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A torch is a portable battery operated device which emits a focussed beam of light from a small lightbulb, or from symmetrically arranged light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It is housed inside a cylindrical hollow shell containg batteries and a parabolic reflector, a clear protective glass or plastic screen, and a power on switch.

A battery operated torch is a very essential commodity for shopping as it is used when there is a power outage and we want to find out way through the dark. It is handy and portable to carry anywhere, hence making it a must for a customers shopping cart. A torch manufacturing business is a profitable venture only we know how to market and sell our product. With the import of cheap Chinese variety of torches the quality of torch in the retail and wholesale market has gone down, as these torches wear out in few days. People are looking for more durable and quality products. So before starting your business venture you should remember what type end quality to torch is in high demand? Torches are of various types which depend on the Lumens, operating time and battery life and other important factors that need tube considered when manufacturing for a new torch business. Many want the torch to be mounting it onto a gun. What kind of batteries that you want to power it with .The most common and easily available variety of batteries is the commercially available AA, AAA batteries etc or do you go for batteries which is more powerful.

With so many manufacturing companies out there who are producing their own designs of torches and flashlights with several functions and features it may pose a good competition for you in your business. Here quality is the primary thing you should put stress upon. Getting all useful information is important while starting this business. There are various quality of torch lights that I have mentioned below few torches in use which are generally in demand categorize according to intensity and hours of illumination:

Flash lights, also called a torch is a small and handy spotlight which emits light from a small incandescent light bulb, or from multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs. Most of the flashlights are intended to be held in a person’s hand, there are also flashlights that can be modified to attach it with helmets for campers and mine workers

A high intensity torch

A traditional flashlight consists of a small light bulb or LED’s. But for those who want high intensity torch lights you can produce Incandescent flashlights that uses bulbs that contain a filament of tungsten wire, which gives off a strong warm light. These bulbs are filled with gas (usually argon, also halogen: some use xenon ). These high powerful flashlights are capable of producing 40 to 50 lumens.

Led torch lights

These variety of torch lights use led or light emitting diodes which use very less power and produce eighth beam of focused light .they are very cheap and don’t wear out easily. They virtually don’t produce any heat during its operation. These torch lights are in great demand due to its durability.


Another type of flashlight though not common as such uses High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps as the light source. HID lamps produce light by discharging current between 2 electrodes in a tube filled with a mixture of metal halide salts and argon, producing an extremely bright source of light. These are more powerful than the above mentioned lights but has few disadvantages as they are more expensive due to the use of a ballast and other circuitry to operate the lamp and are usually bulky so not favorable by all for shopping.

Other designs

Other designs of flash light include headlamps that are mounted on a person’s helmet or lights that can be mounted on guns or rifles for use by the forces that operate on night missions.

Power sources

The most common power source for torches is the battery. Many types of batteries are used to power a flashlights, such as tiny button cells, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries like NiMH and lithium ion batteries that can be sold separately with a battery charger. Some torches are solar powered, they use the energy generated from a solar cell to charge the on-board battery inside the torch for later use.

Mechanical powered torches

Dynamo light uses the mechanical power of a car or bicycles wheel to rotate a magnet around inside a generator to produce electricity using electromagnetic induction. Some variety uses the Shaking of the flashlight which charges a capacitor or a rechargeable battery that supplies power to the light bulb. These types of flashlights can be very useful during an emergency, when batteries may not be available.

For marketing your product I would recommend you to create your own website where you can display your torches categorized in various used and designs with functionality. In fact you can have a shopping cart system for people to do shopping of your products online. Then you should plan something to get your site higher rank in search engines results of google or yahoo which are the most popular search engines. After all marketing is very important part of any business.