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BabySewCute   Call 877-260-3670
Specializes in handmade specialty gifts for babies which include specialty crocheted items like blankets, booties, dresses, sweaters and sets. Visit the site for online shopping of all retail products.
PO Box 790258, Middle Village, New York 11379, USA
http://www.babysewcute.com/   (3705)

The Aran Sweater Market   Call +353 64 39756
Offer hand knit Aran sweaters from west coast of Ireland, where the tradition of the Aran sweater has survived for hundreds of years. Visit the site for more details and for shopping online.
Inis Mór, The Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland
http://clanarans.com   (3706)

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Sweater is a type of clothing which is worn during winter season. So sweaters business can be defined as a seasonal business. However in countries like UK where there is cold weather throughout the year, it is not seasonal business there. It is known by different names such as sweater, pullover, jumper, jersey, etc. It is used to cover the human body so that the person wearing it feels warmth inside it. Sweaters are not only worn by humans but also by animals. Animal sweaters are specially designed and made according to the specifications. Sweater is worn over a shirt, T-shirt, blouse, etc. If a sweater opens up in the front then it is called as cardigan and if it does then it is called as pullover. A sweater with no sleeves is called as a sweater vest or tank top. Sweaters also absorb the sweat from the body due to its material characteristics. Shopping patter and marketing strategy should match accordingly.

Traditionally sweaters clothing were made from wool. With advancement of technology and artificial synthetic materials became popular. A mixture of synthetic materials and cotton are also used in making a sweater. They are made from synthetic materials, cotton and wool. Typically sheep wool is used in the manufacture of woollen sweaters. Analysing shopping patterns in retail shows that sweaters made from wool sell out much faster than other materials.

Sweaters are used to protect the body from harsh winter cold. Clothing like sweaters keep the body warm and maintain the heat present in the body. We can understand by this basic fact that sweaters business is seasonal. Sales primarily happen during winter season and enough stock should be available with the sellers so that they meet the demand of consumers. Sweaters are useful only in winter season and they are not useful during rainy or summer season. There are manufacturers of sweaters who work round the year in manufacturing sweaters during off peak season. Another contrasting point of this sweaters business is summer season is not uniform throughout the world. In places it is summer and in other places it is winter or rainy season thus creating export opportunities for sweater manufacturers. Cold places such as Canada, USA, Australia, certain places in Asia, etc have more number of sales in retail and wholesale than other places. Shopping patterns reflect the consumer thoughts about the product and his interest in colours, patterns, etc.

Finance can be obtained from Animal welfare banks, Agriculture banks, co – operative development bank, rural developmental banks, etc. This industry comes under the purview of small scale Industries Corporation which makes this industry organised. Please check out the rules and framework of your government for additional and general information. If you have an efficient project report with research and contacts to back it up then you can attract private venture capitalists and investment banks. Securing finance is preliminary after which you need to arrange for working capital finance requirements. Shopping patterns show the pattern for developed markets and developing markets.

This being an unorganized business it offers good opportunities for new entrants. Leading garment manufacturers are also into this type of clothing manufacturing business. Large organizations which are into sweater manufacturing generally outsource production taking into account cost benefits. They tend to concentrate on marketing side of the business. These outsourced contracts provide constant bottom line and benefits to the business as such.

There are many other verticals such as distribution, marketing, production, etc. These different verticals provide good retail and wholesale business bottom line profit to the company. Garment business provides good profits because of the difference in cost of production and retail price in the market. Marketing professionals can distribute sweaters to various parts of the world.

Import restrictions by various developed countries across the world have aggravated the problem of garment manufacturers in particular sweaters businesses. Low cost manufacturing by countries such as China has given various opportunities for importers and textile manufacturers in developed countries to outsource their manufacturing facilities. Careful analysis of retail shopping pattern should be made.

Another speciality form of clothing business is in manufacturing sweaters for animals. Animals such as dog, cat, etc need sweaters during winter season as their fur cannot protect them from harsh winter cold. Animal sweater manufacturers are less in number because of which animal sweaters are priced more than human sweaters. Also these sweaters are custom built according to specifications due to which manual labour is involved.

Online presence also gives you opportunity to cater worldwide market than your individual country. Many leading retailers have online presence which provide opportunity for online shopping from different countries.

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