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Bennetts Retail Ltd.  Call 215-425-7280 Fax. 215-425-5257
Wholesale supplier of electrical products for residential, industrial and commercial use. Browse online store to buy all kinds electrical products of your choice like controls and timers, distribution equipment, emergency lighting, dimmers and fan controls and more.
3901 G Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124
http://www.bennettsonline.co.uk/   (228)

Dale Electric  Call (800) 462-7733
Online store to experience the shopping of electrical products at discounted prices like emergency lights, digital conduit bender, transfer switch panel, wire carts and caddys, power tools, cable and wire and more related products. Check website for more details and to shop online.
174 Broad St. Glens Falls, NY 12801
http://www.dale-electric.com/   (231)

ElectricalShop.Net  Call 0870 027 3730
Provides online shopping of all kinds of electrical products like electrical lamps and tubes, ventilation fans, instruder alarm, cable and wire, fire security alarms, doorbells, batteries, ceiling fans, switches, boards and more.
81 Kinson Road, Wallisdown, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4DG
http://www.electricalshop.net/   (229)

Online Electric Supply  Call 1-800-736-7247
Shop online for eletric supplies including lighting products, aluminium flood lamps, coax cables, devices and plates, dimmers and fan speed controls, weatherproof boxes and covers and more. Visit site for online secured shopping.
Online Store
http://www.onlineelectricsupply.com/   (1818)

Tradesman Electrical Distributors  Call 01752 - 695200
Shop online for all kinds of quality electrical products at lowest prices including products like energy saving lighting, garden lights and acquatic, space and water heating showers, storage radiators, wall heaters and more.
Unit 9A, Forresters Business Park, Estover, Plymouth. PL6 7PL
http://www.buy-electrical.co.uk/   (230)

Business Information: A guide to electrical products business

The electrical appliances business, is it just selling or is it far beyond? In the past, electrical products or appliances were just some tools that we use to make our daily house hold activities easier. This is not the situation in the present and of course it will not be the situation in the future. In the past, electrical appliances were used in some limited activities and they were only involved with limited applications but now electrical products or appliances became an electronic business when lot of customers now have started shopping for them in retail over internet.

This new situation urged more people to enter that promising business, especially with the development of the south Asian manufacturing business. The basic principal in the electrical appliances business was the size; if it is bigger then it is better. But the size is not what the consumer is looking for now. The consumer is looking for efficiency and economy of the appliance. Let us take a small study as an example. Laundry requirements of a family consists of 4 persons is 2 kilograms dry laundry per day. So, if the family going to wash every day, then the family do not need to get a washer machine bigger than 3 kilograms capacity.

When we calculate the lost electric power when we use a bigger washing machine to wash the same amount of laundry we will find out that the cost of the power is higher than the price of the machine itself.

This principal - that changed now - made the customers think twice before shopping for the biggest item in the shop. And this made the manufacturers or retailers display a huge variation in the size and options of the items as for their retail business to succeed.

The previous example runs for any appliance because power prices now are getting higher and the consumer tends to choose what is more economic for him. Beside the power prices, the environmental effect of the electrical appliances is a major concern of lot of people around the globe. This environmental care also affects the buying decision of many customers accordingly affects the appliances' business.

From all of that, the manufacturers are trying to fulfill these needs of the customers to achieve success to their business. You can find many sizes from the same product displayed together and the customers are aware now of choosing the enough size for them.

Away from the energy consumption and energy savings, the price of the appliance itself stands as a prominent factor. According to the global circumstances now, the buying price is a very effective factor that what made the south Asian electric appliances or products manufacturers to enter this business by producing low budget appliances to suite that situation even with retail shopping. These appliances are considered as consumable products more than long term house ware because low budget means that the quality is compromised. We do not generalize that all the south Asian electrical products are of low quality but we can say that there are some products which are produced for low budget customers and these products are of lower quality than the normal standards which are hard to get sold in retail shopping market.

The electrical appliances' retailers who want to enter this business should display both of these items as there are customers who prefer to buy a lower budget item even if it will last shorter than other items.

The guarantee in this business is something that is very essential for customers especially with higher budget items; this means that the retailer should show that he is able to fulfill the guarantee. The retailer should get guarantee offers from manufacturers to attract more customers and those retailers who offer extended guarantees have better credibility to the customers.

The customer support or the help desk is a very important unit in the electrical appliances' business. They must be helpful as this what absorbs an angry customer and attracts another one.

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