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Bank Street Bookstore   Call 212.678.1654
Stock an incredible assortment of fiction and nonfiction books for children including parent and teacher resources, toys, learning games, classroom supplies, DVDs, CDs, and more. Provide online shopping for bestselling picture books, bestselling novels, humorous picture books, just good novels and more.
Broadway and 112th Street, New York, NY 10025   (614)

Butterfly Books And Literacy Center   Call not provided
Online store providing all kinds of useful books foe children such as paperback books, picture books, chapter books, proffesional education books, poetry books and more. Visit the site for online shopping through paypal.
118 N. Broadway, DePere, WI 54115,   (611)

Grace & Truth Books   Call 918.245.1500
Get the pleasure to shop online for character building and grace and truth books for family and children including children's heritage series which are wonderful Christian books that will inspire godly Christian character in your children. Also provide seperate books for men, women and elderly people.
3406 Summit Blvd., Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063   (613)   Call (212) 343-6100
The flagship internet portal for the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books, offers content and products for children ages 0-13 and the educators and family members who support their development.
557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012   (612)

The Children's Bookshop   Call 01497 821 083
Search children books from online catalogue by author name, title, publisher and illustrator and order online. Also look for recent additions, text booklists, booksearch through different options and more. Visit the site for secured online shopping.
Toll Cottage, Pontvaen, Hay on Wye, Herefordshire, HR3 5EW, UK   (615)

Business Information: A Guide to Children Books Business

An important part of every child's growth is the ability to learn to read. Not only is literacy and enhancement of reading one that will open their doors in education, but can also offer more use of a child's imagination. For those that love children's books and reading, is the option to not only support a child's growth in literacy through reading, but also by starting a business that offers children's books. Understanding what is involved in helping children to develop their imagination and reading skills through a retail shopping business venture can help you to provide extra support to children who need guidance with reading.

Even though technology, television and Internet options are a part of every child's wish list, books are also a continuous trend children are tapping into. It has been noted that, in the year 2004, youth books alone increased by 6.6%, with an average of 21,516 new titles being added to the list . The demand with this is expected to continue to rise, as children look into new titles that are being released weekly which provide them with an alternative towards developing their reading skills on topics they enjoy.

Because there are so many new options for children's reading as a market, the response with children reading even more is also expected to be favorable in the environment at large, which helps to push the children's books. Because there are stronger pushes for literacy, with an average rate in the U.S. alone being at 92%, it is also inviting children to investigate the newer and older books so they can continue to improve their reading skills . With children, it is expected that the love of reading and the ability to develop these literacy skills, as long as it is reinforced in the environment, will continue to be a part of every child's lifestyle.

With this in mind, you can expect to find several individuals shopping for the latest titles and releases to add into their child's bookshelf. With this advantage, you can make sure that you start out right with children's books that are available for all ages in your retail shopping store. This type of business venture, with the demands that are available from schools and children, is a simple way to increase income while providing children with new options for literacy.

There are different factors to look into if you are looking into a retail business with children's books. The main concept to consider is what age groups you are looking into. For instance, new readers, from the ages of 5 – 7, will have different book titles available then older children, pre-youth and youth. Because of the number of titles that are available, it is more effective to focus on one or two groups of children as readers so you can get the best of titles.

The next option to consider with this is linked to the types of books that are available. For instance, a children's book business may include all fiction or non-fiction, based on the interests you think will bring more children to your storefront. The growth of the titles have also brought more sub-categories, which many choose to focus on to bring in certain types of children for their shopping experience. The more you can focus the books that you offer, the more likely you will be able to find the right children for the books available.

If you are interested in helping children to have educational materials, while enhancing their imagination, then starting a retail business with children's books is a simple step to support literacy and education. Knowing what materials to look into first, as well as determining what the best moves are for the book store so you can continue to keep a child's interest, can help you to start a business that brings the love of reading forward in younger generations.

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