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Childrens Wall Stickers   Call 01484 598041
Andy's Llinens stock a wide range of kids bedroom stickers and borders. Make your kid's bedroom come alive.
Linens-uk, P Block, Knowle Lane, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Holmfirth, HD9 4DS   (6063)

Kids Mural Store   Call 01509 211953
Offers a huge range of wall stickers for boys & girls, in a variety of styles & designs children will love. Visit the site for more business information and online shopping.
7 Prince William Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5GU   (5137)

Kidscapes   Call +44 (0) 161 969 5025
UK based online retailer of kids wall stickers and also design stickers as per custom needs for different rooms in the house.
Kidscapes Ltd, 1 Bradley Lane, Stretford, Manchester, England, M32 8RH, UK   (7108)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Kids Murals And Wall Stickers Business Information And Guide

Everyone wants their house to look good. People today decorate their houses for good interior work. There are many new modern techniques that are used by people for decoration purpose. They choose the best possible designer furniture as well as modern art accessories to make their place look good. In this race, kids are no far behind from the elders. Today children have various different accessories as well as environments suiting their desire. For instance, girls have pink colored wall paint where as boys having a room covered with car stickers and blue color. Hence the world is now of taste and mood. In this concept and for this purpose wall stickers as well as murals are used most often. This section of retail business has a good earning prospective since many parents are also pushed for shopping and hence you will find many people venturing into this business.

Children love watching cartoons and simply adore the cartoon characters of various types. Even while they are not watching them on air they like having these characters around them. This is the reason a lot of parents get the mural and stickers done on the walls which has different cartoons, animals, birds etc depending upon the choice of the kids. Children have a very strong imagination and learning cum grasping power. These paintings and wall stickers have variety of colors and shapes on them. This helps them in picking up the different shape patterns, colors; learn to identify various animals and birds, etc. so in your retail store you should keep such stuff available for shopping. For this you will have conduct a study of the type of products they parents would prefer shopping for their little ones. This will help your business grow.

Apart form just going by the shopping trend and common requirement in the market, people who are willing to excel in this retail business should opt for a survey of say about a thousand kids. Through this process you will find out about the way of thinking, likings and preferences of the kids. You should also make the parents a part of the survey since they are the ones who do the shopping on their Children’s behalf. The types and kinds of murals and wall stickers can then be ordered from the distributors and a collection can kept in the retail store. This overview and survey will give you an idea of what to sell and where to sell. Since it is as per the children’s demands the murals will surely sell and get a good market in this business.

Apart from jus dealing with such decorations at home you can also consider offering your murals and products to the various schools, kid’s play centers, painting schools, educational institutes, etc. For popularizing and advertising your product you can give demonstrations or presentations on annual day and other occasion in schools etc. As a matter of fact, you can these murals are also popular and can be noticed on the roadside of newly developed cities with various designs. Although, such wall stickers are more liked and preferred by children you can promote and expand the horizon of your retail business in the right manner and direction through this. The next important thing to consider here is the booking of a good shop for your retail store. You should do this in all the possible malls and shopping complexes. This way you will more customers coming across your store more often.

Instead of just considering these places you can also take contracts from different families, societies, schools, kinder garden, kid’ play schools etc for a particular academic year or so. During this period you can offer them with the latest designs and patterns of variety animals, birds cartoon characters, etc which the kids love. In the initial phase of your company you can also provide the parents and the school authorities some free service of scheme. This will surely give the trading group a good business. The murals and wall stickers that you offer in your retail store should be of good Quality paint and material. The most important thing here is that it should free of toxins or any poisonous material since they deal with children and can be by mistake ingested by them. You should mention the constituents of your products before making it available for shopping.

There is no bigger satisfaction than seeing children happy and excited. This is not just retail business of mural and wall stickers, you are indirectly dealing with the growth, development and happiness of the small kids. So you can also offer certain smaller gifts and toys for all those little ones coming for shopping to your store with their parents. This will not only make them happy but also attracts more customers to your outlet.

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