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Sharp Corporation.  Call 1-800-BE-SHARP (237-4277)
Offer all kinds of entertainment products online including audio systems, camcorders, home theatre, DVDs, Minidiscs, Televisions, cameras and more. Also provide elctroncis and business products. Visit the site for online shopping for all your needs.
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http://www.sharpusa.com/   (1342)

Business Information: A guide to entertainment products business

Entertainment products business is a multi billon dollar industry. This is a capital intensive industry with business based mostly on fast moving goods. Capital is largely provided by banks, financial institutions, venture capitalists, etc. Financial institutions mainly concentrate on the product profile and research behind the project. Generally capital for this industry goes initially into research and quality testing. Return on capital is largely based upon your product profile, cost structure and marketing. Capital employed should be envisaged for longer term. Longer term capital needs should be secured and shorter view is necessarily not a good potion.

Many large organizations existing have made their shares public to secure capital and to obtain additional capital from the capital markets. If you have a good product investors and financial institutions will back you up. Largely a new entrant should decide the market place for his product such as United States of America, Italy, United Kingdom, India, China, etc. It is to be remembered that third world countries have huge population which can offer you significant profits and availability of cheap labor will significantly reduce your overall manufacturing costs. This industry needs good marketing and advertising budget. Retail shopping over internet is getting very popular. So marketing over internet can help grow this business to a great height.

Also there are various options to cater in entertainment products business such as marketing, selling in retail with online shopping, servicing, manufacturing, advertising, etc. This industry offers huge growth opportunity for retailers who have good space (built up area), human resources, advertising and marketing, etc. Retailers ultimately form a direct contact with the customers because they store, retail and market entertainment shopping products. Margins are huge for retailers because companies offer them margins on products competitively. The company which offers good margins gets a top slot in retailing than a popular product. Service industry has very good margins because companies and customers pay to the service provider. Companies mostly outsource service of their products but human resources are trained by the companies.

Some of the best companies are Apple digital products, HP, Microsoft, LG, Nintendo, Sony, Samsung, etc. Some of the most popular products are IPod from Apple Digital, X-Box from Microsoft, Nintendo play station from Nintendo, Sony Play Station, Toshiba, etc. Entertainment products include gaming consoles, Televisions, Music players (MP3, Radios, Tape recorders, CD players, etc), etc. There are various small and medium scale sector industries which are catering entertainment products but since they dont sell with retail shopping you have a chance to sell in retail by becoming distributor. Small and medium scale industries have a very large potential for growth if they can bring right products to the market. Remember companies such as Intel and Microsoft have started small and they captured the market with right products to customers.

Increasingly many companies are outsourcing research and manufacturing facilities to developing countries so that they can be competitive in this global arena. Large multi national organizations are outsourcing manufacturing facilities to countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, etc. These companies are also ensuring that these countries form the base to cater global shopping audience. Margins are huge because these companies save billions of dollars in outsourcing and they spend a part of that on these manufacturing facilities. Remember initial investment will not be done by your employer and also make sure that you deliver quality according to the specifications laid down. Bank guarantees, human resources capability, financial strength and health of your company are some of the basic requirements for you to secure before obtaining the contract.

Entertainment products business is always a strict patented business. Some of these products are heavily patented inside and outside United States. These products are patented right from their design, shape, color, technology, idea, etc. Entertainment products are not confined to a single nation but they are marketed globally. Legal patenting business has huge margins because of the complexity of the process. Companies should also ensure that their products are safeguarded from fraud, pirated and for potential patent violation. Even a retailer cannot publish or market wrong information about the capability and technology of a certain product. Companies which involve themselves in unethical practices always suffer from court cases and they get registered with BBB.

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