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All over the world the television has been given the term ‘idiot box’ yet when it come to home entertainment there is nothing that beats the good old television. Some 50 years ago you have barely one or two channels to view on your Television which were controlled by the government and the programming was on social issues while in the evening and night the programming was based on good fun and entertainment. Even the TV signals were analog. The TV tower and TV station did not have the means to send TV channel signals to far off and remote areas of the country that’s why many people were simply derived of home entertainment.

Since then home entertainment in the form of television channels has made giant strides and today the whole world is at the touch of our fingertips. TV channels have swamped our homes and we have been spoilt for choices. In many countries in the world you have over 200 digital TV channels available 24 hours a day. You have sports channels, news, lifestyle and living, cartoon channels, business channels, wildlife channel, regional & international language channels and live events channels. With the growth and development of digital media networks and digital TV business television has spread to the most remote corners of the world.

The great thing about digital TV business that its completely consumer business where the consumers themselves want a slice of the entertainment package the digital TV business owners. People want home entertainment, they want to watch TV for sports and entertainment and soaps. Digital TV is possible because of satellite transponders that will beam the digital TV signals from the TV relay center right into your homes. But there is a lot more to this business. There are pay channels, free to air (FTA digital TV channels), card subscription calls and even internet TV channels these days. All this constitutes a huge business opportunity for people looking to start a TV, electronics or digital media business.

Amongst the business models for a digital TV business is that of electronics dealer where you can sell digital TVs, LCD TVs, flat screen TVs at your dealership shopping center. There are a number of business models that you can follow in the electronics division. You can manufacture you own brand of digital TVs. If manufacturing and the risks of high capital investment is not what you want for yourself then you can opt of the business model of a wholesale digital TV supplier’s business. Retail digital TV business is one of the largest form of the business as electronic TV retailers make sales to end retail shopping customers.

Taking the largest business models first we look into a digital TV manufacturing plant. It is recommended that you set a up a manufacturing plant in an industrial area. There are many benefits of setting up a TV and electronics manufacturing plant in the industrial division. The land costs are much lower compared to other land plus as all infrastructures is already set up you save immensely on cost such electricity connect for the plant, transportation of good to your vendors etc. Also if you set up the plant in SEZ or special economic zones you have tax sops on exports of your products. Digital TV technology has improved greatly so before you set up a manufacturing plant make sure that the technology you intent to use for your digital TV business is modern and market friendly.

But if you have second thoughts of huge capital infusion and market risks you can choose to be the dealer of an electronics company involved in the manufacturing of digital TVs. There are different branches of dealers too; one would be that you are the authorized dealer of a reputable company in the digital TV business. In that case you would be exclusively selling all the various products of the single company at your retail shopping store. Certainly they would have more than just digital TVs and there would be good incentives for an exclusive dealership plus there are chances that you have the business of authorized electronics service center from the company. This means you have more business and greater revenues through the association with the electronics company.

The other retail model is where you start your own retail digital TV business; you invest money to buy stock and digital TVs and other electronics related to the digital TV business such as flat TV, LCD TV, satellite decoders, and Pay TV subscription offers. This is your own business you can check the retail shopping market for prices of all digital TVs in the open market, choose the products you’d like sell and stock it. Different digital TV businesses offer different sales commissions and sales incentives so you can choose which companies you would like to work with.

If you have the know how and have good experience in electronic repair and are confident that you can repair digital TVs then you can open a workshop where you can repair digital TVs. Many companies have their own services centers but post warranty period they will charge you a minimum fee to just handle your problem. At your digital TV repair workshop you can do the same job at lower rates thus make a successful business out of TV repairing.

There some other digital TV business models too that you can consider like having an Internet website dedicated to selling the best digital TVs in the business at really affordable prices. Whatever business model you choose create a project report on the kind of investment it would need and where you will base your business also when do you expect the business to turn profitable etc.

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