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Botanical Lampshades by Jennifer Allen  Call 603-284-7468
Offer handcrafted lampshades using pressed flowers and leaves. Visit the site for more products and prices information and details.
95 Foss Flats Road, N. Sandwich, NH 03259   (4339)  Call 1-866-908-1396
The company offer quality lamps, lampshades and lamp finials at low prices. Products include drum shade, replacement lamp shades, floor and table lamp shades, Chandelier Shades and more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
98 S. Main Street, Zionsville, IN 46077, USA   (4338)

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Natural light is never of same intensity throughout the day. Imagine hot sun for all twenty four hours in a day. The early morning walks or a night stroll on beach would never be so pleasant in such case. Different shades of light are necessary for proper functioning of human body. Similarly at homes and business places there is requirement for different light shades. In fact each room has a different light requirement. Light scheme in bedroom is very different from the one in living area. Electrical lights are available in standard intensities. However different shades can be obtained from them by an intelligent use of lamp shades. Shopping for lamp shades in retail has become an important step in creating good ambiance.

Lamp shades are used to reduce intensity of direct light to a desired level. Lamp shades are also used to produce lighting effects for rooms. With lamps getting recognitions as decorative piece lamp shades were soon to follow its footsteps. Today as a result of growth in lamp shade retail shopping lamp shade electrical business is introducing new variants regularly.

Lamp shades are available in all basic shapes we learned in geometry. Its recognition as a decor item has seen many complex shapes getting developed for lamp shades. Lamp shades are available in many stylish designs and patterns. Materials such as paper, silk, glass, cloth and even leather have been successfully tried for lamp shades. The choice available for shopping lamp shades is a testimony to its popularity. Having such good retail consumer base lamp shade electrical business is worth considering.

Lamps are available for all applications and places. Floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps are used commonly at all places. Lamp shades complementing all types of lamps are available for shopping. Table lamp shades are very popular among home consumers. Suspended lamp shades often find a place of pride in interiors for homes and business organizations.

As lamp shades are mainly used for decoration purposes customized lamp shades have a big demand. Many lamps such as table lamps and wall lamps come with lamp shades. However such lamp shades are mostly standard and give a common feeling. Such lamp shades may not go well with the room styling. Often it takes many trips to various retail shopping stores to get an appropriate lamp shades. But there is no guarantee of finding one each time. Customized lamp shades offers solution to all these problems. If skilled in making lamp shade, one can make a good business by taking orders for customized lamp shades.

Many home decors are dedicated to ancient or historical styling. It is rated amongst the top decor styles. Many restaurants and galleries adopt this decor style. It is an extremely painful task to create this ambiance. The biggest obstacle is the non availability of decor items that merge with the theme. Even on availability they can be expensive. Even a small wrong piece can make the whole decor look out of place. Fortunately one does not have to worry much while choosing a lamp shade for such ambiance. Victorian lamp shades remain the first choice in shopping for that classic interior. The retail business in Victorian lamp shades is so encouraging that one can consider an exclusive showroom after a proper survey. Other specialized show rooms can be considered for leather and glass lampshades as they too record high sales. Rawhide lamp shades are immensely popular amongst those shopping for rustic and western decor and make a very good business in electrical lighting category.

Simple Lamp shades can also be made at home and many are taking it up as hobby. Many housewives prefer to make there own decor items. Providing training material in lamp shade making will be of great help for hobbyist. There is a good shopping for books related to crafts and a guide on lamp shade craft will be a bonus. Tutorials on buying tips and maintenance of lamp shades also find many takers and can be used to promote lamp shade business. One can expand in training up to a level of starting classes or maintain a web portal for providing information and carry out on line business in lamp shades.

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