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Gotoscrubs   Call 1-800-251-7387
The company from CA has uniforms for tunics & tops, pants, printed tops and jackets. There are seperate uniforms made for warm ups and lab coats for women with cardigans. The men's uniforms have different styles along with scrubs for kids and collegiate. The uniforms are all made with 100% cotton.
747 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd #1, San Marcos, CA 92069
http://www.gotoscrubs.com/   (582)

Postal Uniforms Online   Call 913-254-9838
Providers of postal certified uniforms made with polyesters and also cotton which can also be worn during winter with short and long sleeves. There are seperate uniforms for men and women including antifit uniforms and freedom fit uniforms. All their items are light weighted.
11936 W 119th Street, #264 Overland Park, KS 66213
http://postaluniformsonline.com/   (583)

Sport And Uniform   Call :+64 7 847 3360
Provider of all kinds of uniforms from New zealand in different categories like school uniforms, corporate uniforms, industrial uniforms, sports uniforms, headwear and custom uniforms for all your clothing needs. Take a look at the site for online shopping.
62 King Street, PO Box 5566, Frankton, Hamilton, New Zealand
http://www.sportanduniform.co.nz/   (579)

UK uniform   Call 0870 7601130
Online store from UK providing the complete set of uniforms for the schools in UK. Online ordering facility also available with secured shopping. Visit the site for more details.
online shop
http://www.ukuniform.com/   (577)

Uniforms Manufacturing Inc.   Call 1.800.222.1474
Manufacturer of various sets of uniforms such as industrial shirts and pants, chemical protective uniforms, hospital apparels and institutional uniforms at affordable prices. One stop shop for all your uniform clothing needs. Check website for more information.
P.O. Box 12716, Scottsdale, AZ, 85267-2716
http://www.unifmfg.com/   (581)

YourSchoolUniform.com Ltd   Call 18008236734
Provider of general and official school uniform clothing online from UK aiming to make buying children school uniform as straightforward, convenient and hassle-free as possible with secured online shopping. Also provide other school clothing like shoes, ties, belts and much more.
PO Box 1001, Peterborough, PE1 9GE
http://www.yourschooluniform.com/   (578)

Business Information: A guide to Uniforms Business

Uniform gives a unique identity to people wearing it. It is not a piece of clothing designed to look good in formal and informal occasions, but with the ideology of the organization in mind. The concept of uniform was introduced to bring equality in schools and other business organization. People wearing it represent the organization. Design and production of uniforms is a big business and bringing in new ideas in this regard will make you a successful businessman. The trend for online shopping of uniforms clothing have also gone very high.

For starting a uniform business you will need, approximately Rs.1000000 for a small scale business, this may vary with the size of business. This investment can be used for purchase of machineries, raw materials, renting a small building and employing up to 15 staffs. After commencing the business you should keep the following things in mind to grow your business.

According to customers the three main attributes of any attire is color, texture and the material used. By making few fundamental changes in these attributes it is possible to make a uniform look better, and more appealing than your rivals. This not only satisfies the customer but also make them to do shopping with you regularly. Gone are those days when students and employees were wearing traditional uniforms to schools and factories. Now they are looking for uniforms which are comfortable and good looking without breaking the dress code of the organization. Companies designing uniforms, keeping the above requirements of customers in mind, will do great clothing business in the future.

There are also various complaints made by employees regarding their uniforms. The main concern brought forward by employees with regard to uniform is that they are not durable. The employees working in tough factory environment sweat a lot which makes the material less durable. Materials which absorb sweat, like cotton, can be used to solve this issue. Materials like nylon must be avoided in these cases as they are prone to catch fire. So a proper choice of material is very important before designing in a uniform retail business.

There is a different market for the children aging from 6 to 15. School going kids are more concerned about the look when compared to the durability and quality of the product. So while making school uniforms designers must focus on this issue to increase shopping of their merchandise. You can bring a few aspects of informal attire in uniforms without modifying their basic design. This will make the kids happier and will make them feel as if they are wearing their favorite jeans or cargo to school. This will make them come to you again and again.

In the uniform clothing business your aim should not only be earning huge profits, you should also provide quality products to your customers along with latest trends so that it gives good shopping experience. As uniforms are worn on a daily basis and require frequent washing, problems arising due to color fading are common. How many times we’ve seen a white color uniform turning pale yellow after washing. Often dark blue colored uniforms often turn light blue after six to seven washings. Hence it is very important for manufacturers to maintain the color of the uniform. So using coloring agents which will survive the test of time can be a solution to this problem.

Next important attribute which touches upon the comfort aspect of uniform is texture. Employees working in manufacturing industries do all form of exercises i.e. they stretch out, lie down on the floor etc. They will be able to do all these actions only if their uniforms are of right fit and comfortable; else they will be dissatisfied even if the material is reliable. Hence customized design is required in this regard to increase customers shopping. So by providing the services and products required by your customers, belonging to different age group, you can turn your uniform clothing retail business into a money generating machine.

Another Guide By Mohit

The summers are over and its time for back to school activities. For parents this is a frenetic time, they need to buy and collect all sorts of thing for the kid’s school. Things like books, school bag, and stationary and of course school uniforms. Uniforms are just not needed in school but at work places like fire station, medical store house etc. With children its like they are growing each year and each year they require new school uniforms while with people working at places like a fire station or medical store house they would need uniforms replaced due to work related wear & tear. The need for uniforms is left in offices as well.

Uniforms are needed world over and that means there is a business opportunity in selling and manufacturing uniforms according to different needs. The bulk of uniforms are sold through retailing. Some companies place bulk orders for uniforms and these are sold directly by the manufacturer to company or factory, whereas for other retail stores are the one stop place to do uniform shopping. If you think that the business of retail uniforms selling is a viable one and you would like to know retail business ideas then this article is for you. In this article we discuss the various retail clothing and uniforms business ideas that one can implement to start or enter the retail clothing and uniforms business.

We begin with the most basic and often used business model. For you retail clothing and uniforms business you can open a retail clothing store to sell uniforms. You definitely do not have to sell just uniforms but it can form a major part of your clothing retail business. When people are looking to do shopping for uniforms they are most likely to visit retail store so that they can check the uniform for fitting, size, length and quality of fabric used in making the uniform. You should have at least 2 changing rooms where customers can wear the uniform for a trial and see if they like the uniform or not. Additionally if you can offer services like alteration of the uniform in case the size and length is okay but the width needs some adjustment then that would help your sales improve.

You can expect stiff competition in the retail clothing and uniforms business and people having been shopping for uniforms from other stores for sometime now. Why would they suddenly switch over to shopping for uniforms from your store? Well the process of bring in customers for your retail clothing and uniforms business is a gradual one and not an over night scoop. You will have to advertise about your business and reach out to people looking to do uniforms shopping. Once you open your retail clothing and uniforms store publish an advertisement in newspaper daily. During back to school days people are looking for such advertisement as they want to purchase uniforms from a place that has ready and available stock this advertisement can kick start your retail clothing and uniforms business with good sales.

The other business model for your retail clothing and uniforms business can be that of home based selling of uniforms. Home based business models are cost effective business models so if you are looking for small beginnings for your business then a home based business would work well. With a home based retail clothing and uniforms business you have some options, either if you know how to stitch and sew uniforms then you can assemble a team of people probably women who can help you do this job or you can buy uniforms from a wholesaler and sell them from your home or through door to door marketing. Lets have a looking at the uniform stitching and weaving model of business. If you can manufacturer cost effective uniforms and market them well then there is no reason why people would not do uniforms shopping for you. You can also take order from small businesses that require say 15-25 uniforms only as per their specifications. SO you can approach small businesses in your city or region and tell them that you can do such a job for them. In case the company is interested they will ask you to send someone over to take the size and other details for the uniforms. Once you have completed the making of the uniforms you can send them over and collect the payment as per terms agreed.

When shopping for uniforms people can be quite particular of the kind of uniforms they want to do shopping for. It’s not always possible to offer accurate uniforms sizes as most uniforms are available as readymade products and not custom made. So if you can offer people shopping for uniforms alteration services then this will give you an edge over other retailers in this business.

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