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  • Adaptive Clothing: This is special need clothing designed for people who are in older age and cannot dress themseleves and for people who are physically disabled. All manufacturing companies and retailers of adaptive clothing must submit their site in this category.
  • Costumes: These are special types of dresses designed for people who act and perform in theatre, film or on television. These are also worn by children for parties and fancy dress competitions. All sites related to costumes must be submitted in this category.
  • Dresses: There are different meaning of dresses in different countries. A dress usually consists of a skirt with an attached matching bodice which makes it a one piece garment. However in western countries a dress is considered to be an apparel for women or girls only. If you are selling dresses you can submit your site in this category.
  • Fire Resistant Clothing: As the name suggests this is special kind of clothing which protects you from fire. Once you wear fire resistant clothing fire cannot burn you even if you jump in fire. Submit your site in this category if you sell such clothing.
  • Footwear: This is type of clothing which is worn on a person's feet. Shoes, sandals, slippers and boots are good examples of footwear. If you are manufacturer or retailer of footwear consider submitting your website in this category.
  • Girls Clothing: All websites selling types of garments like skirts, gowns, bras, panties etc worn only by girls must be submitted in this category.
  • Jackets: A jacket is full sleeved garment worn on the body up to waist. People generally wear jackets to protect themselves from extreme cold or just for fashion. If you are selling different types of jackets like leather jackets, Chef's jacket, Blazer, Donkey jacket, Field jacket etc consider submitting your business website in this category.
  • Socks And Hosiery: There are some garments made by knitting methods and worn only on feet and legs such as socks, tights, pantyhose and leggings. If you are selling such products try and get a listing for your site in this hard to find category.
  • Lingerie: Lingerie is an undergarment worn by females only. Your site is eligible to be approved in this category if you provide online shopping of various branded and non branded designer lingerie.
  • Men's Wear: If you only sell men's clothing like men's trousers, shirts, suits, jackets etc than consider submitting your site in this category
  • Nightwear: Nightwear is a type of clothing which is worn while you sleep at night. If you are manufacturer or retailer of nightwear consider this category for your business website submission.
  • Promotional Clothing: Promotional clothing is only meant to promote company brand. A company logo is being printed on promotional clothing to distinguish it from other types of clothing. Such clothing is used for marketing and advertising. Take a listing in this category if you are specialist in promotional clothing like promotional t-shirts.
  • Shapewear
  • Sports Clothing
  • Sun Protective Clothing
  • Sweaters
  • Swimwear
  • Workwear
  • T-shirts
  • Uniforms
  • Women Clothing
  • Children Clothing
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Apparel Deals  Call (800) 566-2499
Online store from UK for wholesale clothing including tops, dresses, swimwear, handbags and other fashion accessories.
1155 S Boyle Ave, Los Angeles CA 90023, USA   (6935)

Barbour Jacket : Vanmildert  Call +44 (0) 844 967 1028
The Barbour Jacket website is filled with Barbour Jacket clothing and apparel. They also stock Firetrap, G Star Jeans, Henri Lloyd Jeans and Vivienne Westwood Jewellery. View hi-res images of each Barbour Jacket and place your order with the Barbour Jacket specialists.
Van Mildert, 9-15 Queens Square, Middlesbrough, TS2 1AA, England   (6009)

Dandreny Shearling Coats  Call 1(800) 564-4168
Custom made Shearling Coats, Jackets, Capes, and Bombers for men and women of all sizes. We handpick the highest quality lambskin and sheepskin pelts, then select or customize a design that will be made to fit.
Garment District of Manhattan   (5671)

Designer Clothing  Call 08448 709 999
UK based online retailer of British designer clothing in different high class brands. Visit the site for online shopping.
Online only   (6996)

Lole Women  Call 514-507-3907
Lolë's bold and beautiful activewear clothing for women. Quality outerwear and ladies apparel to match your active lifestyle. Shop now!
4075 rue St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W 2M7,   (7325)

Mainline Menswear Ltd.  Call 01723 379900
Shop online for mens designer clothes like Polo T-shirts, Henleys Chile Hoody, Adidas Originals Trefoil Hoody, C P Company Shirt, Adidas Cup 68 Trainers, Diesel Jerma Jacket, Diesel Koffha Jeans and more. Exclusive shopping.
10a Huntriss Row, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2EF   (73)

Mens Designer Clothes Online  Call 0845 544 0750
Dapper Men is a provider of top designer clothing, including brands such as Armani, Etienne Ozeki, Burburry, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Henri Lloyd, Diesel, G-Star, Energie, Adidas, Religion and more.
PO Box 463, SCARBOROUGH, North Yorkshire, YO11 9EQ   (5989)

Mens Jeans From  Call +44 (0)1670 591000
Discover and buy great denim jeans range from UK online store. Coming in a veriaty of sizes and fits including skinny, regular, bootcut, straight, comfort and regular. Visit the site for more business information and online retail shopping.
Officers Club 1979 Ltd., Bassington Avenue, Bassington Industrial Estate, Cramlington,Northumberland   (5911)

Organic Baby Clothes From Bamboo Baby   Call 0845 371 2358
Offer fashion led children and baby clothing collections which are beautifully designed and beautifully natural. Visit the site for more business information and online retail shopping.
Bamboo Baby Ltd, 281 Camberwell New Road, London, SE5 0TF, United Kingdom   (6342)  Call 00 44 (0)114 279 5585
Men's Designer Clothing featuring over 40 of the best brands in mens fashion clothing today. Sa-kis are Denim Specialists with a wide range of Designer Jeans with labels like Levi's, Prps, Wrangler and Diesel. Ltd,Unit 11, 3rd Floor,4 Orchard Square, Sheffield.   (5919)

A guide to Clothing Business

Retail Clothing Is Profitable At Any Turn

Ever since man has become cultured, he has never walked bare again. This phrase emphasizes the worth of clothing for people and moreover assured profits in clothing business. We would say people have become millionaires manufacturing and selling clothes. Well, there are several categories of clothes and one can indulge in according to his economic capacity. Hence we shall guide you begin this venture from scratch.

Are you planning to design your clothing? If you are a designer looking forward to take a break then you can begin from home. One can custom design for big events or celebrations but all that would come only with an established name. There could be another interesting way of getting through people is display your tagged clothing at retail stores so people can look and have easy access to your designs. With this sort of business you would be crafting qualitative clothing for specific clientage who believes in wearing unique attires. One should be prepared for low quantity and low profit in this business. However if one proposes a retail clothing outlet then your capacity would pool in your profits.

If you are interested in clothing business, you must do some groundwork. It would be good if you search for some wholesalers and cheap resources from where you can make your purchase to sell them at profitable margin. Apart from resources it would be wise to obtain knowledge and customer�s preference about the clothing they prefer to buy. After you have made up your mind look for a store to set up and sell your clothing. Just be careful to choose the place as it should be able to draw in maximum customers. Once you settle the bare essential of your venture its time to look for business enhancement section.

Instead of holding to all sorts of clothing it would be good to stick to specific genus like T-shirts, Jeans or formal clothing. And if you intend to hook all customers be generous with sizes. Try and keep plus sizes so that even odd sizes are met at your store. Try and build a good rapport with your customers as this will keep your store at first place in their list. Listen and cater to all complaints related to your clothing like exchanging for color fading or unfortunate shrinking as such. You can also offer special discount card to your client that entitles them to avail a particular discount on every visit. Be polite and advise the same to your staff as this sort of attitude relaxes customers so they could take their own time in making choice.

If you are selling clothes on a website, use links and other marketing tools to sell your clothes. Business is hot in sale period so offer fair discount in sale sessions so that you can get rid of your stock yet get respectable profit. The golden rule for clothing ventures is keeping an eye on youth. If you don�t wish to get neglected in the competition target young customers and keep updating your styles and designs according to changing trends.

The fact is that one can start this business in one category like maternity dresses, kid's garments or night wear with fewer budgets yet meet success. If you feel that you have potential to run clothing business and feel scared of risks, get assured that you can make use of opportunity on low scale too.

Another guide to retail clothing business by Victor Group From Romania

One of the most secured ways of succeeding in a business is by selling retail clothing. People will always be shopping for clothes and materials after one article from their wardrobe will become too old and out of fashion.

That's why the investment in the retail clothing industry could be viewed as a good business opportunity. One of the most important qualities that you should have in this case, besides good management skills, is patience. You will need to be very patient as the profit that your company can provide will be relative small in the first months of work. You will need first to know more about the people you will work with and to sign the right contracts with the right partners.

Making a market study will prove to be a very important detail when planning to succeed in the retail clothing business. Knowing where the clients that will prefer to buy from your products are located is a very powerful tool, as you can sell more articles in fewer days, making profits in the most efficient way with the fewer costs. The results of the market study can also be decisive in your company's future strategies. The general preferences will be a huge hint about which articles will people come shopping more and in consequence bring more profits for your retail clothing business.

Selling retail clothing on the internet will be the right thing to do if you want to have success in running this kind of business. Placing product offers on well known shopping sites will be both a money bringer method and a free of charge publicity campaign. When choosing this method of promoting and selling of your retail clothing products, you will need to be very careful about the models you will put to sell. Following global trends will replace the targeting system that you had used when selling your product locally. The design and the quality of your products will be the paths that you will have in mind when developing the course of your business.

Opening your own shop could be the right thing to do though, because there are still many people that will prefer to check the material and the work of your products before shopping for it. Also the confidence in buying products online is very small. People prefer in general shopping for retail clothing products with real cash, in the traditional way. Placing the store can prove to be a really hard task to do. Combining the task of finding the place where more customers will come with the correct price for renting the place where the shop will function is a job for the most skilled professionals and depends very much of the moment inspiration.

With the place rented and ready to use and with the customers wanting for shopping retail clothing products, all that remains to do is to sign contracts with the suppliers. Again, choosing the right partners in this business will be very crucial when aiming for high profits. A supplier that will sell cheaper and with the highest quality possible will be the perfect choice for you. Knowing how to find the perfect balance here is also a very crucial feature that will make the difference between the success and loss in running such a business. Designing an original logo that will accompany the products that will shop will sell could be a real profit stimulator. People are shopping in general from a specific brand because of the quality that particular company is promoting. In that way the probability that they will shop for other lines of your products will be higher and your profits bigger.

In all, running a retail clothing business depends on very good management skills. If you will think globally, the profits will also be global and the investor, a very happy man indeed. So, be careful how you decide to run your business and try to make the best profit from a business that will take more than the average management skills of a person and a good passion for making money.

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