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LeatherIcon.com   Call 1-888-556-5257
One of the largest exporters of quality leather goods all over world and also selling its products in retail to many major U.S. department stores and theme parks. Products available for online shopping include include leather jackets, leather bombers, leather pants, leather bikers, leather motorcycle jackets, leather coats, leather skirts and other leather accessories. Visit the site for complete business information.
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http://www.rodeojackets.com/   (3623)

Leatherjackets.com   Call 323-987-1000
Company having warehouse located in the greatest Los Angeles area in Glassel Park and importing jackets from all over the world and export them to to North & South America. Also offer these products online including collection of leather jackets, handbags, and other accessories like belts, gloves, money holders and many more. Visit the site for complete information and details.
814 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065, USA
http://www.leatherjackets.com/   (3621)

Mens Jackets at Free Country   Call 212-719-4596
Looking for warm winter coats at a great value? Free Country manufactures quality winter coats that will keep you warm and won't break the bank. Visit freeCountry.com to view their line of stylish and affordable winter outerwear.
1071 Avenue of the Americas, 9th FL New York, NY 10018.
http://freecountry.com/categories/mens   (7354)

U S Authentic Mfg. Co.   Call 1-888-777-5433
Company from USA fully engaged in manufacturing leather clothing using the finest materials. Products features authentic-style flight jackets, stylist Suede and Leather Jackets Shirts, Pants, the Fireman's Jacket and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
11 Mt. Holly Rd. East, Katonah NY 10536 USA
http://www.flightjacket.com/   (3622)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Jackets Business

The term jacket is derived from the French term jaquette. It means a garment that is of hip or waist length and covers the upper portion of the body. People go for shopping these jackets clothing both for fashion purpose whereas in some cases for protective purposes. These garments came into existence during mid-nineteenth century. As generations passed there emerged lots and lots of varieties in the garment business. Some of the varieties include casual jackets, leather jackets, trench coats, winter jackets, men’s jackets and women jackets.

Men and women started shopping in retail these jackets for general purposes like party wear and also for protective purposes like protection against rains and snow. This made the jackets clothing business reach skies during the past years. This trend is continuing even now and more efforts are being done by the designers to make this business more fruitful. A countries economy also depends on the marketing of these jackets. Women and men of younger ages prefer shopping embroidery jackets rather than casual jackets as they add both style and protection to them.

This increase of shopping among all generation people led to a drastic increase in the retail market and many employing opportunities. During the year 2002 there were 190,550 units of employs all over the country working for this clothing business whereas these statistics rose to 690,220 units for the year 2007 and this increase is going on. The data collected from the retailers of jackets business states that shopping for children products are more when compared to elder men and women products. The following is a data collected from the survey of retailers during 2002 and 2007. This shows the craze for men, women and children jackets during 2002 and 2007. For the year 2002, men jackets had a share of 17.6% in the clothing market whereas this increased to 24.6% by the year 2007. In the same way women jackets business had a share of 16.3% during 2002 and it rose to 22.2% during 2007. It is followed by children jackets business with a share of 23.0% during 2002 and it rose to 35.2% by the year 2007.

The top 10 retailers of jackets business accounted to 85.9% in the value market for the year 2002 and this was assumed that it will reach till 90.0% of value market by 2007. This increase in the shares of this business among countries net profit made the manufacturers search for shopping the best quality materials. The search for skilled workers is also increased all over the world and this made the job opportunities shower on people of different generations. Women have more opportunities in this field as the manufacturers need them for sewing the clothes and designing many new models.

Children are mostly concentrating on the shopping of fancy jackets and this made this retail business a fruitful one. Due to the improvements in the production of this type of clothing, the business of people supplying raw materials like leather, wool, silk and other materials for the manufacturers also increased to a drastic rate. Due to the countries like China which sell these products at cheap prices, the net profit of this business in other countries is being reduced. But the minds of public are getting changed and they are least preferring shopping of those china products. The inflation and deflation of clothing market in UK during the period of 1997 to 2007 shows that during 1997 it had an inflation of 4.4% and deflation of 1.6%. These statistics for the year 2001are, the inflation rates changed to 5.4% whereas the deflation rates changed to -4.5%. And for the year 2007 the inflation rates changed to 5.5% and the deflation rate changed to -1.7%. According to the report of 2008, this business brings $3,674.9 million revenue to the world. The gross product of this industry is calculated to $2,024.7 million. The wages for people working in this industry is also raised and the total wages of are approximated as $834.9 million.

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