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The online ballroom dance shoes, salsa shoes and dancewear mega online shopping store!. Offer ballroom dance shoes, latin dance shoes, salsa dance shoes, tango shoes, and swing shoes to social and professional dancers. Visit the site for more products information and details.
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Feather Dance Shoes is an online ballroom dance shoe shopping store. Carrying hand crafted ballroom and latin dance shoes by the finest dance shoe manufacturers - Stephanie Dance Shoes and Go Go Dance Shoes. Dance shoes are perfect for ballroom, latin, salsa, swing, hustle, tango, and other types of dancing done on a wood floor. Visit the site for more products information.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Dance Shoes Business

Dance is a form of art which has lingered around since the time man has started socializing. And with ever increasing globalization various dance forms from across the globe has found its way into each and every community. With more emphasis on dance as arts and exercise, people have started investing in and shopping for various dance related products. One such product popular among the retail shopping customers is Dance Shoes footwear.

Dancing is a demanding activity, and dancers will demand high quality and high-performance dance shoes. Comfortable dance shoes can enhance the performance of a performer. Also dance footwear form an important part of the apparel and should be visually appealing as well.

To start with a dance shoes retail business first thing to keep in mind is to make sure you offer a great selection of styles, brands and sizes to fit the needs of every dancer. Dancers come in various size and age groups, right from kids to older people, so in order to utilize most shopping customers and to develop a name in the dance shoes business; you have to be very diverse with the shoe size that you keep. To make your dance footwear business successful you must have the knowledge of the various dance forms practices and also knowledge about various brands in the market needs to be studies. There are a variety of styles of shoes in each dance forms and you should be able to know and present it in front of the retail customer who has come to you for shopping. One more thing that you must know about is the desired fitting of a shoe for each dance form, which you will be perfect at over time and experience and as you will guide more and more customers who have come to you for shopping of dance shoes.

A dance shoe is not a commodity that one will go out for shopping every now and then, therefore you need to maintain productive business relationships with dance professional that have been into the dance field for a long time and have a lot of contacts in this field. You should also be in professional relationships with dance companies as they have specific requirements for various shows. You can also get inputs from such dance professional and dance companies on latest trends going on in the business. Such innovative ideas and dance footwear can attract many retail customers who go for shopping dance shoes. You can also expand your business by doing business with various dance schools as you can get orders in bulk from such dance schools. All you have to do is be in valuable terms with the school management and they can direct the students to your place for shopping. In turn you can offer discounts and also commission for the management.

You must also remember that dance shoes are just not about different styles of shoes for various dance forms. Dance shoes also act as a style product which enhances the performance and beauty of the performer and forms a part of the performerÂ’s apparel. Therefore, emerging style and innovative shoes can take your business forward by attracting most of the shopping customers.

To start a dance shoes retail business you must know about the various dance forms and their specific shoes.

  • Pointe shoes are designed for ballet dancing. They have a toe box and hardened sole and are secured by elastic straps and ribbons that are tied to dancerÂ’s ankles.
  • Ballet shoes are heel less slippers made of canvas and leather
  • Jazz shoes have a split sole and are secured to the foot by laces
  • Tango and flamenco shoes
  • Ballroom shoes have suede soles
  • Character shoes
  • Dance paws

Fitting dance shoes properly is imperative when selling dancing equipment. Shoes must be snug, yet comfortable. One mistake people make with ballet shoes is they get them too small. Uncomfortable shoes can cause serious problems for dancers, so make sure to take the time to provide a great fit. Your customers will appreciate the care you take and come back again for shopping.

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