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The textile industry has seen a phase of revolution in the last two decades. Many new variety of clothing material have come into the shopping market. There were days when only the natural and basic types of costumes and clothing material were available. It mainly included cotton. The business has witnessed a huge change in not only the material but also the style and pattern of clothes whether for child or adult.

Few decades back also the costumes were much simpler and sober in comparison to the current generation clothing. After the introduction of new technologies, chemical processes and equipments there has been an addition in the variety of clothing material like nylon, chiffon, rayon, tissue, crape, marble chiffon etc. More the number of clothing materials more are the variety of costumes in the business and shopping. Not only adults but also children have a wide range of costumes to choose from these days.

This business of child and adult costume is highly influenced by the fashion industry and the film industry. One can conveniently say that they are somewhat interlinked. The material and the clothing, design and pattern, style and color everything keeps fluctuating in the market. As and when the fashion changes the shopping trend also is influenced. People look for those clothes and patterns that are and were worn or exhibited by their favorite celebrities.

Copying or mimicking the style of dressing and costumes of movie actors and stars is not a new trend. Even about two decades back people used to copy the clothing pattern of the stars from the silver screen to gain popularity and be known amongst their social circle. Almost all adults go shopping for clothes which are in fashion. Now-a-days people not only are conscious about what they are wearing but also what they buying for their children. All these factors are kept in mind by the companies in this business to use it as a marketing tool.

Huge shopping malls and well known brands in the business have taken advantage of this everlasting clothing desire. They have now made shopping clothes for children also a major fashion based activity. They offer colorful and specific print costume for kids. These include their favorite cartoon character or simply baby prints with lighter and lovely shades of color to make the children look adorable. Adults who are parents ensure the latest look for their kids too. So the companies into this business follow the trends and demands of the toddlers as well.

Another important aspect in the clothing business is the influence of the western and developed countries on the developing nations. The costumes of western style have become equally famous in countries like India along with their traditional clothes whether one is talking about adults or child clothing. As a result of many such influential factors many foreign brands in the international market are making an evident and strong position for themselves in the Indian market and business. This is indirectly affecting the local brands since now people prefer shopping for international brands instead.

There are many celebrities and stars, who do their complete shopping of costumes from abroad. This has a very serious damaging impact on the Indian and local market and business of clothing material. The prices of the international brands are shooting high ant yet are more popular and in demand. Sometimes the reason behind this is the quality of the material. Specially choosing clothes for children one has to be very particular about the type of cloth. It should not have any effect on the skin of the child. It should be suiting the sensitivity of the skin. Even in adults some people have very sensitive skin which needs to be taken care of. So the customer in such cases looks for particular type of material.

Child and adult costumes business has been one of the biggest and most happening in the market. The more one goes with the changing times and fashion, the more is the chances of survival and flourishing in this clothing business.

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