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Cable Chick   Call 07 31669334
Cable Chick is a company specializing in high quality Analog & Digital Cabling products including DVI, Component, TOSLINK & HDMI Cables. Having just about everything for the home entertainment room, or a professional home theatre system integrator! All orders are express shipped within one business day with free shipping on orders over $150. Visit the site for online shopping.
Unit 12 / 1378 Lytton Rd, Hemmant QLD 4174   (3664)

Connectors Cables Specialists (CCS) Ltd   Call (+44) 01279 639251
Connectors Cables Specialists Ltd specialist suppliers of RF connectors in Essex offering its customers a wide range of Connectors, Coaxial Connectors, Coax Cable, Cable and Cable Assemblies. Visit the site for more.
Unit 21 Stort Mill, Riverway, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2SN   (1782)

Euronetwork   Call 01908 371909
Leading UK supplier of audio visual products including cables, adapters and accessories,wall plates, plug converters, voltage transformers, networking (cables, connectors, adaptors, structured cabling, cabinets), telephone cables, telephone adapters and connectors, and USB(cables, adapters, hubs).
Online Store   (1781)

Micro-Ray Electronics, Inc.   Call 1-732-892-8799
Providing the best quality component solutions, static shielding products, cable assemblies, connectors, custom assemblies, electronic components and accessories at very reasonable prices.
212 Midstreams Place • Brick, NJ 08724 USA   (1780)

Sixn Technologies   Call (860) 577-8702
Shop online for the finest quality electronic cable connectors, cables, wires, audio cables, adapters, HDMI cables, internal computer cables, USB cables, AC & DC power adapters, coaxial and networking adaptors and much more. Visit the site for online shopping for all your electornic needs.
25 Porges Road, East Haddam, CT 06423, USA   (1778)

World Of Cables, LLC   Call 1-877-230-2198
Company providing an online store to purchase all kinds of electronic cables, cable connectors and accessories including computer accessories, audio and video, flash products, adapters and connectors, gaming accessories and much more with secured shopping online and home delievery.
2800 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, California 95051   (1779)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Cable And Connectors Business

Television is the most widely used form of general entertainment in every person’s life today. Be it news, music, soap operas, sports, wildlife, you name it and some or the other TV channel shall be airing such a program. But have you ever thought that what goes into bringing all these satellite TV channels right into your living room. The first thought that will shoot up your mind is a cable connection from your local cable operator while others might have a Direct to Home service connection.

But its not just the cable wire that is required to get satellite TV networks into your home. There are many small and medium sized satellite TV equipment that have to put in place so that transmission is carried all the way from your cable operator into your home. In this article we are not going to talk about what equipment is requirement by TV channels like NDTV & Star to upload their feed to a communication satellite and then redirect it back into a particular country. In this article I attempt to bring to you what a person wanting to enter the cables and connectors business to require and what different setups can he organize with such a retail or wholesale business.

Before we proceed with details regarding a cable and connectors business it would be wise that we update ourselves on what sort of equipment is necessary to start a setup. The entire cables and connectors business is part of the humongous electronics business. TV cable is termed as co-axial cable and there is a range of cables as well such a RG-59, RG-6 that is used to connect a main point with single points in 5-8 homes. There is also a trunk cable that is used to carry signal over a distance of 5 KM or more with RF (Radio Frequency) loss. Apart from cables other equipment needed in cable and connectors business are connectors, LNB (Low Noise Block converters), Dish Antenna, satellite receivers, splitters and amplifiers. All of these are basically electronic components and the transmission of signals is done using cable wire. Shopping of these products in retail is quite common and so one may think to open a retail store to sell these electronic products.

Supposedly you have subscribed to the services of Viacom (leading international cable TV company) so the company will allow you to choose from their list of TV channels. You only pay for the channels of your choice and the card will allow viewership of those channels through the means of an encrypted card.

One way to start your own cable and connectors business is that you can open a retail shop and stock all such products that are in demand in the cable TV market. There are many leading international brands whose equipment are the benchmark in terms of quality and sales in the market. Alcatel, COCOM, DiviCom, Hughes Network Systems, Simac and Thomson Broadcast Systems are amongst the world leaders in the cable and connectors and related electronics equipment business. Marketing and sales should be given top priority by those already or freshly entering such a business.

The retail market for electronics equipment is tough competition and in most markets around the world cable and connectors business is a saturated or stagnant market. This because in urban and semi urban markets the cable connectivity is already peaked and only when there is replacement of worn out cables then there is scope of sales. Yet demand for new cable wiring will always take place wherever there a new residential or apartment block constructed.

If you would like to enter the cable and connectors business or an associated electronics business with the idea of high volumes business then either you can source your products from manufacturing units with your country or through the import route. Or else if you want to set up your own manufacturing unit then you should undertake a comprehensive study of not just the prevailing equipment and market needs but market potential, rates of plastics used in making all kinds of co-axial cables etc. Such a comprehensive analysis will lay the foundation for your successful entry in the cable and connectors business.

As in cable with starting a cable and connectors retail business if you are go for cable and connectors shopping then you should make sure that the quality is high. Co-axial cables have multiple layering. If the plastic is not good then it can crack away during extreme heat condition and then during rains water shall seep into the cable damaging it and rendering the cables useless.

When you visit a retail shop for connector shopping then you should check that the rims and joints with the connector are easy to use and check with a sample cable whether it fits well. What you can also do is that you can ask the retailer to send maintenance personnel to come over to your place and fix it for you. This way you can ensure that the equipment you shopped is fitted properly as well.

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