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Rocky Boot/Rocky Brands, Inc.  Call 1-877-795-2410
The company is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occupational footwear. Products available for online shopping include Rocky Boots, Durango Boots, Dickies Footwear, Georgia Boots, SlipGrips, Lehigh Safety Shoes, Lehigh Outfitters and more.
39 E. Canal St., Nelsonville, Oh 45764, USA   (3712)

Soletrader  Call 01442 241431
Designers, fashion and casual shoes, boots, trainers and sandals from popular brands for sale online. Visit the site for complete details.
Twinmar House, Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7DX   (3713)

Ugg Bailey Button Boots  Call 01978 664871
Offer UGG boots (sometimes referred to as uggs or ug boots) which are a style of sheepskin boots that are very popular with female celebrities. Visit the site for online shopping.
Unit E, Bryn Business Centre, Bryn Lane, Wrexham, LL13 9UT   (4753)

UGG Boots UK  Call Not provided
Find discount ugg boots ,women ugg boots , kid's ugg boots, fast free shipping,no tax. Visit the site for online shopping.
25#, jichanglu, baiyun, 510000   (5453)

Ugg Boots Womens  Call 01744 730985
Offer Ugg boots which are possibly one of the most recognisable footwear brands in the world, and became instantly recognisable in 2000 at the start of the “Ugg Boom”. Visit the site for shopping in retail and for more products information and details.
12-16 Cotham Street, St Helens, WA10 1SA   (4754)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Boots Business

Right from the primitive age to the modern times man has continuously tried to protect his human body from various external and internal threats. While trying to protect his human body from external threats he invented a covering for his feet and legs as such like clothing. This primitive age concept got refined through centuries producing footwear which protects from harsh weathers, bad climate, accidents, chemicals, animals, etc. Imagining a life without footwear would be a nightmare for 20th century human beings.

Right from the day when we start walking to the last days of human life boots play a very important role. Boot footwear covers our foot, ankle, and at times it may protect the knee or even the hip. Heal provides stability to the person and it is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the boot. Boots are made up of leather, rubber and at times from synthetic materials. Footwear business can be well understood by shopping in retail for different brands.

Boots are classified according to their usage. There are different types of boots such as cowboy boots, army boots (again they are different for different countries), regular boots, riding boots, calfhigh leather boots with stiletto, motorcycle boots, elastic boots, etc. Wader’s boots are a specialized kind of boots worn by anglers which end at the hip level. There are boots which are waterproof and are independent of weather conditions. Some of the boots sold in retail market provide warmth and comfort to the wearer and there are other boots which are waterproof and they are also sold along with waterproof clothing. There are various other types of boots in the market which you need to explore. Boots are prepared according to the climatic conditions of the country, usage, terrain patterns, etc.

There are various types of boots according to the forms, styles, sport capability, work and brands. Basically there are four different forms of boots Hip boots, Knee – high boots, Thigh – high boots and wedge boots. Different styles of boots are Chelsea, dress, Cowboy, Go – go, Hessian, Mukluks, Rigger, Wellington, Valenky, etc. There are various types of work boots such as Australian boots, Combat boots, cowboy boots, Gumboots, Logger boots, Rigger boots, Shearers moccasins, steel toe and tanker boots. In combat boots footwear there are various sub categories such as Hobnail, jump, jungle, cold weather and jack boots. Footwear should be shopped from lower to higher price.

Footwear clothing retail business is best understood by buying the boot and knowing the various intricacies in it. Customer service people in shopping centres provide real time knowledge and information about boots business. Shopping of boots from different retail stores provides an accurate picture of the boots business in the area. It is also beneficial to visit the place of manufacturing for real time knowledge about the process of manufacturing and distributing boots. Business case studies offer insight into the working of the business. Governments around the world have knowledge centres which can provide information on the particulars of the business. Consultants specializing in boots business may be able to provide you contacts and establish your business.

There are various verticals to boot business such as distribution, marketing, transport and logistics management (Ex: -think about managing NIKE distribution centre), retail outlets, etc. Opportunities are plenty as the type and usage of boots change every year.

If you are into manufacturing of boots then strongly consider design aspect of your models. Design aspect of boots is very important as it can provide you a considerable market. Many famous companies in boots footwear business have established their mark primarily because of design. Custom manufacturing is also another important and hard vertical. If you are planning to manufacture boots for defence forces then you need to have appropriate certification and years of manufacturing experience. Custom manufacturing of boots for sports stars is also capital intensive business because of huge amount of money spend on R&D.

Finance can be available if you have a tie up with large retail stores or leading foot wear manufacturing companies. Multinational companies outsource manufacturing contracts which provide a steady stream of profitability (depends); securing finance over those contracts is relatively easy. Almost all banks and financial institutions may provide capital but it all depends upon your project report and tie ups.

How to do boots business? More Information

Boots business is a business that can be categorized under the shoes and footwear business. Boots business is more or less similar to selling shoes and footwear and people who would like to do boots shopping can find boots at shops and retail stores where all kinds of footwear is sold. Boots are thought to be fashionable footwear while in some places wearing boots is necessity. There are many kinds of boots that one can find in the market, some of the boots usually found are gum boots (used in places where there is incessant rains, industrial boots, combat boots, motorcycle boots, hiking boots etc. People love to do boots and footwear shopping and this presents people looking to start a footwear business with an excellent opportunity to make a living from.

In this article we discuss the different business models one can opt for as part of one’s efforts to start a boots business. You can start your boots business by opening a shoe and footwear retail store. There is not much capital investment that is needed to start such a business. What is needed is a retail space where you will carry your business; you need to see that the retail store is located at a place where you can expect brisk to good retail business. Retail space in the heart of the city or in a shopping mall can be very expensive so if you cannot afford such a property you can search for retail property in some other prime business location. You will need to maintain stocks of boots, various sizes, different styles, for men and women and colors. There are many shoes and footwear manufacturers from whom you can purchase pairs of boots which you will ultimately sell at your store. Certainly it’s the first time you will be selling boots, shoes and other footwear so it will be good if you will first research about what are the boots that people prefer to do shopping for.

You will also like to understand how to differentiate between genuine leather boots and boots made from other material and fabrics. It will not be too smart on your part that you make purchases without knowing that the boots you are purchasing is genuine leather or not. There are some other formalities that you need to complete before your boots business can become fully operational. You would need to apply for a business license; a business license grants you the permission and approval to carry out business activities under the registered business name, address and business type. Some of the other business activities that you will need to undertake is that of promoting you shoe and footwear business. Unless people are aware of your business they will not be able to do boots, shoes and other footwear shopping at your store. You can start by giving an advertisement in the newspaper informing people of your new startup.

The other business format that you can choose for your boots business is that of an online boots selling website. There are many benefits of an online shoes store that sells all kinds of footwear including boots. The cost of starting your own website is very less as compared to even renting a retail property space. With a sum of more or less $500 you can purchase a domain name of your choice. Be sure that the name of your website one that people can easily associate with selling shoes and footwear in retail. The $500 can be used towards designing the website, website development, putting content on the website, adding pictures of the footwear to be sold and creating an entire catalogue of boots that people and visitors would love to do shopping for. Another important aspect of your website would be to have a shopping cart and a payment gateway so that visitors can make a payment with their credit cards and complete the shopping for their most liked products.

If you would like a business model that’s more towards a large scale business then you can opt for a boots and shoes marketing and trading business. There many boots manufacturers who do not have the financial resources to market and create a brand presence for their own products. In that case people who are willing to invest money will approach such manufacturers and will ask them to produce boots with a registered brand name they own. Once the products have been created from the manufacturing line the brand owner will aggressively market and sell the boots in the marketplace. But with such a business model advertising and marketing the products is very crucial.

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