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All Childrens Furniture   Call (800) 331-7484
One of the biggest online store to buy kids furniture with secured shopping. Products include furniture of different types like for bookcases, doll furniture, play kitchen, doll house furniture, bedroom sets, dressers, playtime etc in different brands. Visit the site for more business details.
800 Boylston St, Suite 1600, Boston, MA 02199   (3671)

Kids Furniture   Call 1-866-595-8930
Wholesale Furniture Brokers offers a variety of kids furniture items including bunk beds, loft beds, twin beds, and much more at low wholesale prices. Choose from a wide selection of name brand sets by Powell Company, South Shore, Lea Industries, Room Magic, and Coaster Company.
#103 - 1366 Hugh Allan Drive, Kamloops, BC, V1S 1L8, Canada   (4956)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Children Furniture Business

Today children demand their own privacy and like to have their separate rooms at an early age. And now children want their own furniture and believe it or not but upper class children have the entire room designed by a designer who shall work to replicate the mood and wishes of the room’s owner. If the child is fond of video gaming then a model gaming area is built so that when the child is engrossed in playing video games he feels he is right in the groove for it. For a girl her room could have multiple book-shelf kind of wardrobe so that she can keep her soft toys at an arms distance from her. Bunk beds, ceiling designed using Plaster of Paris and decorative night illuminating lights are all part of the children furniture business today. Over internet online shopping of these child and baby retail products is also growing.

But this trend is spilling over to children from the middle and upper middle class families as well. Gone are the days when a simple bed, side tables with one night lamp and a wardrobe would be fine. These even if you cannot afford a designer to create a tailored children’s furniture then the market place is full of furniture products to cater to your demands. While opting for children furniture shopping the one thing that you would like to ensure is that the furniture you buy is long lasting and durable. That because children tend to be a little if not more rough with their furniture and replacing furniture frequently would not be your idea of an ideal children’s furniture.

So what are the prospects in a children furniture retail business? Before we proceed to know better the children furniture business lets have a look at the different kinds of children furniture available in the retail and wholesale market place. For children furniture there variety of shapes, materials designs and sizes. Fibers, plastic, tin, aluminum are some of the common materials that are used for furniture making but as far as India concerned wooden chip and plywood remain widely used. Plastics are best material for cute, elegant, and stylish. Children like plastic material because of its handy (light weight), attractive in color and texture.

Now if you were a furniture designer and have interests in designing rooms for children then it would be natural for you to start your own kids and baby furniture business. If you put your creative sense and business senses together then you can have a successful outing as a children furniture designer. But that does not mean a non designer cannot enter into children furniture business. There are many companies around the world that manufacture knock down units for children’s furniture. You can sell their products in retail shopping through your own sales point. It is not necessary that you have a swanky showroom to display the kids furniture. Rather you can start your own kids furniture business from you own garage. All you need to do is keep some model furniture in completely built condition so that people can see what products you are selling.

If you would like to have a start up business in a medium to large scale business then you can always import children furniture from a source destination you think shall compliment your business. China happens to be one of the major exporters of children furniture in the world. For that you would be well advised to first find a list of potential suppliers and also should make contact with them and ask about their product range and price list. You should personally visit their factory and conduct a quality check. Once you are satisfied regarding the quality and other things you can place an order with your suppliers. By tying up with different suppliers from different countries or manufactures you will ensure that you not be tangled up by supply issues and also that each manufacture shall look into introduce newer products. You will have the benefit of choosing which product you would like to introduce through your wholesale or retail business.

Children furniture shopping is therefore very exciting both for the children and their parents as companies introduce new product range every year in an attempt to grab your attention. Shopping for children furniture during holidays or during end of season sales is usually the best time to purchase furniture because there are huge discounts and some furniture showrooms offer exchange discounts.

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