing stylish leather boots and men wearing designer leather belts has increased people’s fascination for leather products. There are many different kinds of belts that people can do shopping for in the retail market; there are cotton belts and belts made using other material but nothing quite matches up to leather belts. Genuine leather belts can be very costly as well and there are leather fashion products for the masses as well, all in all leather belts retail business is one where sales will never die and presents a good business prospect to those who would like make money out of selling leather belts.

If you are looking to enter the leather goods and products business then leather belts is one product that you must have. In this article we look at the different ways in which you can start a leather belts business and make money from it. If you are looking to sell branded, high end fashion leather belts then it would be a good idea to tie up with an already established market brand. This business would require sizable capital investment on your part. There are many fashion brands that are makers of luxury goods and products including leather belts. Fashion brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein are makers of a wide range of leather goods. You can sell their products including leather belts at your retail store and their company will pay you a commission on each sale made from your store.

If you are thinking why would such big brands want to sell their products through your retail store? Well that because thought these brand have immense financial strength they also realize the not all people can afford to do shopping for expensive leather belts and sales will not be enough for them to invest in opening their own stores. For that reason you invest money on leasing a property while they provide you with stocks for all their products. You will also pay them part of the money for the stock and you are rewarded through commission on sales. People usually folk to shopping malls just for this reason, they want to buy fashionable leather goods and products that are of high quality and trendy in style.

Another of the business models that can prove to be quite successful in this nature of business is that of a trading business. There are many small leather belts and leather goods manufactures whose retail sales simply cannot reach the heights they would otherwise like to achieve. The reason can be many, from financial constraints to government regulations on exports of leather products and ineffective marketing. There is a business opportunity that is available for a shrewd businessman. You will need to approach such businesses that make quality products. To be able to effectively do a leather belts trading business you need to have knowledge about how to differentiate between genuine leather and fake leather belts. There are many businesses who sell fake leather belts by covering the outer part of the belts with leather while inner part is made using fake leather.

Once you have identified from where you will source your products then you will have to reach out to all kinds of sellers. Sellers who deal in fashionable leather belts; these will be your clients. When meeting with sellers you should carry samples and a price list of your products. This way you will come across as a person who wants to do business and if any seller is interest in your leather belts he/she will be able to take a decision only after seeing the product. This is a process that will culminate in the leather goods seller shopping for products that you have to offer. Considering your products are of the right quality as desired by the sellers and your prices are competitive you will be able to commence business very soon. Also keep in mind that you will have to register your business in region where you intend to do business, you need to have a business license and sales tax number for your retail or wholesale business.

Amongst the other business models that we can suggest is that of selling leather belts online. There are people who have 5-10 leather belts for the causal and formal and fashion wear because wearing leather belts either with pants or jeans is quite in fashion. People think that with online shopping in retail they have the chance to buy leather belts that are usually not available at leather stores. Therefore they will search for leather belts online. You can create your own website that will sell an exclusive range of leather belts online. It could well be that you are not manufacturing leather belts yourself thus you will need to find reliable leather belts suppliers who will offer their products for sale on your website.

The fashion of shopping for leather belts will always remain intact, as young people will watch around them they will find that leather is such a beautiful and attractive product. They would want to do leather belts shopping whenever they find such products for sale.

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