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Buy Cheap Retro Trainers From Street101   Call 0845 65 22 101
UK based online footwear store selling in brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Timberland and Converse, and range across casuals, sports shoes, men's, women's and those hard to get rare and exclusives.
Volante UK Ltd., Unit 1B High Cross Centre, Fountayne Road,London, N15 4QL   (5020)

Custom Trainers   Call 01914 274 744
MES Custom Footwear is an online shoe retailer that lets you design your own trainers, including the ability to upload your favourite pics.
329, Tedco Business Works, Henry Robson Way, South Shields, NE33 1RF   (6901)

Galaxy Sports : New Balance Trainers   Call 020 8807 4040
Browse and buy leading brand footwear on the Galaxy Sports website. Also do online shopping for all popular brands.
Galaxy Sports (UK) Ltd, Head office, Unit 3, Edmonton Trade Park, Edmonton, London, N18 3AH   (6061)

Mens Plimsolls And Trainers   Call +44 (0) 113 244 1345
UK based clothing retailer Reem supply a variety of designer mens plimsolls and trainers. For quality mens footwear visit Reem.
Studio 269, 57 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3AJ, UK   (6107)

Merrell Shoes   Call 0800 88 20 13
Offer shoes, boots and sandals in the popular brand name called Merrell. Visit the site for more details.
2 Rerewai Place, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga 3116, New Zealand   (7021)

Nike Running Shoes   Call 0333 1234 222
Buy running shoes online for men, women and children in different popular brands such as Nike, Brooks, Asics and more.
Online only   (7004)   Call 3148543682
An ecommerce shoe retailer, sells name-brand bags and footwear styles for men, women and kids. Part of Brown Shoe Company, Inc., specializes in both fashionable and comfort-oriented shoes, boots, sandals and athletics. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business information.
8300 Maryland Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105   (4395)

Sprint Spikes   Call 0121 745 6007
Online retail store from UK for sports shoes in different high class brands such as Nike, Adidas and more.
64 Stratford Rd Shirley Solihul B90 3LP   (7003)

Timberland Boots   Call 0800 1488 700
The company stock Footwear of the Timberland brand and sell them at reasonable prices. Quality of the product assured.
Unit A3 Dominion Way, Rustington Trading Estate, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 3HQ, United Kingdom   (7020)

Wide Footwear : Wide Fit Shoes   Call 0208 907 1742
UK located company offering wide footwear online and specialist in wide fitting shoes and shoes for swollen feet. Visit the site for more business information and online shopping in retail.
33 Kenton park parade, Kenton, harrow, ha3 8dn, UK   (4859)

Business Information: A Comprehensive Guide To Footwear Business

Dealing in footwear accessories could be very interesting and challenging at the same time. If you talk about footwear they were introduced as essentials but now calling them bare essentials would be underestimating its business scale. People are shopping for distinct footwear heeding different events like casual, formal, shoes, floaters and sports wear clothing. Footwear industry like clothing industry has developed from status of rudiments to fancy accessories yet reining the fashion industry at the same time. We entitle it interesting because you find clientage as trends change almost every season and challenging because it is truly difficult to manage retail shopping demands and changes moving in and out like monsoon rains. Now the question is what footwear business is all about?

Footwear has become a styling statement for people and designers too have understood this. Hence lots of industries crafting clothing, accessories and furnishings have also developed footwear units. This specifically holds true for fashion houses that need matching stilettos or embroidered patterns with ensembles. Well, then getting into footwear business could be designing, re-sourcing and distributing footwear to retailers.

Now proceeding with our discussion your investment would substantially rely on sort of business you choose to invest. For instance if you find amid the crowd women spend most of their time shopping on party footwear, then you can concentrate on women collection. Here your key investment as per your business plan would be most of women footwear ranging from casual slippers to thin accessorized heels.

There are three aspects to footwear and clothing business- manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling. We shall discuss these aspects one by one and details related with them appropriately to offer you better guidance. Let’s start with manufacturing as that would include any active industry that deals in making souls, heels, sportswear springs and shoes to sell in retail. If you wish to start a manufacturing unit it would require an industry set up, investment in machinery and brand name. As people are becoming more conscious of quality and prefer shopping brands it is truly not an easy job to institute brand and compete with big footwear industries that already have an established name and industry. Despite this fact if you still have knowledge about a part of footwear that is in demand like floater soul you could invest in to earn profits.

Similarly wholesale and retail business has their own requisites but you would only have to find low cost resources to manage cheap investment. In retail one needs a proper designed area with fancy décor to display stock. For instance if you take space on rent then one can easily take up franchise for an established brand like Nike, Puma etc. and start this business. Now another vital concern at this time would be what kind of stock should one invest in? We would suggest starting with reasonable range and only adding expensive stocks on demand. Other than casual footwear you have other industries like customized shoe making, sports and dielectric footwear and you can also deal with clothing matching the footwear.

In customized footwear one usually deals with patients. This implies catering to people who have problem with regular footwear and require specific design for their comfort. Dielectric footwear might not be a common name yet electric utility companies have been shopping for them to protect their workers from touch and step voltage. Approaching to the last hint we are all familiar with sports clothing and footwear that is quite an industry and any business related with it usually get good response whether it is football studs, cricket studs or runners. Consequently we can say footwear business is an enormous industry with wide choices and scope for all kind of investors. If footwear business is stern investment then next time you move out shopping, observe what could most profitable for the business.

Every person in this world wears some or other kind of clothing and footwear. One cannot imagine going outdoors without wearing any kind of shoes or boots. Most people are judged by the kind of shoes they are wearing. Shoes give some kind of reflection of our personality. It also helps in giving body the right posture and balance while walking. People of all the ages use shoes. From little child to an old age person requires feet to be protected. We find people shopping for various kinds of shoes very often. The different types are mainly for men, women, kids, school and sports. So if you are going for a retail business related to this it would be very wise decision.

There are many types of footwear required by the customer as per their requirement. Men prefer mostly formal shoes. Formal shoes are mostly available in leathers. Leather shoes have very nice resistance on any impact. A nice shiny shoe makes a great impression of the person wearing it. Slip-ons and lace-ups are the two categories of Formal men’s shoes. Most formal shoes are worn in some corporate events and meetings, party, marriage while less formal shoes are used while going to funeral or mourning. People prefer shopping for shoes where they find large range of design, latest styles and all sizes available. So one will have to consider these facts if one have to start a footwear business.

Women love to keep a collection of shoes. They buy shoes according to the position they hold. Women can be a housewife, mother, nurse, businesswomen, professor, sportsperson, washwoman and many others. She has so many responsibilities on her. This makes it natural to have different types of collection for shoes and boots. They usually prefer casual shoes which can go with any kind of everyday outfits. There is also footwear available for brides. To keep these all ranges of women footwear is very necessary if one wants to start a retail business in footwear. A woman coming for shopping likes to see different types of shoes available.

Kids shoes are also very much in demand. Kids grow very fast. Hence they require changing the size of their shoes very often. They also use it roughly while playing making the shoe to be worn out much earlier. Considering these facts one should have a vast variety of shoes for children. Velcro fasteners are preferred mostly as children are not comfortable to tie shoelace. Sandals and sports shoes are also one of the favorites. Parents also do shopping for infant shoes. It’s the first shoe of a child who has just learned to start walking. Keeping all these points in consideration will be very helpful for those starting business in footwear.

There are also many points to be considered while starting this business. One has to be aware what size might be comfortable for the customers. Kid’s shoes must have at least half an inch of space available in the front side of the shoe. Consider the occasion for which the customer requires a new shoes. Most prefer shoes that are more flexible. Shock absorption and cushioning are required for those buying sports shoes. Running shoes are more usually larger than the feet size. Always allow the customer for a test jog or walk wearing the selected shoes. Customer finds it convenient for shopping if the salespersons are aware about the facts of the shoes.

These above different types of footwear are required to be kept if one has to start a retail business in footwear. Different sizes, shapes, colors, make are to be made available for the customer. Salesperson should be knowledgeable so that he can handle the customer. If possible try to keep different branded company. Make shopping for the customer comfortable as much as you can. Also try to find the quantity orders from corporate. They usually require safety shoes and boots for their workers. One has to do a regular market survey in order to gain more and more business.

Discounts on various kinds of footwear also can be given to attract retail customers. There are many occasions for which discounts can be given. Many people prefer to buy new pairs of shoes during festival time. Also when there are wedding seasons women look for a nice pair of footwear. These are the time when people prefer for shopping new footwear. If discounts are given during these periods profit can be gained from the business.

Always prefer to buy shoes for starting a footwear retail business from the manufacturer or the main distributors in your area. This will give you a nice profit margin in your business. There are many distributors that give discounts on quantity purchased and immediate payments. Depending on these discounts one can pass these to the customers making them attract for shopping. This will make you well ahead from your competitors.

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