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Bestswimwear.com   Call not provided
Online seller of the largest selection of swimwear clothing for men and women from top designer companies. Bring you the hottest swimsuits for online shopping from Ujena, Ritchie, Vix, Trina Turk, Juicy Couture, Pursuit, V Del Sol, Sunsets Separates, Sofia, Lulifama, Gottex, Asha Couture, Vitamin A, Letarte, Hula La, Aguaclara and more.
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 186, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A
http://www.bestswimwear.com/   (379)

Chynnadolls Sexy Bikini   Call Only email support
Offer bikinis, sexy bikini swimwear, scrunch butt bikinis, sexy dresses and more clothing. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business products information.
Chynna Dolls Bikinis, 14328-A Valley Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91746, USA
http://www.chynnadolls.com/   (4850)

Citrus Beachwear   Call 0844 800 9548
Online store for the best quality and good looking designer swimwear clothing including silk kaftans, tankinis, bikinis and beachwear in different styles and sizes and unique sexy designs for the discerning, fashion-conscious woman. Visit the site for online shopping.
PO Box 144, SANDY, SG19 2UG
http://www.citrusbeachwear.co.uk/   (381)

Designer Swimwear   Call 07896 301 729
Offer beautiful one-piece and two-piece swim suits at reasonable prices. Visit site to see latest collection.
Online only
http://www.bikinibeachstar.com/   (7066)

Konfidence Baby Swimwear   Call 01579 371001
Online store based in the UK supplying children’s swimwear since 1998. Product range includes the Original Konfidence Jackets, Floatsuits, Sun Protection Clothing, Wetsuits and Beach Boots.
Unit 5a & 5b, Treburley Industrial Estate, Treburley, Launceston, Cornwall, UK
http://www.konfidence.co.uk/   (6053)

Swimwear   Call +44 01795 537126
Offer most fascinating designer beachwear in different well known UK brands like Seafolly, Melissa Odabash and Jets. Visit the site for online shopping.
Simply Scuba ltd t/a Simply Beach, 5 Jubilee Way, Eurocentre, Faversham, ME13 8GD, UK
http://www.simplybeach.com/   (6930)

Swimwear Galore   Call 03 9417 2222
Australian company offering all kinds of swimwear clothing to wear at various places like for the pool, for the beach, aquablade for men, women and children with online shopping. Includes briefs, trunks and boardshorts for men and maternity wear for ladies and more.
Fitzroy, 430 Brunswick Street
http://www.swimweargalore.com.au/   (378)

Swimwear Online   Call +44 (0) 1623 555412
Online shop from UK offering a huge selection of bikinis and swimwear including premiur and maternity swimwear, tankini swimwear, swimsuits, sarongs skirts and more at a factory direct price. Both a wholesaler and retailer for women's swim clothing.
4/5 Reform St, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. NG17 5DB.
http://www.swimwearonline.co.uk/   (377)

The Orchid Boutique.com   Call 1-877-288-9564
The Orchid Boutique pre-selects the best designer swimwear and swimsuits for the trendy fashionista. Offer an elite selection of unique and couture swimwear clothing, from designer bikinis, to beach coverups, to designer one-piece swimsuits. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
712 W Broad Street, Suite 8
http://www.theorchidboutique.com/   (4366)

Business Information in Mast Directory: A guide To Swimwear Business

Talking about swimwear mention should be made about how swimming became a part human activity. Drawings that were discovered in some of the caves of Egypt show prehistoric humans engaged in swimming. Today swimming is not only taken as a sport but also as an exercise for relaxation and overall health. In ancient times humans took to swimming primarily for military reasons or to survive harsh conditions that used to prevail during those times. It was in the year 1896 that swimming was introduced as a sport in the Athens Olympic Games. Swimming as a whole has undergone many changes since then and today the concept of swimwear clothing business is largely influenced by the trends and demands of people.

Times have indeed changed and swimwear too has witnessed a sort of evolution. Gone are the days when knights used to learn swimming in full armour. Today such an exercise would be termed as ridiculous. However the swimwear of the 1920s would resemble armour compared to the ones available nowadays. You would be surprised to know that women’s swimwear of the 18th Century was more or less like a bathing gown. Even the o clothingnes that were made in the early 20th century covered the arms, legs and the neck of the wearer. Swimwear retail business during those times was the monopoly of a select few. Only a handful of people went around shopping for swimwear.

Gradually swimwears became shorter and instead of something like fully covered gowns women began preferring two piece suits by the early 20th century. The tank suits which were popular during those times started exposing more in the legs and arms than their predecessors. Modern swimwear debuted in the middle of the 20th century in the form of corset swimwear and two piece swimsuits. Thereafter retail shopping for thigh length short skirts became a rage. With the popularity of swimwear business new materials like Lycra and nylon were increasingly used to make swimwear clothing because of their stretch properties. The modern swimwear has finally arrived.

As the market today, offers different types of swimwear, therefore when you are shopping for swimwear clothing, focus on comfort and style to get yourself going straight away. A swimwear can be considered perfect when it highlights the best features of the wearer and at the same time covers the disadvantages. Looking sexy and feeling comfortable is also important. With the right style the wearer (a woman) can definitely expect to turn heads at the poolside or beach. So it is important that when you pick swimwear’s for selling make sure it is just right from all aspects.

As swimwears are available in many styles choose from one piece suits that do not show much body or attractive two piece swimsuits for those who are daring enough. For those who want something in between there is this suit called Tankini which covers the midriff but can be pulled up easily. You could also pick from the handful of other styles like plunging necklines, halter-neck, surplice styles, tank suits, bandeau to cater to your varied clientele. Nowadays Bikini Separates are very popular with women as they feel these accentuate their different statistics. This type of clothing come in different size tops and bottoms. You could also pick cover-ups that are meant for giving that extra style to enhance the fun on the beach or at the pool side.

Colors and prints also play an important role in the choice of swimwears. When you are into swimwear business you have to give advice to your customer on her choice. Encourage them to try on a suit because some colors or prints which may not look good when displayed may however look great when worn. Keep in mind that there will always be colors and prints exclusive to each individual.

Shopping for swimwear business purpose make sure to have an eye for design and fabric as these are the main factors that determine the quality of a swimsuit. Choose chlorine resistant fabrics which contain a high percentage of nylon and spandex material. You could also pick branded swimsuits as a good brand is always known for its quality and durability.

Another Guide By Mohit

Miami, Dubai, Cyprus, Goa, Bali and Gold Coast in Australia, what do all these places have in common, well no need to guess because all of these places are famous for their wonderful sun kissed beaches. Wow, surely all of you would like to be at a beach right now soaking in the sun or rubbing some sun tan lotion right. There is something that we all need when we are either at a beach or in the swimming pool – swimwear. If you are not the one to swim then you can do with beach wear but if you love the waters then appropriate swimwear shopping is required. And for people who think this can be turned into a business that is a real opportunity. In this article we speak about the different business models that can be used to enter or start swimwear retail business. For those wanting to do swimwear retail business you also need to understand that swimwear is also seen as a fashion statement which people think is quite a sexy costume for women to wear.

So if you are looking for business ideas then that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. For the first business idea we shall take a look at the swimwear retail store business because that’s where men and women are mostly likely visit for their swimwear shopping needs. The general conception is that only women need to do swimwear clothing shopping while men are just men, well in today’s world the metro sexual man is well groomed and take good care of this skin and that goes for men’s swimwear clothing as well. It’s not just swimwear trunks that men use, there is the swimming cap, eye gear and other accessories. The great benefit of a swimwear clothing retail store business is that women would want swimwear according to their choice. Some women have a flat chest so they would like a swimsuit that has padding on the breasts area while some women have large breasts so they want one that is appropriate and suitable for their body. People will want to do swimwear shopping from a retail store so that they can try out the swimwear and see for themselves if that clothing is comfortable or not. With your first batch that you have received from the consignee you should test them on the market. If you think that the product will sell then you are in business.

Another retail business model that you can opt for is an internet business. With a local retail business your market is limited to the area or region where people can reach your retail store but with internet swimwear clothing retail online business the world is your market. What you will need to do is create a website, if you do not know how to create one then hire the services of a professional web design company and tell them the concept of your website and what products you intend to sell through the website. Tell the web design company that since the website is swimwear website you will require huge amounts of space for the products picture gallery. Add content about the different kinds of swimwear shopping & why certain swimwear clothing is needed. People find shopping for swimwear on a swimwear website more convenient because they can do swimwear shopping right from the comfort of their homes. They can surf around the website’s different swimwear categories and compare prices and then buy swimwear clothing. Usually for a website the pricing is very critical and there is a lot of room for profit margin, that’s the reason why most website offer discount almost all round the year. With tough competition you cannot afford to fail on the pricing front, if your products are expensive no one’s going buy swimwear clothing from your website.

For our last retail business recommendation we will talk about a business that’s a little different from the conventional retail store business but modeled upon a retail store business itself. A retail store swimwear clothing business by the sides of popular beach is one business that you can count upon to be very successful. In fact there are already many such businesses that are selling swimwear clothing and people when they visit a beach would naturally get attracted to the stuff and if they like something they would do swimwear shopping right by the beachside. For such a business you will need approval of the local municipal corporation to set a shop by the beachside. Once you have got all necessary approval then you can do great business all round the year. People visit beaches mostly during summers so that could affect your business but overall such a business model can be one great way to start a swimwear clothing retail business.

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