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UK based company known for their under the high street price shoes with thousands of satisfied customers from all over world. Offer extensive ranges for top name brands Crocs, Dr. Martens, Timberland boots, Ugg Australia, Rocket Dog, Caterpiller, Nanny state and much more. Visit the site for online shopping with peace in mind for secured shopping experience.
110-114 Corporation Street, Birmingham, UK, B4 6SX   (2752)

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Jildor Shoes  Call Toll Free: 1 877 569 4880
Jildor Shoes is an e-tailer, as well as a retailer of fine footwear for women making online shopping experience exciting and rewarding. Products for sale include in different designer brand such as Christian Lacroix, Claudia Ciuti, Chinese Laundry, Chloe, Chooka Boots, Chooka Boots for Kids, Cole Haan Women's, Converse Women's etc. Visit the site for more information and details.
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Well established company known for its capability to provide one of the best online shopping experience for all kinds of shoes in wide variety and brands including Nike WMNS DUNK LOW, Vans CLASSIC SLIP ON, Converse ALL STAR HI PATENT, Adidas ZX600, Onitsuka Tiger MEXICO 66 and more brands. Go to site for further details.
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Offer a wide collection of shoes and other footwear in different brands and in different styles, colors and sizes for men, women and children. Products include smart shoes, trainer shoes, Sturdy, smart boots for formal occasions, wide selection of lace-up shoes and much more. Give a look to site for more details and to shop online.
Catherine House, Northminster Business Park, Northfield Lane, Upper Poppleton, YORK, YO26 6QU   (2753)

Shoefest Women's Shoes  Call 1-801-730-0952
Offer one of the large selections of Italian stiletto shoes and comfortable sexy shoes. Visit the site for online shopping.
SHOEFEST®.COM , P.O. BOX 11432, GLENDALE, AZ 85318   (5814) Ltd  Call +44 0161 941 2802
Reputed online store for all kinds of footwear and specializing in shoes for every person whether male or female and small or big in different brands including Sebago, Lotus, Peter Werth, Firetrap, Azor, United Nude, terra plana, kangaroos, Bronx, Cat, Caterpillar, Firetrap, Fly London, Hush Puppies, Sugar, Rocket Dog and many more. Visit the site for further information and details and online shopping.
PO Box 113, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3WN   (2757)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Shoes Footwear Business

Shoes are used for multiple purposes today. It is not only a shield which protects your foot from dangers and harms but also helps you in lifting your performance in sports event like athletics, football, hockey, cricket, rugby etc. There are also shoes which are mainly designed for this purpose and the trend for online shopping has also grown to a great extent. Producing and selling these shoes wholesale and retail is a fantastic business which will generate immense profit as the demand for shoes and other footwear will never go down. This business will subsist till the human race exists in this world.

There are a lot of machines which are involved in the production of shoes. Some of the machines are outsole stitcher, puritan stitcher, sewing machine, staple side lasting machine, lockstitch machine, eyeleting machine, skiving machine etc. For starting even a small production unit, all these machines are very much necessary. Initially for producing 100 shoes a day about 15-20 workers will be needed. Departments such as sewing, cutting, stitching etc. should be created and the employees should be assigned work accordingly. This will help you in the increase of production which will finally boost your turnover. This should be the aim of not only shoes business but any other footwear business offering retail shopping of these products.

While shopping shoes customers will consider a lot of criteria. Let us now see some of the criteria that the customers are looking for. Majority of the customers look for style. They want their shoes to look unique. Regardless of style, comfort is much more important. A research has said that more than 12% of shopping is done by sports people. These people mainly look for comfort rather than style. Athletes expect their footwear to provide grip so that they can perform well in the game. During the time of wet conditions grip in the shoe is very important to increase the pace. While running foot flexes and absorbs the shock on the body by hitting a hard surface. The design of the shoe should help in protecting the foot from these harms.

The games such as football, cricket and rugby are played in grass floor. In this case spikes can be used to cope up with the intensity of the game. These games are often played in hot conditions. So the materials used in the production of sports shoes should be heat bearing.

While producing or selling footwear understanding the style which is preferred by the buyer is also very important. But the people who ware shoes for comfort will not look for style as said earlier. However the people who look for comfortable shoes (excluding sports people) are less. Updating your showroom with latest design will make the customers to do shopping with your business. Every consumer will look for fashionable and hard-wearing products. They need the best one. It is the duty of a businessman to fulfill their customers. Executing this duty properly will earn you a lot of fame and profit in shoes and other footwear business.

The next important thing which should be given due importance in shoes business is maintain your customers. It is a fact that maintaining existing customers is more difficult than catching new customers. This fact is very much appropriate in the case of shoes business. According to a research more than 60% shopping in shoes business are done by existing customers. The customers will not do business with you if your business is not satisfactory. You should provide discounts for customers who do regular business with you. This is a way to show you differently from your rivals. You should show your customers how important they are to your business. A study has proved that about 40-50 percent of the customers leave a business only because of this. In India footwear exports for the year 2003 boosted 55%. The total exports stood at Rs 2,973.11 crore. These stats prove that shoes business is an excellent profit generating business which has a good future too. To conclude, deciding to do shoes business (regardless of the kind you carry out retail, wholesale, manufacturing/production or export) is an excellent choice.

Another Guide By Mohit

It’s early in the morning and you are going out for a walk or its time when you are leaving for the office or it could be that you are going to play a game of football in the neighborhood. Be it jogging, walking or playing a sport you need good footwear that will take care of your feet and also prevent your feet getting moist. We all wear shoes, different shoes for different purpose. You need soccer shoes to play soccer, jogging shoes for jogging and formal shoes when going to your work place. If you do not have a particular kind of shoes that you need then you will in all probability visit a retail shoe store to do shopping for your footwear needs. The retail shoes business caters to all people who need to do shopping for shoes of all kinds and types.

Shoe are made using different kinds of material while the most popular material for making shoes is foam and leather there are other products too that are used for making shoes. With so many shoes being sold everyday you might be thinking that you too could be successful doing a shoes retail business. If you think so and are looking for tips and ideas on how to do a shoes retail business then this article is for you. In this article we have a look at the different business models of a retail shoes and footwear business. People generally find a retail shoes and footwear store the best place to do shopping for footwear because at a retail store they can try a variety of shoes. People also need check whether or not the footwear is fitting them properly, whether they like the design, whether the footwear clothing they are shopping for is comfortable, is the sole of the footwear of good quality etc. All this can be ascertained only by visiting a retail shoes and footwear store.

For your retail shoe business you will first require a retail space from where you will be selling all your footwear products. The retail store need not be in a large mall or a shopping center but it should be located at a place that is a shopping area frequented by people doing shopping. A footwear store does not large space like a computer hardware store so an 800 sq ft of area should be enough. The most important aspect of any business is it products. You need good shoes and footwear for your retail store because whatever the size of your shop maybe people are after all going to do shopping for footwear and not anything else at your store. Actually before you do anything about looking for store space and setting up a footwear store you actually need to search for shoes and footwear suppliers and manufacturers. Search the internet, search online business directories and scroll through yellow pages to look for shoes and footwear suppliers and manufacturers.

Create a list and contact each of them if possible by email, wait for their response and once you have their response communicate swiftly by asking for samples of the products and a price list of each of their products especially shoes as that is what you are looking to sell primarily. Check their products with the products in the market and also compare the products amongst the different suppliers so you will know which shoes and footwear are the best. Also it would be a good idea to test the products in the market by the way of sampling. Ask a group of people shopping for shoes to try your products and then a week later contact them to know what they think about the shoes. Give each person a different pair of shoes or footwear belonging to a different manufacturer or supplies. Work only with those people whose shoes are given the best reviews by the people you used for sampling.

Another business model for a retail shoes and footwear business can be that of retail marketing of shoes and footwear. This business model can be compared to a suppliers business but many times it happens that certain suppliers cannot cover large market requirements as they have other business commitments to look after. For this reason they will appoint retail marketing business that will simply supply shoes and footwear to retail stores. People who want to do shopping for shoes usually visit a retail store and do their shopping, once the product or a particular shoes size is out of stock retail store owners call the retail marketing business owner and ask them to send the goods which are nearing an end or are out of stock. The supplier will pay you an incentive or commission on sales or give you a margin on sales of each product. The more you sell the more you earn.

Shoes fabrication business experience by Sandeep Sharma in mast directory

After winding up my business of Desktop Publishing, I joined a leading shoe export firm in Agra – Virola Exports as computer incharge. This company was engaged in manufacture and export of men and ladies footwear of all types, including shoes slippers, sandals & boots. The company had three manufacturing units of its own. But it also got shoe uppers manufactured from different small fabricators.

Complete shoes making material like leather cutting, threads, accessories such as buttons, buckles etc. were provided to the fabricator, who in turn had to manufacture the given pairs of leather cutting into shoe uppers as per the sample approved by the buyer. My job profile also included communication with buyers via email and in person, so I started to gain knowledge about fabrication business. I came to know that this was a labor-based business, which had hardware requirement mainly in the form of sewing machines. Some other necessary hardware such as scissors, hammer, bodam etc. were also required.

I thought that it would be a good idea to set up a fabrication unit while working in the company, as I would have no problem in getting work. Also I had gained enough knowledge about the rates offered, labor wages, commissions given etc. So I set up my own fabrication business at my own old house which we had vacated earlier. This time I was cautious and went on to purchase a second hand unit of fabrication which was put up for sale by a known fabricator who was moving out of town due to some personal problems.

I purchased 7 machines along with all the “bardaana” (local term for all the accessories) for Rs. 35,000. Now the major point was of arranging the manpower. This I did by talking to various workers in my own factory, whose relatives were working either from their homes or in other fabrication houses. The main point in getting the manpower was the token money or “advance” which the “karigars” took before sitting at a new “thia” (place of work). This further required a working capital of Rs 25,000 for them as well as purchase of some other necessary articles such as rubber solution, latex liquid etc.

I managed to get 5 laborers initially and also got my first trial lot of 30 pairs of shoes. This meant that each labor had only one size set of 6 pairs to make. But for a start this was enough. The work was completed on time and was found satisfactory by the checking inspector. Then I got my second lot of 120 pairs. That lot was also passed and I began to get regular business from the factory. The production kept on rising and I was able to manage 250-300 pairs of shoes footwear uppers on a daily basis that earned me 2-3 rupees of commission per pair after deducting the wages and other expenses.

Than the place where my unit was situated was checked by the electricity department, they objected to the business operation on a household electricity connection and sealed the disconnected the existing connection. This put on hold all the work that was in hand and until and unless I took a commercial connection, I could not do any work. This caused the current lot that was under production to be given to another fabricator on my own risk, who ultimately could not complete it on time. Therefore the business shipment of that lot of 400 pairs got late and the buyer canceled the order. I was not only reprimanded at the factory but also had to return other incomplete lots that I had with me for production and was refused further business from the factory.

Further to add to my woes, the electricity department refused to give me a commercial connection at my unit. So, there was no option left but to close the unit and sell of the machines and other hardware. But this time I was lucky enough that I not only managed to get good value of my machines from another person in the same business but also got partial payment for the incomplete lot. So I almost broke even in this business.

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