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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Sandals Business

Sandals are increasingly becoming a fashion statement in developed and developing countries. They generally open footwear and are held in place by straps or thongs. There exist little distinction between sandals and other types of footwear. Sandals expose most of the foot and they are generally worn during summer season or in warmer climate. In old ages sandals were worn for comfort but the traditional ideologies since then have modified giving rise to a different type of footwear clothing which is trendy, savvy, fashion statement and most importantly designer statements. These sandals are worn by men and women alike.

Sandals are economical due to lower requirement of material in manufacturing of them. Sandals require lower amount of materials in manufacturing due to its basic concept which is open footwear. Sandals are much preferred in developed and developing world. There are various variants to sandals which may cost much higher than the average cost of sandals. Sandals also provide various opportunities in implementing design and creativity onto them. Shopping in retail of sandals footwear gives you real update about market dynamics.

People suffering from athlete’s foot tend to wear sandals because it provides the feet the required amount of air and flexibility. There are various designs available in the retail shopping market and an entrepreneur trying to enter into sandals business needs to keep himself updated about the latest designs, trends and technological advancements in the industry. This clothing industry is facing good growth potential due to its economical advantage and preference by the customers worldwide. Retail shopping will make you understand various marketing patterns. People usually shop footwear to match their clothing as well. So a business should provide lot of varities as clothing also comes in lot of varities.

This retail business can be called as seasonal because sales are higher during summer season and lower during winter season where the demand for closed shoes is popular.

Manufacturing of sandals requires labour. This business can be regarded as moderate labour intensive business. Automation has crept into this business but labour is required to attach the necessary thongs, straps, threads, etc. Constant changes to the design pattern, manufacturing style, etc a clear cut automation component cannot be created. There might be one such industrial product which can work with new updated designs (like automotive industry) but it would be too expensive for a small scale industry. One of the most interesting aspect of sandals footwear business is the usage of creativity.

Competitive edge is much more pronounced in developing markets due to availability of cheap and skilled labour readily. Manufacturing or production costs are also less in developing countries. There are other problems such as red tape, complex structure, import and export rules and regulations, tough financial standards, etc. Availability of technology is scarce in developing world. Added to this investment in technology is very low in developing world. Developed market has advantages of readily available finances, technology, support from governments regarding various initiatives, etc. One of the main bottlenecks for developed world is in labour charges and being competitive with products from developing world. China which is a leader in manufacturing industry is increasingly gaining competitive edge over its predecessors. Shopping in retail gives you real time update about the retail market competition and brands.

One of the most interesting aspects of this industry which is increasing sales is publicity and importance given by fashion clothing houses and designers. Ramp walk programs these days are increasingly giving importance to sandals in overall fashion. This is creating high end market opportunities. Some of the various materials used in manufacture of sandals are leather, wood, rubber, rope, fiber (specialized), rope, etc. A sandal may be of a flat bottom type or it may have a heal. There are different variants of a heal such as caligae, clog, geta, pattern, espadrilles, flip flop, saltwater sandals, zori, jipsin, t – bar sandals, fisherman sandals, jelly shoes, etc. Interestingly primitive human used to wear sandal and this interest has resurfaced again in this 20th century.

This is an unorganised sector in many countries. Any new player into this industry with huge capital and efficient marketing team may reap benefits. There are various verticals such as retail, marketing, distribution, import and exports, etc. Import and exports growth opportunities are higher in this industry. Finance availability will depend on your overall project report. Finance will be available for this industry but there are certain prerequisites such as efficient team, company formation, contracts, etc.

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