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Pink Camellia   Call + 44 (0) 1785 780381
Offer online shopping of nightwear clothing which includes nightdresses, pyjamas, silk nightdresses, silk robes, bathrobes, etc from different designers like Vivis Silk Nightwear, Hearts & Crosses, Louis Feraud Silk and more.
PO Box 2629, Stafford, ST16 9BG, UK   (3704)

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Human beings tend to define clothing based on the work and situation in which they are. A person going to a party will not be wearing a suit and work related clothing, unless and until he is on official duty to the party! When we go to work we need to present a professional look or dress according to the type of the job. Basically we are trying to dress for the occasion. In the same way at night when we sleep we tend to wear clothing which provides comfort and effortless sleep. This is where nightwear business tends to come in the picture. People need nightwear for comfortable sleep.

Nightwear business comes under undergarments business and it is a labour intensive business. Many companies which manufacture garments tend to use automated machines for producing cloth and refined sheet of garments. It is a labour intensive business during the process of giving the cloth its shape and design. Usually large floor spaces are required for manufacturing the cloth added to this labour employment is more in garment manufacturing industry. Labour laws differ from one country to other. It is good to consult a labour law lawyer to chart out the terms and conditions before hiring employees. This one step will help you in long term if you are planning to start up manufacturing nightwear garments in retail or wholesale.

Design process is a very costly process. A customer tends to buy a garment taking into account comfort and elegance. Elegance is very important as it is a night wear and humans tend to place importance to anything worn for comfort. For example before buying a bed people tend to place importance on comfort and elegance. Design and texture are two very important factors but most of the nightwear are plain and customers prefer shopping them in retail stores. Nightwear is available in different textures and materials such as satin, cotton, silk, etc. Caution should be exercised when designing and choosing materials for women and men nightwear. Women tend to have different preferences for materials and textures than men.

There is huge pricing difference between developed and developing countries primarily due to availability and pricing of labour. Labour laws are very stringent in developed world primarily to give equal opportunity and safety of the labour. Also due to low availability of labour in developed world pay options are also huge. This pricing difference is boon to developing countries because it creates export options. Developed world can mix their existing inventory from the imported inventory thus creating efficient inventory mechanism to reap awards. Developed world can also stay ahead by outsourcing certain manufacturing contracts which are labour intensive (take care not to do more than the requirement). Shopping of nightwear from various different retail stores will give you a real understanding of the nightwear retail business.

Import and export options for clothing industry are huge. Relative ease of importing and exporting products from various locations around the world makes this business much more sought. One of the main bottlenecks for this industry is recent customs and excise laws governing imports of garments by the developed world. Developed world is increasing customs and import duties on garments because of excessive dumping by developing world. If you want to know much more about import and export laws of your country please contact your customs broker and a lawyer.

There are plenty of finances options available to set up a garment manufacturing industry. Getting finances will become much easier if you have a proof of import deals. Banks such as export and import bank provide much more details about the necessary documentation.

It is better to visit your local garment shop to know the details about their pricing structure, suppliers, etc. Shopping in retail should be your primarily goal before embarking on the industry. Nightwear garments are available in different local and organised shopping malls. There will be a pricing difference between these stores and it is important to make a note of them. Many malls, shops, shopping centres, etc stock products from various suppliers and it is very important to have your brand recognised for which marketing is important.

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