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Curtain Call Costumes  Call 1-888-808-0801
The company provides with dance recital costumes for both student and professional dancers. From tap to jazz and ballet, the company have professionally designed costumes clothing for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Visit the site for more information and details.
333 East Seventh Ave. P.O. Box 20879 York, PA 17402, USA   (4451)

Kellé Company  Call Toll Free: 800.707.8333
Offer highest quality dance recital and competition costumes from the leading designer with hundreds of great costumes and dancewear for jazz, tap, lyrical, ballet, kids, men, hip hop and dance line. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business information and details.
4929 Boone Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428, USA   (4450)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Dance Costumes Business Information And Guide

Dance has always been identified as the oldest form of art to rejoice ourselves and also to entertain all of us. As we have evolved so has our style of dance. But with us came different types if dance forms. So collectively all over the world there are hundred of old and new dance forms, some yet evolving. All these dance forms have different styles, different moods and obviously different dance costumes. And with the dance forms is associated the different costumes or clothing used for the dance.

To start a dance costume retail or wholesale business you must first consider the location where you are going to start your business. Be it manufacturing, wholesaling or retailing – you have to consider the different dance forms that take place in your location, the tradition of the place as well as the different types of clothing used for all those dance forms. So the choice of the location is the foremost.

If you want to start as a manufacturer, you need to set up a work place where you can start working. You can hire employees and workers who can help you out in achieving this. Make sure you have prior experience or basic knowledge of various clothing type as well as the general shopping patterns for a particular clothing material. If you are manufacturing make sure you also hire good designers who have experience in designing dance costumes. Your dance costume business totally depends on the creativity of your designers and the quality of your workers. If you can handle them both you can get your clothing to the retail shopping customer without any doubt. All you have to do is to find a way to take your product to the outlets. You can do this by forming a marketing team inside your organization which can take up this responsibility. At the beginning of your dance costume business make sure you somehow try to collect the feedbacks of the shopping customers about your clothing or if you can record the shopping patters. This will help you strategize better for your business in the future and you can vary your manufacturing output accordingly.

If you are thinking of starting your dance costume business as a retailer you have to first look for a location where you can start with it. You must have contacts with different wholesalers who can get you the clothing from different manufacturers. Advertising for this business is very important as this is not a regular daily use product business. You must handout brochures and visiting cards to people related to the dance field. You can also advertise in various dance schools and at other professional dance studios.

Another way to start your dance costume business is through the internet. The online business does not have a boundary and you can provide your clothing anywhere. You can do this even if you are a manufacturer of dance costumes. Set up a website online and do business through it. Customers should be able to photographs of different costume and if they happen to like it, they should be able to order through the online retail shopping system. Your website must support such online shopping through the shopping cart system. Your online dance costume business should have costumes of all sizes so as to satisfy all the customers. Also all the dance forms should be covered as your customer can be from anywhere and can be associated with any kind of dance form.

One more important thing to do is to make sure that your site is rated high at search engines like google. The higher your site is rated, better your business prospects are. You can also take help from certain search engine optimization (SEO) companies. You might have to pay them a little but it is worth it because it will definitely reflect on your sales and business profits. A shopping cart system will ensure advanced payment for the products, hence will further reduce your own investment into the business.

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