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UK based retailer offering lanterns which are flame retardant and biodegradable for all lighting on special ocassions like wedding. Products include traditional red and white cylinderical lanterns. Also look for latest additions. Give a look to site for complete electrical business information of the retailer.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: Outdoor Lantern Light Buying and Placing Guide

An outdoor lantern light will greatly enhance your patio, porch or garden and help to increase security and safety. In addition it will allow you to spend more time in your garden or on your patio especially on warm summer evenings. A well lit entranceway will be welcoming to your guests and visitors and you will be able to see who is at the door more easily, an important safety consideration. Thats the reason you may decide to enter into the type of electrical products business where you can offer lanterns. This business is more popular in UK as many people use lanterns in this country.

You can place an outdoor lantern light on each side of your door for a lovely welcoming effect or use an outdoor pendant light in your porch. At your rear entrance a single lantern light would be sufficient and a wall mounted light would add security to your garage at night.

Types of Lantern Lights to do business

Some of the places around your home that need lighting for safety as well as security include driveways, paths and steps so that they are safe to negotiate at night. You could use post lantern lights in these areas or solar path lights will give a soft glow on walkways and bordering flower beds. Solar lights are ideal for the garden to not only light up pathways but to spotlight features such as statues or you could use floating solar powered lights on a pond or lighting up a waterfall. A lovely effect can be achieved by placing a spotlight on a tree to simulate moonlight as the light shines down through the branches. So lot of options to start shopping for these electrical products.

Outdoor Lantern Light Sizes to sell for business purpose

It can be difficult to select the correct size of outdoor lantern light for the position you have chosen. We've put together some tips to help you select the right size.

Lantern lights placed beside doors need to be chosen in relation to the height of the door. A single lantern that is to be placed on one side of the door should be approximately one third of the door's height. The filament of the light should be placed about 65 inches above the door's threshold. Adjust this height using different mounting arms. Always buy a large enough lantern as it a small lantern will not only be poor at lighting the area but will look very small when seen from a short distance away. Viewed from fifty feet away the lantern will look about half it's actual size. So you need to be smart enough before you start shopping for this type of electrical products in retail.

Choosing and Placing Your Outdoor Lantern Light

When deciding where to place the lights it is a good idea to walk around at night with a flashlight and see the effect of lighting up various areas. Identify the areas that need lighting for safety and for security then decide which areas would be enhanced by softer lighting for a decorative effect.

You should also be aware of some techniques that will add to the decorative effects you are trying to achieve. These include backlighting, uplighting and downlighting. Backlighting is used to dramatise an object, a statue for instance, by shining a light on a structure behind the object. This will create a lovely silhouette effect. Uplighting gives depth to an object by lighting it from below. Downlighting simulates sunlight or moonlight and is often used on stairways, walkways or driveways where added security is needed. So you must include products in your business in a clever way so that all of your lanterns get sold which people are shopping in retail.


Lighting up your porch, patio or garden by using an outdoor lantern light can enhance the security and provide a welcome for your visitors. Dramatic effects or soft glowing lighting can make be used to make your garden unique and enjoyable for your family and visitors. When you see so many benefits you can think easily think of starting a retail lantern business where there is minimum competition and so it will give you maximum profit.