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The company from columbia offers the best branded shirts and trousers from POLO, hickey, edmanda and more. The company will make any of the occassion very special to their customers. The company brings about a revolution sin the line of shirts and trousers with their intimate color and fabric.
1333 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201   (521)

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The company offers all 100% cotton madde trousers and shirts which suits all occassions and condtions. The main advantage is that the company offers those products which are washable and can be dried with no consequences over the material wuth the style needed to fit the fabric to the occassions. Online retail shopping for shirts and trousers clothing needs for men.
Prospect House, 32 sovereign street, Leeds, LS1 4BJ,UK   (522)

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With the passage of time the average men's shirt has undergone a sea change. In the earlier days it was the typical collarless shirts with billowing sleeves epitomized by the painters of yore. Today it is the modern formal button-down shirt. With bold imaginations designers have been able to create clothing like shirts and trousers that have mesmerized ordinary men for generations. Nowadays a range of different styles are available which are very popular with men of all ages. While shopping for shirts and trousers people look for something that is latest and looks good on them. There are designs made for everyone.

In the clothing business the introduction of the polo shirt or the ‘tennis shirt’ hold much significance as it is considered as one of the most important developments in men's shirts wear. It was designed and created in 1929 by none other than Rene Lacoste, the legendary French tennis player. The polo shirt was created as an alternative to the typical stiff tennis attire of those times. This shirt was given a fresh new dimension by designer Ralph Lauren in the 1960’s when he introduced his 'Polo' collection. The popularity of polo shirts soared with the passing of years and today it is a standard category of clothing though most tennis players nowadays do not prefer wearing polo shirts when playing a game of tennis.

One of the most popular men’s shirts wear for centuries has been the grand-dad shirt. Grand-dad shirts are collarless shirts popular in warm countries and over the years have undergone several incarnations. In the shirts and trousers business the ‘Nehru Jacket’ which is a South Asian version of the granddad shirt is quite popular and it was popularized by Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India. Though introduced in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Nehru Jacket has been worn by a number of cult celebrities. Today people come shopping for granddad shirts of bright colours and with its ethno-bohemian look these shirts can be utilized as festival clothing or even as smart casual summer wear.

The evergreen and everlasting button-down shirt has stayed on with men’s shirts fashion history for many years but nobody is sure how these shirts were created in the first place or who created them though there have been a lot of guessing about its origin. Some say it was invented by an American shirt manufacturer while others say it was created in New York. The impact of the button-down shirt in the shirts and trousers business has been historic and today it is worn as both formal and casual wear. People are usually shopping for short-sleeved shirts that are worn with skinny jeans. These are combined with large belts and tailored waistcoats to provide that fresh, informal and chic look. Men's shirts are available in a variety of colours and patterns like grey, raspberry colors and floral, striped patterns.

Though fashion and style changes vary every year yet for formal occasions men’s attire still involves sticking to the traditional dress code of a jacket, a tie and smart trousers.

The formal trousers date back to the 15th century when they were made as individual pieces, one for each leg and were fastened with ties called points to a doublet at the waist. Gradually with the passage of time the pieces were joined first at the back then finally across the front. The funny part is that even though the pieces were joined into a single garment, trousers are referred to as a 'pair'. The full length trousers were introduced in Britain during the 19th century by the French. Actually it was made for the working class French people who wore them to differentiate themselves from aristocrats wearing highly stylized breeches. It became a fashion hit and soon crossed over to Britain.

In the shirts and trousers business another notable development was the adoption of denim wear. Today people irrespective of age come shopping for denims and these rugged trousers were first worn by sailors who used to travel between ports and countries, picking up different styles and taking the same to other parts of the world.