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CharGrilled Ltd   Call 0800 783 5299
Aims in providing fashionable t-shirts at affordable cost. Bring to the people the latest designs on store. Specialised in custom embroidery, custom printed t-shirts, offensive t-shirts, retro t-shirts and funny t-shirts. Provide the designs never used before and is all new.
PO Box 1199, Bedford, MK43 0WW.United
http://www.chargrilled.co.uk/   (482)

CreateMyTee   Call 1 (888) 392-9631
Custom t-shirt and apparel design and printing. Work one-on-one on every order with a CreateMyTee professional artist at no additional cost to create the perfect design for your group, team or event t-shirts and apparel.
4343 Concourse Drive, Suite 330, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
http://www.createmytee.com/   (7317)

Force 18 funny t-shirt store   Call 01438 361671
Provides a huge range of tee shirts for online shopping. Specialises in funny t-shirt slogans, but also has a wide variety of other categories including rude, retro and geek/gamer shirts. Visit the website to browse the whole range and to get more business information and details.
Unit 16 Chells Enterprise Village, Chells Way, Stevenage, SG2 0LQ
http://www.force18.co.uk   (3434)

Lush T Shirts UK   Call Only email support
Find over 500 funny t shirts at lush UK. With designs updated weekly, and free shipping when you spend over £50. Specialises in slogan t-shirts, offensive t-shirts and funny tees as well as custom printed shirts.
Online only
http://www.lushtshirts.co.uk   (7183)

Storyville   Call (225) 387-2275
Provide high quality t-shirts which depict the real life conditions. Feautured t-shirts from them are fun and have good appeal towards the crowd. Allow the cutomers to design their own t-shirts. Their quality products range for both women and men at a considerable price. Visit the site for online shopping and fulfill all your clothing needs.
236 W. Chimes Street, Baton, Rouge, LA 70802
http://www.wearyourstory.com/   (483)

T-shirts   Call +44 (0)844 322 1212
T-shirts to Stand Out From The Crowd – 8Ball have a huge range of t shirts for fanboys and fangirls of all types of music, retro movie & TV show tees, old school gaming, vintage and graphic artist tees including Banksy T-shirts and cute and funny t-shirts for kids.
8Ball Mail Order Ltd, Ground Floor Offices, 248 Oxford Gardens, Stafford, ST16 3JG, United Kingdom
http://www.8ball.co.uk/   (6024)

T-shirts.com   Call 847.281.3100
Provide online shopping for t-shirts of fashionable brands at a considerably low cost. They sell branded t-shirts of many categories such as funny, vintage, music, 80s tees and much more. They also provide the way for designing the t-shirts online. Also sell t-shirts which suit different climatic conditions.
28401 N. Ballard, Unit G, Lake Forest, IL 60045
http://www.t-shirts.com/   (478)

Business Information: New Mode To Enhance Your T-Shirts Business

Wear a t-shirt and give the message! What is this? Giving a message with t-shirt, have you been shopping at NGO’s? Well, shopping yes, but NGO’s no, we are referring to latest trends here that even celebrities have picked up by wearing t-shirts clothing with loud social messages to get through to people like prevent aids, say no to drugs or no alcohol. We are not trying to promote anything yet we cannot deny that it is very much a part of promotional t-shirts retail business.

This would be understatement if we say that t-shirts business is raving industry today perhaps it would be justified to call it the essential of next generation. T-shirts are usually the call of summer season. Teenagers and young people prefer wearing only t-shirts and denims in casuals. And why count only them, even adults and elder people find them amongst the most comfortable attires. They are accessible in all sizes and for both genders, so what is exactly the scope of this clothing business?

Apparels are already amid successful businesses in industry. If you plan to enhance your t-shirts business it can be done in several ways. At first glance we can say that you can start this business on a small scale almost from your house. It can be a great opportunity for people who plan for low cost investment or home business ventures. One can get in contact with companies and customize t-shirts as per requirement or eating joints that promote their brand name by getting them printed on t-shirts and use them as staff uniform. Similarly there are other sorts of institutions or school that need bulk supplies in retail shopping. Now the question is how can one truly get into this business?

It is certainly not a joke to enter into this business. Apparels are already a well established market and if any person thinks about getting into this competitive market he will have to offer something different. For example a person starts his t-shirts business; he produces hundred pieces of selected designs and in diverse sizes. The effort would not come to a halt because he would also have to market his product and convince customers for retail shopping his product assuring them quality, economic pricing and designing. Hence in order to sustain or perhaps make your presence in this field we can make few suggestions.

To start with simple ways you can offer screen printed t-shirts for that different touch as they come about very economic and does not require much equipment also. You must have observed that world is going organic as one usually catch people shopping for organic vegetables, fruits, soap, perfumes and much more. Perhaps you can also keep your environment clean by introducing splendidly designed organic t-shirts clothing. This could be of great advantage as several reputed brands and banners that boost eco-friendly products would instantly agree to do retail business with you as their promotional apparel.

Gone are the days when kids liked Disney characters on the tee’s, kids are getting smarter and most of them prefer retail shopping t-shirts with smart logos or templates written on t-shirts, if at all you have knack for such stuff, don’t hesitate to produce some. You can also become distributor of branded sports t-shirts usually used by professional sports people or active sports person.

Once you get into this business, opportunity keeps knocking from time to time for better investment. When ever a person takes initiative for new business the path is never easy, yet with time he set goals and work over to meet them. Hence don’t hesitate to try something new perhaps gradually you might also get into entire apparel industry to get more profits!

Another Guide My Mohit

T-shirt are amongst the most widely used apparels in the world today, I really do not know how many t-shirts are sold everyday worldwide but you can imagine that sales of t-shirt both branded and non-brand would be incredible. For people in the clothing and apparels business selling T-shirts is the one thing for which sales never seize to exist. Having said that competition in the t-shirt business is amongst the stiffest you will ever come across. This is not to dishearten you but rather doing any business without knowing your competition means definite failure. The market for t-shirt clothing is vast and people do t-shirt shopping almost every time they are out shopping for clothing.

If you happen to want to start of entering the business of clothing and t-shirts then retail business of clothing and t-shirt is amongst the most attractive forms of such a business. People want to do t-shirt shopping for their birthday, for causal wear, for party wear and just about any occasion when they can wear a t-shirt. The t-shirt retail business is a viable one as people looking to do t-shirt shopping are most likely to visit a retail store that stocks t-shirts. They can see the different prints, color, round neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, sizes at a retail store, people can try the t-shirt on them and if they like it they can buy it. The retail t-shirt & clothing business is basically divided between brand t-shirts like a Levi’s, Lee Cooper, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe, Wrangler and other brands which cost more as compared to un-branded t-shirts.

For your retail t-shirt and clothing business you can choose to be an authorized store of a premium brand selling the entire clothing and apparel line that the branded apparel company manufactures. You will need a retail space of say 500 sq ft to 800 sq ft at a prime location like a mall or a busy street at the commercial hub of the city. Usually it is the retail store owner that pays for the rent, maintenance and electricity of the store while the company helps with branding, marketing, distribution of the products. You will also need to hire a staff that will attend to customers who come shopping for t-shirts to your branded clothing store. The company also provides the retailer with advertising material and promotions budget that you can use to increase the visibility of the brand and your store in the city. Whenever there is a company t-shirt and clothing sale or clearance of stock you can put an advertisement that t-shirts and other apparels are being offered at a discount and those shopping for a particular sum of t-shirts & apparels can avail discount on the company’s products.

The other retail t-shirt and clothing business model that you can implement for your business is that of internet retail t-shirt and clothing business. This business model can especially be a profitable one. We all understand that even the biggest t-shirt manufacturers are sourcing their products from places like India and China and other far Eastern Asian countries and selling it on huge profits under their brand and label. If your website can offer high quality t-shirts and clothing to people doing shopping for such products at prices lower than branded t-shirt companies then you can make a lot of money.

For an online t-shirt and clothing retail business venture you will first have to create your own website. If you do not know how to create a website then it would be better to hire the services of a professional website design company. Tell them the concept behind your website and what you like to see in the website. Get ready all your t-shirts and clothing that you are going to sell on your website, have pictures of them so that you can have a complete picture gallery of your products including t-shirts. If you are going to be selling organic t-shirts then create a separate section in the website just for organic t-shirts because people looking to do shopping for organic t-shirts can search for shirts right there. Also you would like a shopping cart and payment gateway so that visitor of your website can do t-shirt shopping and make a payment for their chosen products using a credit card.

You will have a lot of profit margins with the online business model. The idea should not be to hold on to hefty margins rather during the initial stages of your online business development you would be better advised if you would slash the prices or offer discounts to people actually shopping on your website. Product sourcing you can meet a couple buyers from low cost countries where clothing and t-shirts are mass produced and the cost is less. Get samples of their products including t-shirts and see if you think they would be marketable. You do not want to sell low cost but inferior products on your and risking losing customers you want to sell the best products at the best prices so that people shopping on your website recommend your clothing and apparels website to other and you can get steady business.

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