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Comic Book Shoppe   Call toll free: 1-866-260-3961
Site providing online shopping of action figures and comics including Watchmen, Calibur, Anna Mercury, Black Panther, Batman and the outsiders, Dark Ivory and much more. Visit the site for more products information.
1400 Clyde Avenue, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 3J2   (3878)

NewKadia   Call 610-277-3000
Offer online shopping of comic books for children in different categories and from different publishers like Marvel, Vertiga, Archie, Gold Key, Dell, Charlton, Dark Horse etc. Products include Flash comics, Spiderman comics, Batman comics, Green Lantern comics and much more.
21 W. Fornance St. #150 Norristown, PA 19401, USA   (3877)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Comic Books Business

You might have noticed children reading some sort of books while they are in journey or when they are free at home enjoying vacations? Children usually read these books for fun and entertainment or pass their time. For example, it’s hard to pass time for children while they are in a train during journey and that is the time they need such fun books which are often named as comic books. You won’t believe it there are certain comic characters which are so popular among children like Batman, Spiderman, Donald Duck, Chacha Chaudhary(Indian), Supergirl, Tom And Jerry etc. So if you have a plan to become a publisher of your own comic book that is not a bad idea at all because such books are in great demand at retail shopping stores and the business is evergreen. Evergreen in the sense that people will never stop traveling along with their children so products related to children like comic books will remain in demand. You can often find children running towards books retail shopping stores on major railway stations during journey.

Now the question is how to go about with this business? There are two ways to do this business. Either you can become the distributor of an existing comic books publisher or you can launch your own brand with unique comic character. It’s a big project and may require lot of investment if you want to become the self publisher. Becoming a distributor is relatively easy and doesn’t require much investment. If you want to introduce your own comic character it will not be easy to capture the market for your business due to tough competition. Getting popularity for a new brand is always difficult and need lot of marketing efforts. But as said where there’s a will, there’s a way. I would say you need to be more professional while launching your business products.

Advertising and marketing will not be difficult when there are so many sources to do it. But if your product is not impressive it may not help grow your retail or wholesale business as it will be difficult to capture the market. So you need to have well known authors and graphic designers in your dedicated team to launch the new comic brand. You can gain popularity for your new brand through various ways like TV commercials, radio advertising, billboards, etc. TV commercials are very expensive but then it’s one of the fastest ways to popularize a new brand. Individual investment will not be enough to launch such a big business where you need to capture huge market and need lot of funds. Best way to go about for such a big project is to issue shares for your company to collect funds from public. You can then make use of public funds to promote your comic books business heavily. Once your company is in profit it will make you money and your shareholders will earn dividends. So integrity is important when you think big.

If you cannot think to launch a stock listed company becoming a distributor will be good option. Getting distributorship is not difficult. Companies do need more and more distributors for their products as this gives them more sales. Once you are an authorized distributor and you have a dealership certificate it will be easy for you to setup your retail store at places like railway stations. But some kind of approach or bribe is necessary to establish a retail store at some railway station, bus stand or an airport where there are chances for maximum sales of comic books.

Another option could be to have an online shopping store over internet. For that you will need to create a website and display your products over there. Make a shopping cart system for children to shop online. Work hard to promote your site over internet. Contact internet marketing and advertising companies to help you promote your business online. I would recommend getting your site higher in search engines like google for keywords like “comics” and “comic books”. Contact a search engine optimization (SEO) company to get your site higher in google for your targeted keywords. A SEO specialist company or individual is the real person who can help to grow your business over internet. Getting higher in google is one of the ways to generate maximum sales for any kind of product as you can find customers from all over your own country and also global customers.

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