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Emergency Light Service Center  Call 763-542-3155
Offer online shopping of wide variety of electrical emergency Exit Signs for any application and emergency lighting products. From LED Exit Signs to Self Luminous Tritium Emergency Exit Signs, the company have all emergency lighting exit sign. Visit the site for more business information and details.
2525 Nevada Ave N, Suite 202, Minneapolis, MN 55427
http://www.emergencylighting.com/   (4061)

The Exit Light Co., Inc  Call Toll-Free 877 352 3948 (877 ELC EXIT)
One of the well known electrical company having 25000 customers and growing for lighting products including emergency lights, exit signs, home and auto emergency lighting, wet location, harsh environment industrial emergency lights and much more. Visit the site for more business information and online shopping.
1497 Poinsettia Ave, Suite 154, Vista, CA 92081, USA
http://www.exitlightco.com/   (4066)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To the Emergency Lights Business

We need emergency lights in every home and office because regular light sources may not work during a disaster. Electrical emergency lights are made to work using batteries or alternate power sources so that it is always available at the time of emergency, whether power lines are working. Emergency lights are very useful at the time of night, but many agencies use them in rooms that have no windows and those which get no sunlight at any time of the day. This helps to stop accidents, even during daily blackouts .But no matter where these emergency lights are used; they are an important part of being ready for emergency. When there is a power cut and the light go off all of a suddenly everything turns pitch dark .Without any emergency light facility a normal building turns to a dangerous obstacle and a victim becomes helpless while finding the exit making it impossible to get out. This is also valid for fires outbreak, power cut or natural calamities and anything that may cause power outage or reduce visibility.

Many countries have strict standards that must be followed for the safety of the people in public areas , offices etc .Thus there is a demand for safety lighting and emergency lighting products in the retail market as its is essential to install them during the construction of any building as made mandatory by law. Some of the things you should evaluate when going up with this venture of emergency lights business is the products which are in compliance and brightness and other standards these codes must be clearly marked on the lighting hardware you manufacture.

You also want to manufacture something that adequately built to suffice the requirements of a building in form, color and design. Say an example, if you have bright ceilings and walls then you would probably want lighting equipments with a white cover so they blend easily with the texture of the building surface. White is easy visible in the darkness. Another important thing is how intense or how much lumens of light is output from the emergency lights. Lights with a low strength will light a smaller area so you may have to use multiple emergency lighting sets. Another thing is that the lower the light output the harder it is for anyone to view and find their safety area.

Emergency lighting business is for one of those things that a person would hopefully never need, but in case it does, it should work. "Emergency lighting" ensures adequate visibility in exit ways from buildings so that anyone inside there can get out quickly and safely, even with an outage of power. Emergency lighting is required in retail shops, private and government offices and office premises where they should be installed. These systems are commonly linked with Fire Alarm Systems and detection systems. Since there is requirement everywhere its worth starting with the emergency lights wholesale or retail business.

Every vehicle should have an emergency lighting device. It is great for those emergencies they are unexpectedly arise while driving your car. An emergency lighting in place could mean the difference between life and death. Marketing is one of the crucial parts of emergency lighting retail business. It plays a significant role in deciding whether your business is a success or not. Full fledge marketing should be done in such a way that it attracts retail customers right from all sections of the community. They should tend to purchase emergency lighting equipments when they come to know about how essential it is to have one. To make tour product a shopping item for every home you should make them aware of the safety needs. You can also create an attractive website for your company and advertise your products. You can also add a shopping cart for easy online purchase. You can as well take help from some web designing company to make a shopping cart system on your website where retail customers can do shopping. It can’t be better to make huge profits with online shopping at your site. There is also no risk involved as you get advance payment from the client while doing business online.

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