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Best in Cell Phones   Call 1-800-406-5716 offers the largest selection of cell phones from Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. Online authorized retailer for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
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Covers and Cases   Call 01635 246501
A range of phone cases from leading brands and manufacturers. Phone cases for the leading handsets including the iPhone.
Covers and Cases Limited 3 Maplespeen Court Newbury UK RG14 1NL   (7334)

Dotcells Verizon Used Cell Phones   Call 1-866-321-4215
Used Verizon cell phones for sale from Visit the site for more products information and details.
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Free Android Games   Call Only email support
Download best games for Android phones and tablets absolutely free! is best mobile content provider. Browse best free collections of iPhone, iPad, Java and Android games, themes, wallpapers and ringtones.
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Free iPhone Games   Call Only email support
Download best iPhone games totally free! provides you with new games for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Get any iPhone game just in few clicks.
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Ibuyphones Cell Phone Fundraiser   Call only email support
Contact to start a Phone recycling fundraiser. Give a look to site for more information.
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Melbourne Mobiles   Call 1300 66 19 44
Want the cheapest Mobile Phones online? The Australian company with brand name Melbournemobiles have a fantastic range of mobiles phones all at discount prices.
963 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South, VIC 3162, Australia   (6105)

Mobileciti Outright Mobile Phones   Call 1300 355 188
MobileCiti have an excellent range of unlocked mobile phones and accessories. Buy online or from our Sydney store. MobileCiti also specialise in mobile phone accessories and GPS navigation.
135 Church St, Parramatta 2150, Australia   (6103)

Ritesim Local SIM Cards   Call Only email support
Offer local prepaid simcards for business and tourist travellers from all over the world. Visit the site to buy now online.
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Wirefly   Call 1-888-947-3359
Online seller of cell phones and wireless phone service including T-mobile, Black Motorola, Sprint LG Rumor, Samsung Blast, Blackberry Curve, AT & T Blackjack, Sprint, great deals on laptops and other branded mobile phones. Visit site for online shopping.
10790 Parkridge Boulevard, Suite 100, Reston, VA 20191   (1860)

Business Information: A Guide To Mobile Phone Business

With the growing domination of information technology in modern days of communication round the globe, mobile phone businesses are at their boom. Starting a mobile phone business is therefore a lucrative option left with the new entrepreneurs. The trend for online retail shopping of these products is also at its peak when you can have different taste from different countries.

You would need to decide which type of mobile phone business you will do. In terms of handsets uses, there are two categories of mobile phone business, used mobile phone business and new mobile phone businesses. Apart from the uses, mobile phone business again falls into two categories like CDMA handsets and GSM handsets. CDMA handsets, accept few countries of the world have limited prospect. GSM handsets are now days spreading throughout the globe. Apart from GSM and CDMA sets, new technologies are consistently innovating new handhelds like 3G etc. so first, you need to define on which category of the mobile phone you would like to operate a business and whether its retail or wholesale. Retail business would be more profitable considering the demand for online shopping through internet.

Once a category is set, then you need to define on the type of business; whether this is going to be franchise or certified outlet of any specific brand, or any telecom operators. It is better to go in market with a complete structure. If the markets do not reflect any loyalty towards any brand, you should prefer to go to the market with mixes of different product lines and complete price structure. This may include selling of mobile phones of Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Philips, Motorolla etc at the same time.

Once the line and type of business is decided on to work on, then you need to decide on your location of the business. Generally it is very common for enterprisers to set in a location where the public access ratio is very high. Good business is there where good amount of people are. So select a convenient location for your business. Decorate your shop with your theme. Normally it is not too much heavy decorations that mobile phone shops require. A decent and innovative look works well. See your budget before you put your shop decorations in reality. Also you must plan to create an ecommerce site to provide online shopping of these products in retail which gives opportunity to sell your phones worldwide.

As you know it is rare incident to find mobile phone manufacturing at mass level, we would not recommend for any such business. Instead retail counter for selling the items is the only option left for new entrepreneurs to operate and reap their profits out of their investments. Once a shop is set to operate, it is the regular and most priority task of the business owner to develop his channels of customers. He needs to establish a communication platform to consistently communicate what products he is going to offer and what services are available at his shop. Frequent flyer distribution, use billboards can be referred as helpful tools on this case. But the most important marketing stands with the customer satisfaction that you would be delivering with your product sales while customers are shopping.

Only successful and satisfied customers will retain with your business and a chain of satisfied customers can lead to the queue generation of more new customers and loyal customers. Use of typical operational management tools like critical path measurement, service delivery modeling, service scheduling, queue management are the best devices to push or pull business out from the retail market. Yes this approach is quite different than rest of the businesses we have so far talked about. Your sales pitch, sales closing, customer servicing, unique shopping experience etc set your business course. An introvert person will likely to help shine your business when this is much achievable with an extrovert person. So man you shop with sterling qualities sales persons.

These mobile phones business have less possibility going international unless you are backed with healthy finances to operate a chain! Instead, diversified collection of handsets and handhelds, great collection of accessories, etc are products ranges. Try to get your product lines longer as possible, stay in the market with price quality mix as wider as possible. These are at the core of starting a mobile phones business. Staying updated with any new launches also attracts crowd for sale and send them again for shopping.

You want to make a call to a relative living in another state or country? Worried about the issue of long distance call through the wired technology? Not anymore. A very important invention has been the mobile phones. The field of electronics has witnessed a major boost in the production variety and sales in the last few decades. With the increasing number of such useful communication devices shopping has become more fun and gives people more option to choose from. They have communication easier and convenient without having to worry about the distance. There are so many retail outlets that have made these products available to the public. Choosing this field of business can be challenging yet very profitable.

It is very important to have a very strong base for the business in the market. There is a cut throat competition in the field of electronics product. If you wish to create a buzz with your retail outlet it is very important to understand the shopping requirements of the general public first. There are many types of mobile phones that have emerged in the past decade. Each of them has some new feature or the other. If you want your retail store to make a mark you will need to provide the right kind of product with the features that are most in demand. A market study here will help you in understanding the major manufacturers that are the conquerors.

One of the simplest ways to deal with the shopping demands is to get in touch with the leading manufacturers. They already have a strong hold on the market and their mobile phones have the popularity that could be beneficial for your budding retail store. With the right kind of business plans and strategies you will be able to create and impression on the mammoth manufacturing companies. It will not be easy to convince them and get yourself associated with the brand name. Therefore you will need to work on the marketing plans in advance. The result will help you in achieving the best electronic communication device for your store along with the commission.

It is a known fact that a wide range of variety always magnetizes the people for shopping. It is also true that you are likely to get all kinds of customers from different segments of the society. In order to reach out to all kinds of customers you must emphasize on the availability of mobile phones of different companies. There are companies that offer this electronic device with latest high tech features at a very high range of price while there are those companies that provide the simple ones with basic features. Both should be a part of your collection in the store. It will automatically increase the sales as well as profit margin of your retail business.

Keeping yourself updated about the changes in the market is the key to tackling the heavy competition. The electronics devices of this sort are ever changing. The feature and product that is in demand today is very likely to become outdated tomorrow. It is essential to hold on to the customers by offering things that interests them. Changing and revising the collection of the mobile is a must as per the changes in the shopping trends. It enhances the stability of the retail business. Therefore you will need to get yourself information about the recent trends and news about the electronic product.

This process can be done effectively by choosing the right kind of information channel. Today there are a variety of options available. Subscription of the techno magazines and papers is one of the easiest ways to enhance your knowledge about the latest mobile phones and the shopping trends. You should try and attend the global and national level meets and seminars related to this business. Regular chatting and e-mail alerts from the people in the same field can also keep you informed about the features and mobile phones that are gaining popularity amongst the public. The need of this retail business is to enhance the product collection by keeping a track on the electronics market.

While you are in the emerging phase of the business you can also stock up a separate section of the used mobile phones. The services such as repairing can be a great idea. As a matter of fact you can get in contact with the leading manufacturing companies that also provide the repair of the electronic device that they manufacture. This will attract a large number of customers to your retail store. People prefer shopping in places where they can get quality, variety and post purchase services under one roof. Such facilities provided by you can prevent your store from being overshadowed by the giants in this field.

The association with the brand name in itself is a very huge achievement. Keep the mobile phones in the collection that have the high tech electronic features such as internet via phone, Bluetooth, camera of higher pixel level, infrared, music players, GPS. Targeting the business class provides a very good platform for the retail store. The product with the feature of dual sim facility is something that will fetch you more customers for shopping for the device. They are always involved in important deals with many clients and need to keep in touch with more number of people simultaneously. Managing a shop to its greater meaning is easier; so is the mobile phones business.

Difference Between CDMA and GSM Mobile Phone Technologies

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