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Katsu Designs makes and markets night lights and wall lamps that are artful, functional, and fun. Visit the site for online ordering and for more information and details.
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Walls form the largest portion of any place and hence gains importance while planning for interiors. From portraits to wall sculpture many options are available today to remove the effect of blankness that the plane walls create. Walls are also used for placement of lights. Earlier the lamps were placed in simple holders. The lamps used were mainly the tungsten wire bulbs. It was the requirement for power saving that saw transformation of these lamps to CFLs that are used today. The idea that wall lamps can be a useful decor item was very premature. However many Asian countries did much experimentation with the table lamp designs. With good shopping for these lamps a good retail market was established for table lamp and lamp shades. With the need for expansion wall lamps was naturally the next area to concentrate upon. Today wall lamps are not looked upon merely as a lighting device and people are shopping them in retail primarily as a decor item. This change in how wall lamps are perceived has made a big positive impact on wall lamp business.

Wall lamps are also prominently used in art galleries. They are used to focus light on a painting to produce desired effects. Also lamps are used in lobbies and passages. Most of these lamps are overhead or fitted in walls. A good ambiance is a necessity at such galleries and hence they require well crafted wall lamps. The requirement is large as lighting plays a major role in creating a pleasing environment for visitors. There is frequent shopping in retail stores for wall lamps from this sector as they constantly change the decors to be updated to latest trends in interior designs. Similar wall lamp requirement is also for business places like restaurants, pubs, malls, theaters and multiplexes. All these places have a very large area and are mostly crowded with retail customers. Floor lighting is undesirable as it causes great inconvenience at such places and wall lamps are most suited for the purpose.

Lighting is one of the important allied businesses in construction. All buildings come with light fittings. Builders always have partnerships with electric services for wiring and lighting. They have a big requirement for wall lamps and tube lights. They may be decorative lamps are ordinary ones depending on the project. Whatever be the type of wall lamp the requirement is always in bulk and continuous. This makes them important customers for wall lamp business. Identify such electrical contractors and supply them with wall lamps as per their shopping requirement.

With energy conservation gaining importance people are increasingly adopting for greener technologies. Newer wall lamps are using CFL as it helps reduce global warming. Also people go for products which save their money on electric bills. Authorities have made rules related to quality more stringent for all electric equipment including wall lamps. Consumers shopping in retail for electrical items are very much aware about quality and efficiency and always look for quality and safety marks on products before purchasing it. Using sub standard wall lamps can lead to accidents such as shocks, short circuits or cause a fire outbreak. Although such lamps are cheap compared to standard wall lamps consumers are not willing to take any risk when it comes to electric products. Dealing in good quality and safe wall lamps is the only key to growth in wall lamps business.

Wall lamp requirement is from individual level to large business organizations. Wall lamps are used as a lighting device as wall as an item of decor. From necessity to luxury wall lamps are available catering to the needs of all retail shopping customers. Although wall lamps have good sales it is very important to maintain quality and safety of wall lamps to keep it constant. Walls will never cease to exist and lighting will always be needed by humans. A wall lamp is a combination of two such never ending entities. The business seems to have a very long life till a newer alternative that replaces wall lamps is introduced. However the current developments undergoing in electrical fields do not point towards any such thing happening in the near future.

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