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Curvety Ltd   Call 08450 941 848
UK based company delivering the hottest fashion for trendy plus size clothes. Products include different types of ladies suits like zip front skirt suit, waistcoat suit, trouser suit, metallic jacey jacket, houndstooth jacket, linen summer jacket, jeans, skirts, blue crop jeans and more. Everything for women with online retail shopping.
PO Box 958, Camberley, GU15 9FJ
http://www.curvety.com/   (1574)

Elvi Limited   Call +44 (0)1527 400450
UK’s leading independent fashion retailers for size 16 and up aiming to produce inspirational clothes, expertly designed for size 16 and up. Products include various kinds of ladies tops such as Petite Fit Raspberry Spot Jacquard Blouse, Brown Foil Print Jersey Top, Black and White Crinkle Print Blouse and much more.
Honeywell Building, Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9PA
http://www.elvi.co.uk/   (1573)

Eplussizeclothes.com   Call +44 (0) 16 70 52 41 50
Offer women's plus size clothing including hosiery clothes like tights, pantyhose, socks, lingerie, tops like nightshirts, bedjacket, sleepwear, handbags and other fashion acessories.
11 Wembley Terrace, Cambois, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 1SA
http://eplussizeclothes.com/   (1576)

Lipsy Limited   Call 0845 680 0088
Site providing retail shopping of all kinds of women clothes including dresses like silk color block dress, one shoulder bow dress, frill backless dress, crossback silk chiffon dress, lepoard print mini skirt, ruffle wave hem skirt, chiffon mini skirt and also provide fashion accessories like belts.
45-46 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NE
http://www.lipsy.co.uk/   (1572)

PVC Clothing   Call 866-491-2807
PVC- The newest and most contemporary fabric to hit the fashion scene. Patent Vinyl or patent vinyl clothing is HOT! More practical than latex/rubber or leather, if you are looking to stand out at the club or in the bedroom, PVC clothing will make a statement! Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
8211 Cutler Ave NE
http://www.pvcclothing.net   (4420)

Spiegel Brands Inc.   Call 1-800-759-3950
Purchase women clothing online in different categories like dresses and skirts, jackets and coats, jumpsuits, tops and bodysuits, bras and shapewear, pants and leggings, beautiful new arrival, shapewear accessories and more.
Online Store
http://www.newport-news.com/   (1571)

Uniquely Woman Limited   Call not provided
Online shop designed for women by women for all kinds of clothes and footwear including plus size clothing, petite clothing, tall women's clothing, mastectomy clothing, vegan clothes, organic clothing, maternity clothing, lingerie, swimwear, bras, narrow and wide shoes, wigs, premature baby clothing and so much more.
P O Box 10926, B77 1YQ, UK
http://www.uniquelywoman.co.uk/   (1575)

Women Apparel   Call +91-11-26387807/80,
Garment exporting company offering high fashion women's apparel including nightwear, leisurewear menswear, childrens wear, infant wear and workwear. Visit the site for more business information and details.
B-15 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi- 110020 (INDIA)
http://www.jayshreetextiles.com/   (4622)

Womens Designer Clothes   Call 01273 325106
One of the biggest online seller of women clothing and accessories in different brands like Mina, Northland, Ronen Chen, Domi London, French Connection and more.
30 Duke Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AG
http://www.iceshops.co.uk/   (6112)

Business Information: A Guide to the Women Clothing Business

Women who are always trying to look their best and that get into the fashion trends also know the importance of shopping. Finding the right clothing to fit needs and styles is always a top priority. If you are interested in fashion, style and the changing trends, then beginning a women's clothing business invites options to women who are looking into changes within their wardrobe.

Traditionally, women's clothing is one of the largest markets available. This includes over 14,000 stores that provide retail for clothing. These generate average revenues of $40 million per year within the U.S. alone. Over half of the stores that provide women's clothing are small businesses, and typically only invite between 1 – 4 employees. These work as specialized boutiques or areas that provide unique fashion and style outside large department stores .

The demand for women's clothing, while slightly lowering from 2007- 2008 by 2.6%, is still known to carry high demand within the field of fashion. With revenue remaining at the $40 million in this past year, are also several who are finding ways to offer alternatives to keep women shopping and to provide their wardrobes with new options for fashion . With these statistics, are women who are looking for budgeting, pricing and e-commerce for different types of clothing. Marketing analysts are expecting this to increase in the market within the coming year.

The demand for alternative clothing areas for shopping not only includes basics for a changing market, but also specific demands for types of fashions and styles. Shopping for specific retail clothing is being noted within the market. Tops, such as sweaters and blouses, are taking the highest demand, with almost 40% of women trying to find a new top for their outfit. The second largest demand is pants, skirts and casual wear, with almost 20% of the market shopping for everyday clothing. Coming into smaller percentages are dresses, followed by coats and suits. Swim wear and other apparel is the least in demand, and does not cover more then 10% of the market .

With these known statistics, you can easily step into the right type of women's clothing business. Finding a combination of trends with the most popular type of wear can easily bring in the right type of clothing with style and fashion at the forefront. Not only can you center your focus on the type of clothing you offer, but can also specialize in offering types of clothing for different women's groups. For instance, specializing in plus – size clothing, styles for specific ages or even business clothing can easily bring in the right individuals to your storefront.

Women not only shop according to these particular styles, but also focus on finding clothing for specific occasions. For instance, terms women look for when shopping for clothing ranges from bridal wear to casual or active wear, with a specific focus on finding an outfit that centers on one occasion. Building a business with this in mind can provide you with a simple way to target women into finding their specific style and fashion.

Of course, the most successful women's clothing businesses move one step further with offering specifics for shopping. Finding specific brands that you want to add into a clothing line easily attracts more visitors to your business. Most who know about wardrobes and fashion have specific styles with defined cuts. Each of these fit differently according to a woman's body shape. Finding ones that you think will attract a certain individual provides you with better options for getting specific women interested in your retail business.

If you are interested in the world of fashion, and want to help others with their wardrobe style, you can begin with a women's fashion business. Understanding what is available and what can provide the most appeal is the beginning to getting the right results from your retail business. The more you know about the popularity of fashion, style and the women's clothing business, the more opportunities you have to build every woman's wardrobe.

Another Guide By Mohit

Clothing is need that has today become fashion, we need all kinds of clothing for ourselves from shirts, pants, trousers, t-shirt, party wear, causal wear, work wear, pajamas, tracksuits etc the list is endless and we want to do more shopping. There should be no distinction, men and women both like wearing the best clothing that they can afford as it is seen as social symbol regarding the affluence of that person, also being shabbily dressed is something that people look upon as not being acceptable. There is no doubt that women clothing is much more fashionable, there better designs in women clothing and women clothing is attractive as well. Women love to do shopping and shopping for apparel is right up there with shopping for cosmetics and beauty products when it comes to what women do shopping for.

Reading all this you could be tempted to thinking that since it’s a known fact that women are know to do shopping till the drop dead or run out of money it would be a good business idea to have a retail women clothing business. Women do shopping at retail store either internet retail store selling clothing or at a shopping mall. So if you are looking to start your own women clothing retail business and are looking for tips and ideas for your business then this article is for you. We start with the retail store business which is the most widely implemented business model for women clothing retail business. You can expect stiff competition in this business as there are already major players and brands catering to women shopping for clothing and clothing accessories.

You will first need to find suppliers and manufacturers who will be giving you products and clothing to sell at your store. Everything that is fashionable and chic does not sell, people are looking for good clothes made using excellent fabric and if its organic then that really sells too. Search the internet, search online business directories and scroll through yellow pages to look for women clothing and apparels businesses, manufacturers and suppliers. Create a list and note down the email address too, contact each of them by email and also make it a point to introduce your business to them so that they know you mean business. On their response tell them that you would need to look at the samples of their women clothing line so as to make a more informed decision. Once you receive the samples check their quality, if you are not a good judge of apparel quality then do a market search on whether people shopping for women clothing will like such apparels. Only make a final decision once you are completely sure of the clothing being a success in your market.

Next you would have to look for retail space where you can open your women clothing retail business. The location of the store should be not necessarily one that is in a shopping center but a location that is frequented by people doing clothing shopping. You also would need to consider costs such a rent of the retail store, maintenance, wages to the staff and water & electricity bills. You would also need to buy furniture for your women clothing retail store especially racks and display shelves where you can arrange the clothes and apparels according to size, and types of clothing like tank tops, skirts, tunics’, t-shirt etc. Also you should advertise your women clothing retail business through paper ads and other forms of advertising.

The other business model that you can pick for your women clothing retail business is that of internet based women clothing retail business. For such a business you need to have your own website. If you are not aware about the ways to go about web designing then you will be well served by hiring a professional web design company who will create a layout that matches the profile of your website and women clothing retail business. People today do not have much time on their hands so they find shopping on the internet a much easier thing to do. People also think that they are techno savvy and buy shopping on the internet for women clothing and apparels they can pay with their credit cards and also save time instead of visiting a crowded mall.

You will want to have all sorts of women clothing and apparels on your online retail store, but do not stock any product just to fill the website. You would want your women clothing internet retail store to be regarded as one that offers only the best products available in the market and the prices too are the best found. Visitor must enjoy shopping on your website and not find the design and different pages a hindrance to the whole idea of shopping for women clothing on a website.

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