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Oberoi Brothers Lighting Ltd   Call 01332 341027
Get the pleasure to shop online for the finest quality all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting products such as table lamps, table lights, spot lights, wall lights, picture lights, LED lighting, Billiard light and more.
Humbleton Drive, Mackworth Estate, Derby, DE22 4AU, England   (1386)

Prism Lighting Products   Call 1-888-834-5805
Online lighting store offering LED exit signs, exit light combos, flood lights, recessed lighting, emergency lamps, exit lighting accessories, wall packs, emergency table lamp, self testing units, heavy duty emergency lighting.
Online Store   (1385)

Rhyl Lightworks Co   Call 01745 361203
UK based company offering electrical lighting products in retail including travel adopters, batter lamps, light bulbs, color changing lights, christmas lights and part stuff, voltage invertors and convertors and much more.
87 Vale Road, Rhyl, Denbighshire, N.Wales, LL18 2PG,   (1387)

Sunshine Systems, LLC.   Call Toll Free: (866) 576-5868
Online provider of energy saving LED grow lights used in plants and suitable for all stages of plant growth. There is also no emission of heat by these lights and undergoes extensive testing and are proven in the field.
250 Parkway Drive, Suite 150, Lincolnshire, IL 60069   (1530)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A guide to Lights & Lighting Business

Lights are the glamour – they take it to the top and make it shine like a star. Yes, lights are the rays that add to the beauty and make everything clear and bright. Setting up your own electrical lights and Lighting Business is a brilliant idea but you need to follow a number of instructions. And this very piece of writing is intended to help you do that properly and with precision.

Leaving out unnecessary details; let’s cut to the chase. Once you have decided to set up your lighting retail shopping business, you need to follow some important steps so as to make sure that you do not deviate from the path of success. Here it goes…

Set your Targets

You cannot establish your own electrical lighting business without having a proper goal or vision in mind. You need to have a clear and reachable objective and mission that is your sole purpose of existence. You have to prioritize things in a logical and sequential order so that you always win no matter which phase you’re passing through.

Strategies & Start up Costs

You have to have some strategies that can be used to achieve your goals and objectives. These strategies will work as means to meet the ends; therefore, you have to be realistic yet target oriented in this phase. You also have to develop a base line document that clearly defines what start up costs you can expect from your new electrical lighting retail business.

Competition and Buying Patterns

You need to look deep into the market for your major competitors and peers. You also have to conduct a huge research on buying patterns of your consumers. Looking for your major competitors will help you analyze the market completely and buying patterns will help you get an idea of shopping habits of people for electrical products. How do they shop? What products do they buy? What do they prefer and the like.Conducting a SWOT analysis will help you analyze your own business and competitors conveniently.

Come up with your best Marketing & Pricing Strategy

Alright you have moved apart from the planning and development phase and now you’re looking deep into it. Yes, you have entered the market and now it is the time to build some brand awareness. You are now helping people shopping in retail for the best lights and lightings.

You have to decide whether you’ve entered the market to increasing your sales or to grab larger market share. You also have to decide on how to price your products and services so as to increase shopping & sales of your business. You could either enter the market with low prices or just hit it by keeping the prices high. This phase is important as it can either let you grab the whole market or just kick you out of the industry. Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention to your marketing and pricing strategies. Plan it carefully and accurately and show the world that you have the best to offer.

Promotion & Distribution Strategies

You can advertise, promote or market your new electrical lighting business via Radio, E-mail, Magazines, News Papers, Television, Billboards and the like. All you need to do is draw customers to your retail business and that’s it! When it comes to distribution, you need to decide on the location plus the territories to which your services are extended and available. You need to choose the best location or you could simply make your business virtual. Yes, you could work and take orders online and hence need no physical place. Also, if you are planning to cover a large geographical area, you have to work with or establish your own marketing logistics setup.


And there are a number of other points you could follow to successfully start your own lights and lighting business. The thing is that you pass through each and every step carefully so that you commit no mistakes from planning to launching and marketing – That’s it!

More Business Information

Electrical lighting plays a very important role in the interiors as well as the exterior designing of any place. It not only provides sufficient light in your room, garden or on streets during the night but also adds to the looks and feel of the room. The proper use of electrical lights can gives a feeling of comfort and coziness at home and the same lights installed at the workplace can provide the brightness that you make the people working there fresh and energetic. It is becoming an integral part of the interior designing of any residential or commercial place. There is a very wide range of the lighting products that are manufactured in different designs to suit different needs of the clients in the retail market and people are interested in shopping of these items for both their house and business.

There are also light and Lighting Products that are used for purposes other than just interior decoration or illuminating gardens or streets. Many businesses are using lights for the advertising purposes. With time there are different application of electrical lighting and the products related to it. They are available in different styles, makes and they use different sources of energy. More and more energy efficient products are being introduced in the retail market, as the customer seems more interested in shopping of the energy saving products.

There are various things one needs to consider while selecting a particular lighting product and may need different lights for the same place. The products have different mounting requirements and different wattages. Sometimes the clients would need the lights for the damp places at other times they would have different requirement. A careful consideration of your clients needs and your ability to provide him the product catering his needs would bring profits to your retail business. A little research of the available products would help you to plan for the items to keep in your inventory and avoid many unnecessary and outdated items that the clients no longer show interest in shopping.

The solar lights and lighting products are mostly used for lighting the outdoors of residential or the commercial establishments. These products are also available in a very wide range. More popular products with the clients are the solar garden lights. The solar products include outdoor lights, spotlights, lights for garden, flag pole, wall, lamp post, mini post, pillar, lights, column, security flood lights, sign lights, floating pond lights, marker, ornamental, ground lights and many others. Almost every place indoor or outdoors can be lighted with the solar products. They can cater the needs of the business as well as the residential places. Along with the other form of electrical lights and lighting products you can also supply the solar products to your client in retail shopping.

One has many options for selecting the products for the light and the lighting retail business. There are several concepts and trends that are implemented by the designers for the clients. The landscape, Track, Monorail, LED, solar, fluorescent and different lighting individually or in combination is used at different places. The waterproof lighting systems are also introduced in the market. Each lighting system has its pros and cons and the clients also consider the lifespan of the products before they decide to buy the product. The branded are quality products would always be preferred by the clients for shopping and would bring your more business and profits than selling the cheaper non-quality products.

The range of products that you offer will also strengthen your retail clientele. It is difficult to maintain an inventory when the product has a very wide range. The lights and lighting is one such business. The products that are available in the market have different shapes and styles. When it comes to the shopping any product for the interior decoration almost everyone wants his or her home or office to have a unique look. The clients would also come to your retail shop to look for those products that would have unique shape and style. With a careful selection of your stock you can start with minimum investment and keep increasing your stock with the profits you earn through proving the customers what they don’t find elsewhere.

The electrical lights and lighting retail business can also be very conveniently carried out through the online stores. With the proper use available Internet resources and techniques to attract traffic to your online store you can get a wide clientele. People already trust the Internet shopping and you can see many online stores that are already having the online stores. Registering your company with the Better Business Bureau or BBB would give your store an added benefit of the clients trust for shopping at your online store. The BBB is a non-government organization that intervenes between the client and the service provider in case any dispute arises.

The online shop will increase the profits and boundaries of your retail business from your physical store to almost any part of the world. The uniquely designed simple website that provides different option for selection of product and information about the product would bring the window shopping traffic to the order page of your online store if they find the product that meets their need. You can keep your online store open for your clients round the clock throughout the week and only at the cost of maintaining your website. The lights and lighting products have no legal complications and can be shipped to almost any part of the world.

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