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Buyexitsigns.com offers a wide variety of emergency exit signs and lighting to show the way to safety. The products also include wire guards, surface mount LED edge lit exits, diecast LED exit sign, batteries, combination emergency lights and more with secured online retail shopping.
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The Exit Light Co., Inc  Call 877 352 3948 (877 ELC EXIT)
Shop online for the finest quality emergency lighting products including exit signs, lamps and bulbs, commercial fixtures, electrical parts, green fixtures, emergency light and exit sign combos and much with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and secured shopping for all customers.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Exit Signs Business

Imagine you go for shopping in retail in a huge mall. After clearing your bill you pass through one of the doors without giving much thought only to realize that it is not an exit. Thinking that you will come across exit in few steps you move a few steps, then a few turn and then you suddenly realize you have no clue in which part of the mall you are. In a dark passage with not enough lighting your eyes start wandering for a familiar sign board “EXIT” and you start realising its significance now. With no board or direction in vision you spend a few minutes there waiting for help. You were fortunate on other days the help could have arrived after an hour. Visiting the mall again you make a point to tell its manager to go shopping for some EXIT signs and place them on all the appropriate doors. You have just added one more retail customer to the exit signs business.

Exit signs can be delivered in many types and materials. It can be simple sticker to be pasted on glass doors to lighting LEDs. They can be printed on regular plywood for industries or carved in marbles to suit the decor of some elegant hotel. Irrespective of the material or type exit signs is needed at all places big and small.

LED sign indicators is the best option when you want to use signs in dark surroundings like theater halls, underground subways, Highway tunnels etc. the lighting signboards are easily readable in such surroundings and are not only helpful in finding the way out but also avoid accidents in the case of subways and tunnels.

There is a great scope to explore your creativity in making the signboards. For example instead of a simple “EXIT” you may prepare a board 'thank you for visiting us. Hope to see you soon '. Such boards will be a happy shopping for all retail shops as they will be most appropriate to express courtesy to their customers. Another board at a bar exit can flash a electrical lighting message 'good night and drive safely'. Such boards help create an attachment with customers and definitely preferred over the regular exit boards. One can design appropriate boards for places and people. They can be courteous, humorous or sarcastic. But they will definitely be a great shopping hit. You can take orders for such boards and manufacture them or you can come up with your own boards and surprise the retail and wholesale electrical markets. The idea has such a good potential that it’s worth hiring a good copywriter.

There is a good demand for electrical sign boards. With large complexes coming up the demand is increasing manifolds. There are many entry and exit points in large buildings and it’s extremely important to place exit signs for the convenience of people.

Exit signs business can be carried out at various levels. One can manufacture sign boards, sell them, install them or provide services. You can also have a combination of these activities. You can tie up with construction firms and interior designers to ensure continuous sales. One should always keep an eye on major events happening like the Olympics, world cups, international exhibitions etc which involves lot of construction and development of venues. Sign boards are needed in large quantity in such events and can give you good business. Sign boards are also required at all public places and are mandatory at many of them. Exit signs are also required at the doors of public transport buses and trains. There is great demand for exit boards and great amount of retail shopping takes place in this sector.

It may feel that sign board business is a small business but that may only be your ignorance. A careful study will uncover the scope and potential it holds. Although a small thing in appearance if traded carefully it can bring great fortunes. The only requirement is meticulous planning couple with creativity and quality. The shopping demands for exit signs are as bright as lighting and there is no harm to consider an entry into the exit sign business,

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