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Buck and Buck, Inc.   Call 1-800-458-0600
Offer comfortable and easily dressed adaptive clothing for home health care and nursing home residents. Products include wheelchair accessories, Arthritis, Parkinsons and much more. Visit the site for online shopping.
3111 27th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144-6502   (3703)

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Often we forget about the less privileged persons of our society. They have special requirements and we as humans need to attend those requirements. In doing so companies came out with new clothing range for people with disabilities. Adaptive clothing business is a specialized form of business. Companies involved in the manufacture of adaptive clothing are fewer in number. Demand exists from the consumer side but due to lower number of manufacturing industries pricing is in favour of the manufacturer. This business needs thorough analysis of the requirements and creativity from the side of the business man. A business man trying to make his mark in adaptive clothing should also be aware of general textile manufacturing. He/She should be creative and passionate enough to design complex garment designs and patterns. Entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in adaptive clothing industry can obtain various grants, concessions and finances packages from state and central governments. Even certain not to profit companies also give out financial packages and may also order adaptive clothing from these manufacturers. Shopping in retail of adaptive clothing gives you insight into the business.

Adaptive clothing retail business should have online presence. Many large companies which are primarily brick and motor have set up their online presence. This setting up of online presence has opened them to world population rather confining them to their locality or area. It is easy to have online presence than offline presence. Online presence is much helpful because it can add to your net overall sales from worldwide customers who are looking for shopping in retail from different countries or regions.

Pricing is another crucial factor in this industry. This industry is intended to serve the less able group of our society. Pricing is affected by various factors such as retailer commission, distributor commission; labour costs, finance and various other factors also affect the overall pricing structure of the adaptive clothing business. Often adaptive clothing buyers are from not to profit organizations and charitable trusts. Not to profit organizations often give their own specifications and order quantities in bulk and for these organizations pricing structure should vary as they are valuable consumers. Retail shopping patterns from customers needs to be understood for efficient marketing.

Marketing should enlighten the people about the advantages in buying adaptive clothing rather than the normal clothing which is worn. Disabled people and their caretakers should understand the advantages of adaptive clothing over normal clothes. They are a bit costly but adaptive clothes give the disabled person his independence in wearing and removing clothing. Marketing of adaptive clothing can be done worldwide. Tie ups with marketing companies abroad will also open up doors for exports. Less able people in developed countries use adaptive clothing due to ready availability and cost structure. Marketing of adaptive clothing should reflect the shopping pattern of adaptive clothing.

People suffering with Alzheimer`s disease, edema, incontinence, stroke, etc need special clothing. Special clothing helps in giving control to the person wearing and the caretaker. Diseases such as Alzheimer`s causes the patient to behave abnormally at certain times such as disrobing the garment, etc. To avoid this rear end closure of the garment is provided which makes the process of disrobing difficult. There are various segments of adaptive clothing such as a custom built shoe, quick washable garments, dressing according to the affected part, etc which are now even sold over internet with online shopping of all retail products. Paralytic people often suffer the greatest from various different problems. They will not able to perform certain works because of which they need special adaptive clothing so that they can remain in control of their dressing than their caretaker. This is the similar case with patients suffering from stroke.

Finance can be available from various governmental and non governmental institutions. Charitable and not to profit organizations may also provide finances or monetary help to these industries. Adaptive clothing manufacturing is a part of small scale industries segment. It is a labour intensive industry with huge emphasis on marketing. Hospitals, charitable organizations, not to profit organizations, defence forces, etc are the major clients. Tax grants and concessions may be applicable to this business but it is very important to consult your chartered accountant for appropriate advice. There are plenty of export and import opportunities in this industry.

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