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CompUSA  Call 1-800-COMPUSA
Provides online shopping of all kinds of computer harware, software and electronics products. Products include motherboards, CPU RAM, Hard drives, modems, sound cards, video cards, gaming hardware and much more.
7795 West Flagler St. Suite 35, Miami FL. 33144   (221)

Platinum Computers  Call 01429 223522
Online seller of computer hardware products and components from UK offering products like hard drives laptops, input devices, graphic cards, cables, scanners and printers, motherboards and monitors and more.
42 Lister Street, Hartlepool, TS26 9LF,   (223)

Scan Computers Intl Ltd.  Call 0871-472-4747
Builder and supplier of high performance systems, PC software and hardware and consumer electronics. One can also shop on the site in retail including products like computer CPU, keyboards, motherboards, printers, projectors, memory, modems and more computer related products for online shopping.
25-28 Enterprise Park , Middlebrook , Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PE, UK   (215)

Techbuy Pty. Ltd.  Call [+612] 9648-1818
An Australian operated and owned company specializing in the sale of popular brand name computer peripherals, including but not limited to complete computer systems, printers, monitors, storage solutions, scanners, and networking equipments. All products are sourced from reputable international comapnies including Microsoft, Sony, Hewlett Packard, LG, Cisco and others.
P.O. Box 6270, Silverwater, NSW Australia, 2128.   (222)

Business Information: A guide to computer hardware Business

Since 1940s, when the computer was introduced the demand of computer hardware is growing with time, and at the present time Computer Hardware Business is one of the most profitable business. Computers are an utmost need of humans in homes and also in offices of any kind and no body can even think to live without computers.

As every one have the knowledge about the computer hardware that these are physical parts of computer like Motherboard, Mouse, Processor, Hard Drive and many others. According to a rough calculation, in 2005 the figures about Hardware Market was about $366.9 billion and the United States was one of the largest market of Hardware. Also it is announced by Census Bureau, in US more the 70 million peoples have access to one or more than one pc at there homes or offices. Now wait and think if there is a problem in the 1% pc per day in America, you have 700,000 peoples that have problem in there pc and among them there would be many that need Hardware for there Computers.

If you are thinking to invest in Computer Hardware retail Business, this is the right time to go for it, because at the time Computer Hardware Business is one of the most growing and profitable business and also Computer Hardware have great demand in almost every part of the world. Before starting your Computer Hardware business you should have to know about some important things that are covered below.

The first thing before starting a Computer Hardware business is that you must prepare yourself to compete with others by providing the customer a wide variety of different products that are latest inventions and also available at reasonable price under one roof for retail shopping. As computer hardwareÂ’s are changing constantly in the field of technology and other aspects, you must be aware about the latest inventions and also you have to provide them to customer. The most important thing while competing with other business, in Computer Hardware business, competition is aggressive rather than others and you must have to contain costs and also you have to find new resources to get the goal of more work. Like all businesses Non-profitable items must be replaced with well marketed and profitable devices as soon as possible to reallocate your investments.

Advertising your new or old computer hardware business is most important to get it well-known to peoples and also to get the greater attention of customers who are shopping. Advertising can be done within local Newspapers and Magazine that you find people read them widely. You can also advertise your business with new and exciting products and also by offering discount offers in the newspapers. Along with advertisements you can boost your Hardware business by remaining in touch with Schools, Collages, Libraries, Offices and other departments or business that have computer in key positions, the reason is in schools, collages and offices etc, the computers are used for long time daily that leads to the failure and/or need of new hardware and this can give regular customer and money also. Computer Learning Centers and Large firms and business can also be contacted to run you business at large and wide scale. You should offer services to the customers that are related with Hardware. This will boost your business and get you to the more profit. You can start services like assembling computers, Repairing Hardware Parts or even a call center for your customers from where they can get information about the products available from you.

Repairing of Computer Hardware is also a great opportunity in Hardware Business. As we all know well, Computers are used in homes, offices, collages, schools and many other working places constantly for hours and hours. This cause the decrease in the life and performance of Computer Hardware and the Hardware needs to be repaired in regular intervals or sometime they needs to be replaced by new one. By starting Repairing Business along with Computer Hardware Selling Business can cause a great increase in your profit, but it is not easy to start Hardware Repairing Business. The most important thing that must be on your side is you should be an expert of Personal Computer as well as you must have enough knowledge about your computer to satisfy the customers.

Now if you have not any experience of repairing computers, no problem there are a lot of community and technical collages that offer it on affordable rates, you can consult them for this. Now you are an expert of Computer Hardware Repairing, it is important that you have patience, analytical mind as in this business you are going to face some customer that can frustrate you and also you can be in problems of explaining the fault and the time and cost it will take to fix to the computer of your customer. Also you should talk gentle and technical to build confidence in customer about your skills. As you have your own Computer Hardware Selling Business, you have a double edge of getting profit, one when you will detect a fault in hardware of a customer and the hardware needs to be replaced, you will got a payment for detecting fault and also you have the opportunity to sell your hardware to that customer.

For Hardware repairing business each of your family member, friends and also those customers who are satisfied with your work will cause advertisers for this business also you can use the traditional advertisings like newspapers and fantastic offers for your customers. To get on top in this business you must be in touch with hardware related advances and also you should learn the latest technology to troubleshoot computers.

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