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Brightfeet Lighted Slippers let you see in the dark. No more tripping over objects or running into things not easily seen in the dark. Ideal for night trips to bathroom, kitchen or kid's room! Easily find flashlights in power outage. Perfect gift. Visit site for more business information and details.
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Company offering online shopping with checkout process which is quick, safe, and secure for products like mens slippers, womens slippers, kids slippers, socks, flip flops, booties and much more.
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Slippers are also called as houseshoe. It is a casual type of footwear worn inside the house; generally it is light weight and soft. The word slipper originated from the English word slip which is derived from the understanding that it`s some kind of footwear which is lipped onto the foot. Slippers are essential commodity for many families.

In cold countries such as Russia, England, USA, etc slippers or slipper shoe is a must with socks. It helps in protecting the feet from cold and cold blisters. Houses where marble flooring is present it would be impossible to walk on them in winter because of which slippers are worn with socks. Poor countries in the world use slippers as regular footwear. In such countries where slippers substitute for regular footwear, opportunity for slippers business exists. In many parts of developing countries people in the country side still use slippers as their regular footwear clothing. In places where slippers substitute for regular footwear efficient marketing strategy with reach ability to interiors can drive good sales.

Slippers are poor man`s companion regarding footwear. They are easy to manufacture and can be priced according to the retail market. Slipper manufacturing industry does not require extensive labour. Automation has crept into the industry thereby giving competitive advantage to businesses which are implementing technology. Developed markets can gain advantage by implementing technology and producing for world wholesale and retail market. Developing markets can gain upper hand if they can implement technology and utilize labour effectively so that they can stand in the global competition. Technology might be a bit costly but there are certain advantages to that basing on the fact that it can give long term capital gains. Retail shopping pattern will make you knowledgeable about competitors and their various strategies.

Pricing is another important very important factor which determines the sales. There exists a pricing difference between developed and developing markets. Export opportunities exist for developing countries. China has leading edge in manufacturing general use goods and is the leader in exporting goods to developed markets. Developed markets on other hand can mix their portfolio efficiently so that they can stay competitive in the market. There might be import and export restrictions on your product please contact your customs broker. Shopping of slippers in retail will give you a real time update about the latest market dynamics.

Design, material used, comfort, availability in different sizes, etc are some of the factors which can improve sales of your product. Considerable knowledge about slippers can be gained by shopping at various different locations. A visit to the manufacturing industry will make you aware of the required space for the set up, machinery required, labour, power costs, etc. Shopping in retail will keep you updated about pricing of various products.

There are various verticals in slippers business such as marketing, distribution, retailing, speciality retailing, retail warehousing, manufacturing, manufacturing contracts, etc. Approach is different for these verticals. If you are into manufacturing then you need to think about retailing the end product which is slipper to the general market. Your business depends upon the efficiency of the retailer and his business initiative. There are various large departmental stores and malls which stock slippers in bulk quantity (Wal-Mart, Coles, Woolworth, etc) and the flow of traffic to these shops is also considerably large. These departmental store slippers in bulk quantities and they demand a considerable share of profit margins. If you are into distribution of slippers then make sure that you have considerable percentage of the price. Distribution involves transporting, stocking, etc. This is a labour and capital intensive business. Deficiencies in marketing and pricing of your competitors can be known by shopping of slippers at different malls.

There are various avenues to obtain finances for slippers footwerar and clothing business. Banks and financial institutions provide loans to small scale industries like slippers business. Good project report may help you in obtaining finances for your business.

Slippers are made out of various different materials such as rubber, leather, soft leather, felt, terry cloth, etc. Generally there are various different varieties of slippers based on preference. There are various different kinds of slippers which people use based on the work which they do. There are many consultants who can provide you information. Government agencies also provide you information.

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