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ELDER Hosiery Mills Inc.   Call (800)745-0267
Designers of hosiery products such as novelty, bed, healthy foot and extra large socks with special design care on diabetic socks. Product brands range from BVD to keds. Most of the product satisfy the thermal conditions. Products are often designed with man made fibres and woollen yarns.
P.O Box 2377, 139 Homewood Avenue, Burlington NC,27216-2377   (506)

Footraffic   Call 1-888-560-4830
Provides online shopping of hosiery clothing like knee highs, leg warmers, toe socks, thigh highs and tights. The package varies from no show three pair pack, knee high trouser, lace, microfiber, stripe tube, boot, three dimensional and womens' novelty. The most popular ones are the Cleo 20d Patterned Tights and Opaque Spaghetti Strap Mini With Bow.
P.O. Box 412895, Kansas City Missouri,   (502)

Hosiery And More   Call 718-972-7225
Store located in New york offering hosiery clothing for boys, girls, women and men which range from basic socks hold ups and dressy anklets. Stretch Opaque and Kendall Travel are the most popular product here. There are other types such as therapeutic pantyhose 180den, seamless lace bodystocking with sleeves and light fantastic 7d.
4804 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219,US   (503)

Legwear Consumer Relations   Call 1-800-575-3497
Offer hosiery clothing which suit all occassions seperately for men and women. There are products to suit styles as athletic, dress, casual, sheer, control top, knee and thigh socks and more. There are seperate products for occassions such as business, casual and everyday. There are brands which will satisfy your expectations and also will satisfy the personal desires.
PO Box 26535, Greensboro, NC 27415-6535,   (505)

NewLook   Call 65- 6728-1357
Singapore based company providing online shopping for hosiery clothing. Include products like spaghetti Strap Teddy With Snap, Greenyarn Eco-fabric Green Feet Insole, Reversible Mini with Bow, Trendy 40 Corpino 40~70d, Malia Thigh-Hi Stockings 20d, socks and more from different brands with medical support and features such as laced, silicone and comfort band with anti-bacteria and anti-moisture.
Jurong Point Post Office, P.O. Box 593, Singapore, 916420   (504)   Call Online support
Offering sports socks online in different brands like Fox River, Ronhill, Salomon, Smartwool and also by type of sports like cricket socks, tennis socks, football socks, children socks and more.
Enterprise House, Roundwood Lane, Harpenden, Herts AL5 3BW   (1118)

We Love Colors Inc.   Call 800-770-3177 or 305-889-0793
Buy hosiery clothing online like tights, diamond fishnets, kids dancewear, footless tights, men, women and children hosiery and more.
4980 NW 165th St, A11, Miami, FL 33014-6325, USA   (1278)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Socks And Hosiery Business: How to succeed?

We live in a capitalist society and as such, commerce and business is regulated by that all powerful, ever present and utterly arbitrary entity known as market competition. Competition within the market is what helps keep businesses in check, prompting and encouraging growth and more effective usage of resources as well as ensuring that costs are kept at an all time low. Without getting too bogged down in the finer intricacies of the business world, price is not the only factor that a customer will take into consideration when they are trying to decide between different products and the customer will weigh up the “quality” of the product in comparison to its rival counterparts.

Quality is an entirely subjective concept, and different consumers will have varying expectations and requirements. However, it is important that you identify the demo graphs for your socks And hosiery clothing Business, i.e. what are the characteristics of the customers you want to target for shopping in retail or wholesale. Whilst socks are a universal and unisex product which are used and purchased by people of all classes, races, and ages, hosiery is specifically a female clothing product. When it comes to marketing and advertising then you need to do something in order to make your product stick out and stay in the minds of the consumer, and this can be achieved in a number of ways.

An important caveat to bear in mind in regards to hosiery is that given that hosiery tends to be a rather inexpensive item anyway, and one which is classed as a necessity rather than a luxury item, female customers will not be overly concerned with the price of the hosiery clothing, and will instead be concerned about the functionality (i.e. how well does the hosiery do what it is supposed to do) and the aesthetics while customers do online retail shopping.

Hosiery is a female product, and as such should help ladies “feel” feminine. In the context of a stockings (a niche within the hosiery market) the emphasis is particularly upon the form and functionality of the product. Stocking whilst worn as a leg warmer can and do also constitute an item of lingerie and so stockings are sometimes designed to allow easier visual (and physical access) to the thighs. Stockings tend to be made of lighter, more breathable materials such as cotton in order to prevent excessive sweating which can result in fungal and bacterial infections of the genital area.

Being aware of these sort of details, is crucial if you want to achieve success within your Socks And Hosiery Business, as customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. Whilst it is entirely impossible to objectively and empirically test, validate or verify, it is vital that we do not underestimate the profound impact that a negative (or positive) experience endured by a customer can have on future sales. Thanks to the internet, there is an ever increasing number of blogs and websites dedicated solely to consumer review while they are shopping for various products in retail. Consumer review sites can effectively make or break a new product which is entering into a highly competitive market because these websites are written by consumers, for consumers.

With no direct involvement or sponsorship from big businesses, consumers are therefore absolutely free to write their personal experiences and opinions concerning different consumer products and will do so, with reference to things such as price, quality of service, value for money etc. It is important to note that whilst each opinion will be entirely subjective, their shopping experience will be read and can directly influence other readers. Consumers tend to be cautious creatures are the best of times, and so if they feel even a slight degree of apprehension then they will simply vote with their wallet and go for a more well-established and familiar product. In order to succeed with your Socks And Hosiery Clothing Business then, you need to always provide a beneficial and rewarding consumer experience.

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