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Every thing that we do in life is connected today in some or other way with computers. Let us think from the morning news papers, those news paper uses recycle papers for the printing purpose. However, that news paper is also available in the digital formal called as the e paper. Even in shopping malls today, the trend of calculators and record books has vanished and overtook completely by desktop computers. This is just a minor example, right from rail ticket booking to Movie Theater booking business; from small cyber café to huge software companies all of them require a common element, called the desktop computer. People in shopping terms call it a PC or personal computer. Desktop computers even today forms the major portion of all the computer sales in the retail business.

A personal desktop computer is a device consists of a processor, assembled in a cabinet, a monitor, a RAM, hard disk and key board and mouse as the interfacing device. Along with these basic components, there are many additional attributes which can be added to the basic set of computers. These include a wifi device, LAN card, Bluetooth device, a web cam, and the list is endless. People who are shopping in retail for the first time generally go for a higher configuration directly. Similarly, people or business companies who are upgrading their previous versions generally upgrade it up to the desired limit. There is a good market for both desktop and accessories.

Vendors who are seeking an opportunity in the area of desktop computer business have a golden period ahead in the coming future. The technological advancement is at its peak and people today are becoming more and more technology savvy. Hence a business in the area of desktop computer business can see a heavy profit in the coming years. The retail shopping trend today has changed considerably and hence those who were restricted to their rigid business books and methodologies; even they are looking for a technological advancement to cope up with the ever so growing competition in the market.

Those who are a hardware vendor cum desktop computer seller, they can buy components and assemble the parts at their own end. This will not only add more profit value to the business but also add a better quality product. One another benefit in assembling and selling business is that the retail customers who are looking for an upgrade shopping will revert to your shop for the upgrading, Hence adding a dual benefit to the business.

Desktop computer market however is getting competitive every day. More and more brands are coming into the market every day adding a very stiff competition. Hence the key mantra here would be keeping the profit margin very low to have a better turnover. Today even the standard branded companies are entering into the sea of desktop computer business. This is mainly because the cost difference between the total parts unassembled and cost of all components assembled today is very high. Hence branded companies purchase the components and assemble these components with their own brand name getting a much higher value. Hence these branded companies are mainly interested in shopping of cheap components.

Companies who are not as big as the brand names can cope up with them only if they keep their eyes open towards the technological changes and keep their profit margin minimum. The possible target markets for a non-branded company can be small government organizations, small private offices, cyber café and many more where desktop computers are a must. It is very much a prime task to find a suitable business market very correctly because if the market is not very profitable, then the business can be of huge loss value. Hence it is essential that the correct market is chosen for the product. The shopping behavior of an urban city is totally different from a rural one; hence a proper strategy should be made to present the product as per the marketer’s purchasing power. Overall, this business can pay huge dividends if implemented with a focused mindset.

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