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Light sticks manage to emit a strong light without use of any battery or light bulb,. But how do light sticks work? A Light stick is the result of a chemicals reaction. A majority of light sticks contain a solution having phenyl oxalate ester and 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide and some fluorescent color. When the two chemicals are mixed together then phenyl oxalate ester oxidizes the hydrogen peroxide, causing a compound known as phenol and an acid ester. This unstable chemical decays, resulting in production of extra phenol and cyclic peroxy chemicals. These chemicals then decays to form carbon dioxide; this decomposition process discharges A form of energy to the colorant, and the electrons in the fluorescent colorant atoms move to a high level of energy, and then they come down discharging light energy.

A light stick is just housing for the two chemicals to react when mixed together and hold it in a container. In the light stick, the two solutions are held in container in two different chambers. The dye solVent and phenyl oxalate ester fills up most of the light stick container, while the hydrogen peroxide solution is kept in a small glass in the center of the light stick. This is the reason that light sticks should be bent to activate .Bending or twisting causes the plastic stick to break the small glass open, then letting both the solutions to blend together. The light stick can produce light for hours, if adequate quantity of chemicals is used.

Even though a few online communities give information on how to create a light stick, it is discouraged for people to make it at home unless they have a background in science and chemical compounds. Light sticks are as well known as glow sticks and made in different forms. Original light sticks were actually tubes approximately six inches in length. Before starting with a light sticks business you must know the practical applications of such products and retail shopping demands.

Practical applications of light sticks

Today Light sticks are used in many places. As they are completely waterproof, they do not consumer electric or any battery power, they are quite inexpensive and are easily use and throw device. They can take high pressures, such as conditions underwater. They are used as light sources by defense forces, trekkers and campers, and divers doing underwater night diving in the pitch dark sea. Light stick are considered the only immediately light source in case of an earthquake, storm, tornado or other emergency situations due to the reason that they don’t use any form of electricity to operate, and there is no danger of a spark to take place as there is no light bulb filament in use. Because they do not have batteries there are no chances of spark thus its is safe for use in volatile environments like mines. So there is a reason for anyone to start with a light sticks business and can sell online by providing online shopping over a website.

In a light stick business the retail market is based on the shopping habits based on some specific type of customers. You won’t find a retail store selling light sticks at every corner of the street as the demand is not high and not many people need them occasionally. So it’s a kind of business where quality is important instead of quantity. Keeping in stock the items which are essential and in demand and more durable and long lasting is important to have better margin in this business. Adding some unique retail items to your inventory is a better idea to generate more sales. Adding lot of varieties and items ranging from low to high prices is important so that none of your customers goes empty handed.

So finally let us talk about the marketing aspect of electrical light sticks retail business. I would say marketing over internet is the best method to find customers from all around the world. A product like light stick is required in almost every corner of the world. So light stick is a kind of product that can be sold worldwide. You can make an interesting websites to display and start promoting your product in your website to get maximum traffic and eventually leading the items in the customers shopping card. Your site can be ranked higher in google for keywords like “glow light” or “light stick” and if you are able in achieving then no one can stop tour success. Web designers can make you the shopping cart system for the customers to shop online and make advance payment in your account before you ship the goods

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