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Keen Shoes   Call 317.580.9830
Keen Children's Shoes was founded by Charles R. and Joann Keen in 1961. Their first store was located in Broad Ripple on the old north side of Indianapolis. Mr. Keen saw the need for a more personalized service -oriented children's shoe store, which catered to the footwear needs of parents and their children.
20 Executive Dr., Ste. K, Carmel, IN 46032   (3810)

Umi Shoes   Call 1-888-UMI-LUXE
You will be able to access up-to-date order status and tracking information at any time after you complete your order for children and baby shoes from your Umi Account. Visit the site for complete products details and information.
Online Shopping Store   (3809)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Children Shoes Business

If you have children that are getting ready to take part in summer activities or if you need to find a set of dress shoes for a special occasion, then you can begin with looking at children shoes that are available. This introduces you into the right pair of support for all the activities and situations that your children are involved in. Understanding the business that offers children shoes, as well as what is available in different areas is your first step to getting the right shoe support you need for your child.

The shoe industry is divided according to the gender that wears specific types of shoes as well as the age of the individuals that are interested in the footwear shopping. This includes women, men and children shoes. This also adds in slippers and shoes and accessories that are for specific occasions. On average, the retail shoe sales make $29 million per year, with 2008 seeing a slight decreases of 1.7% in shoe sales. The largest sets of sales are from women's shoes, with an average of 60% of the sales being in this department. This is followed by children shoes, which averages at 20% of the sales .

One of the changes that is currently a part of the shoe industry is based on the number of imports and exports that are moving in between regions and countries. This flow is causing specific areas of the world to note a growing trend in the sales that are available. At the same time, it is expected that other countries will see a trend downwards in the availability for shoes. The way that this is being combated is to offer global retail stores that are available through online areas and portals, which is changing the way that consumers are approaching the shopping needs for various types of shoes.

Not only is the division in shopping making differences in the demands for the children shoes business, but this same approach is also being divided according to the type of business that is available. This is specifically divided by the trends for shoe retail stores as well as manufacturing that is included in the industry. The ability to manufacture shoes in different regions of the world also offers a lower cost, causing the shoe stores to see the decreases. With shoe manufacturing, the same statistics were seen, with an average of $2 million spent on the manufacturing plants and the same decrease of 1% in demand for stores .

With the different options now available for children shoes, as well as the business changes that are beginning to take the foothold in the industry, are also different ways in which individuals can approach retail shopping for footwear. If you are looking for children shoes, you can now find a large variety of options available for children. This includes boots, tennis shoes, dress wear and casual shoes that can be worn for various occasions. However, you can now also find designer labels and special looks for children. Some of this is inclusive on new fashion trends and models. These are designed differently according to activities and related to colors, shapes and overall looks. There are also other segments that focus on foot health for children and that are related specifically to the support that different types of shoes give.

The different available options that are a part of shoe sales for children are leading businesses into a slight downturn, but is also providing a new way of looking at the business for footwear. With the changes in the industry, as well as the alteration in trends, is a business that is moving through a transition that is leading individuals to a different shopping experience. With this is the ability to alter the way in which shoe wear is approached for children and adults.

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