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CAST Lighting LLC.  Call Not provided
Leading manufacturer of landscape lighting fixtures, transformers, wire, bulbs and other outdoor lighting system components. Visit the site for more business information and details.
1120-A Goffle Rd., Hawthorne, NJ 07506   (4150)

Landscape Lighting Supply  Call 972-480-9700
Offer highest quality of outdoor lighting with solid copper to decorative painted brass contemporary styles to cast aluminum etc. helping beautifully lit landscape you can enjoy both day and night. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details of the products.
780 S. Floyd Rd., Richardson, TX 75080, USA   (4149)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Landscape Lighting Business

Imagine in front of your eyes a picture of a big house on a barren land. You will immediately spot the missing things. Now cover the complete ground with lush green grass. Add plants with beautiful flowers and trees that provide cool dark shade, a small pond with swans, fishes and tortoise or a fountain of sprinkling water. Few benches to rest on and the scene is complete. This is the picture we all grew up looking to. It reminds us that surroundings have a big role to play in enhancing the beauty of structures. This beautification of premises is known as landscaping. A great deal of time, money and labor is spend to come out with some beautiful landscapes. However many times this beauty can only be relished in the light of the day. In the night these landscapes just disappear. Many premises such as hotels, shopping complexes and parks are active at night. Such premises use electrical lighting to showcase their beautiful premises and landscape. In fact with intelligent use of lights one can produce different effects from the same landscapes. Landscape lighting is the latest in the beautification activities and appears to be a bright business in retail or wholesale.

Landscape lighting business involves either retailing equipments needed for the projects or actually carrying out the works on field. Landscape lighting equipments can be from standards poles and lamps to very expensive and uniquely crafted ones. There is no limit to the variations one can have in shopping for these equipments. Landscape Lighting is needed for all places, from small to large, ordinary to plush and there are equipments designed to address all needs.

You can combine landscape lighting retail or wholesale business with electrical as well as hardware. There is good demand for shopping from house owners, industries and government. Environment regulatory bodies make it compulsory for industries to develop green zones in and around there premises. This is increasing the landscaping work and the Landscape lighting has become a default activity of all such new landscapes.

Implementing landscape lighting at actual sites is big business. The scope of this work is very large from small houses to entire cities. Although it appears to be a simple task of installing lights at different places it is not everybody cup of tea. It involves great deal of planning and proper execution. A big challenge is to illuminate the entire surroundings by making use of minimum lighting. Doing this will save a lot on cost, avoid unwanted effects and will need less maintenance. Another aspect can be in using lights in an intelligent manner to produce beautiful effects. The lighting has to keeping the landscape into mind. The lighting has to complement well with the landscape. A cool reflective effect can be created for a lake by carefully placement of the lights but overdoing it may produce a completely unwanted result. Remember everybody in the retail business have the same lighting equipments, itÂ’s what you turn the landscape into by using them that make you stand apart from the rest.

Beautification is not only carried out by large businesses but also by Government. In fact it is on a much larger scale. Town planning and beautification is the responsibility of government. Landscape is an integral part of all government offices, hospitals, parks and all other projects. With retail shopping stores and restaurants open till late nights cities are fast developing a night culture. With activities buzzing at nigh time Government is seriously considering the options of landscape lighting. You can find big number of tenders for landscape lighting and winning one will not only make good business but also establish your reputation in this area. Often the name of contractors is displayed at project sites resulting in a lifetime promotion for your business. Successfully executing such projects is creditable and wins you more contracts.

Night landscaping is becoming a center of everybody's attraction. Beauty in any form is always appreciated and no two landscapes are made to look identical. It is your capability to add uniqueness to the landscapes by your lighting skills that will illuminate your business.

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