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Offer huge selection of belt Buckles in different designs such as Western, Rhinestone, Sports, Superman, Batman, Graffiti, HipHop, Women, Military, Firefighter etc. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
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Anciently men used to wear leather belts and that was a customary and traditional accessory of men’s wear. But now in the modern and neoteric fashion world, if you go shopping for belts you will find a number of varieties like Rhine stone belts, stone washed cotton belts, ribbon belts, braided belts, chain belts, serpentine belts etc. and you will be marveled at the intricate designs of these fashion belts. Nowadays these fashion belts have fascinated the women very much and you can find many young women wearing these belts suitable to their attire.

Due to the utility of belts by men, women and children, the belt retail business is reaching the top place of the fashion accessories world. China is in the leading place in manufacturing the fashion belts. The Qiaoxin leather and fashion belts produce an array of belts for men and women. Their production of leather needed for these belts is over 55 square millions every year. Can you imagine the number of belts which can be produced from such a load of raw material? You will be able to calculate the annual turnover of this company on the sales of belts in retail if you can imagine the exact number of belts made from their raw material.

The hand beaded belts, embroidered belts, multi color print belts; intricate laser belts etc. are some of the ultra modern varieties of belts. The top most fashion article in the shopping list of men and women are the fashion belts. So the manufacturers of belts especially from China are incessantly thinking of creating elegant and innovative kind of belts. If you go shopping for the belts or browse the net for the belt business details, you will be dumbstruck to see the awesome varieties of belts produced by different manufacturers.

The Chinese belt business is in the leading place in the fashion accessories world. It is said that each of their companies’ annual turnover is nearly 100 million US dollars due to the sales of belts. The number of employees in each of this business place is around 300 to 500. The shopping spree of men and women for belts adds to the profit of the belt business. According to a survey, all over the world, women spend 195 million dollars per year on fashion belts and men spend 1.95 billion dollars on the belts. The total belt business in retail and wholesale around the world gets an annual turn over of nearly 250 billion dollars.

As mentioned above the Chinese belt business is flourishing day by day and the different companies which produce fashion belts enjoy an annual turnover of 30 to 50 million dollars. Even the small and not very famous belt companies of China have seen an annual turnover of 5 million dollars. Ningbo Shengtong Company from China produces a vast variety of fashion belts. This enterprise was established in 1990. The factory owns 6 production units, 150 technicians and 1800 employees. They export their fashion belts to more than 40 countries around the world. Their annual turnover on the sales of fashion belts is 10 to 50 million dollars. The craze for shopping of fashion belts among men and women has brought in lot of profits to the belt business around the world.

The recent data collected from the retailers of the belt business around the world has proved that men’s belts were sold at the rate of 34.5 percent in 2007 and it has increased to 39% in 2008. In the same way the women’s fashion belts were sold at 41% in 2007 and 49% in 2008. The shopping malls around the world display an array of fashion belts which lure the buyers. The increase in the rate of business of belts is due to the display, quality and pattern of these belts. The brand new varieties of belts found on the net are lanyard belts, striped belts, PU belts and metal chine ribbon belts.

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