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Farassoo International   Call +971-4-8860055
The company designs, produces and markets computer peripherals to meet the demands meeting for IT products and services in the regional and international markets. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and products details.
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E   (4294)   Call (800) 438-7516
GearXS Store distributes a line of more than 2,000 products from the leading manufacturers to resellers, VARs, dealers and systems integrators. Visit site for more information and shopping.
6224 Madison Ct., Morton Grove, IL 60053, USA   (4295)

Ink Cartridges   Call 01740 631 706
Offer computer peripheral including printers, monitors, ink cartridges etc in different brands. Visit the site for more details.
Easyinkz, 14 Town Farm Close, Bishopton, TS21 1HX   (4943)

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There is much more to a computer than the CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. This is the minimum requirement for a computer. However there are various peripherals that equip the computer with additional capabilities. You can find customers shopping in retail for these peripherals to customize their computers according to their requirements. Computer peripherals are available from basic input output operations to performance enhancing devices. Computer peripherals are used for various functions like input, output, storage, sound and graphics, communication etc. The use and demand for computer peripherals make it a good business.

Assembled computers are a big market for computer peripherals. Many home users opt for an assemble computer. Assembled computers have more sales than the branded ones creating great demand for loose computer peripherals. Entry level branded computers come with very limited features and upgrades are expensive. Repairs and maintenance is needed to be carried out only at recognized centers. Assembled computers are made by integrating different computer peripherals together. The parts used in assembly are usually from different vendors selected on the basis of performance and cost. Assembled computers on the other hand work out to be very cheap. With most of the compatibility issues being resolved for hardware peripherals there is a big choice available for shopping computer peripherals. There are many vendors dealing in assembled computers and you can consider supplying computer peripheral to this retail business.

Computer is widely used for entertainment such as music, movies and gaming. Multimedia computers have evolved over the years and have become very affordable. The high demand for multimedia features from shopping customers has resulted in developing a range of computer peripherals for multimedia. CD/ DVD players and writers is the basic requirement for any multimedia computer and a range of manufacturers are available for these devices. Multimedia is useless without sound and a range of speakers with Dolby or surround sound effects are available for computers as peripherals. There is also TV tuner cards which are a huge favorite amongst students and bachelors. Just by installing this small peripheral you can switch between television and computer when needed. It has good sales in computer peripheral retail business as it saves cost on television. With the fast changing technology, the mediums for entertainment also change thereby needing a regular update for computer peripherals in multimedia.

Gaming involves using a range of computer peripherals. Computer gaming today is a big industry and many high end peripherals are developed for this segment. Sound cards and graphics cards are required to improve audio visual quality which is extremely vital in games. Gaming requires various input devices like game pad, joy sticks, trackballs etc. Some games have there own hardware such as the wheels for car racing or gun for shooting games. Gaming is taken over a majority of population. In fact it has reached to a level of addiction for many. Serious gamers are very particular about their machines and never settle for anything less than what is recommended. World championships are organized in computer gaming and there is a good population of professional players shopping in retail for quality computer peripherals for gaming. More gaming parlors are coming up which are the major buyers of gaming peripherals in large quantity in this business.

Networking is one of the major activities in computers and is the backbone of any business operation. Internet is a result of networking technology and constant attempts are made to make networks more powerful and secure. This task is achieved making use of several computer peripherals specially designed for networking applications. Ethernet cards are used for simple networks usually at home or small offices. With the increase in network size many other computer peripherals such as hub, switch and routers are required. There are other devices such as firewall that are extremely important for securing the networks from outside attacks. Networking will always be a top priority for business and with Internet there will be much more development in networking technologies encouraging greater retail shopping for computer peripherals in networking.

Not many are satisfied with a basic desktop and will keep on making it as 'personal' as they can by shopping for computer peripherals. A movie buff, gamer or a serious programmer all have different requirements for computer and computer peripherals make it possible to meet them. The business in computer peripherals has become very competitive with prices falling regularly. Yet, with maintaining quality with regards to products and services both it is not difficult too difficult to survive.

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