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Business Information By Mast Directory: An overview of Baby Slings and Carriers Business

Baby slings and carriers are basically similar to what was used by people centuries ago to carry heavy material from one place to another. Things such as the basket are an excellent example of a baby sling and carrier which is used even today but of course in a totally different design and material. A couple of centuries ago animal skin would be used to create a baby carrier or the ends of an animal skin would be tied the tree so that baby could be put to sleep while their parents would work in the farm, house or wherever it might be.

In some parts of the world even today mother would use cloth to create a pouch kind of bag where the baby sits inside and the legs can be kept hanging from that, we could term it as a sling or carrier. A baby sling provides a mother with added convenience, she can carry the baby in a sling keeping the baby attached to her while also attending to the needs of her other children if any. It is understandable that lot many babies would like to be close to their mother all the time. It has been seen that slow to gain weight babies tend to add weight (no scientific reason available) if they are with the mother in a sling for few hours every day. Babies who are carried with their parents feel involved and participate and view all the different things that their parents do.

There exists a different kind of carriers available for shopping in retail stores, each one designed to suit your needs and comforts of the new born. With so many products in the baby slings and carriers shopping arena deciding which one to buy could be a grind. Let us have a look at some popular slings and carriers parents usually shop for. When shopping in retail for slings and carriers there are ones that have the option of adjustable slings with rings (some have additional padding while others are unpadded), Asian style carriers and also non-adjustable pouch slings plus the simple wraps that can be tied on you the parents’ backs. Some people initially have troubles using a carrier. With different wraps, slings and other kinds of baby carriers the thing is babies will maintain varied positions. Remember lying down is not the only position babies prefer. A baby can sit straight up for some time and then turn to either sit on the mother’s hips, lie down, sit facing towards you or might as well ride over your back.

Having atleast 2-3 chidren is the dream of every parent and that gives a start to doing all the things a parent possibly can for the well being and comfort of the baby. Take any country all over the world and expect a few countries every place on earth birth rate out numbers death rate. Meaning the population is growing and so is the retail business for chidren products. Amongst the hundreds of baby care products in the market are baby slings and carriers. Thus it would not be an over statement that starting a baby slings and carriers business is a safe bet. But the competition is tough to say the least as major players like Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble and Seventh Generation offer wide variety of products but mainly cater to the high-end market requirements.

China is one of that largest makers and suppliers in the baby slings and carriers business. Chinese products make up for the mid and lower segment of the retail and wholesale market. Makers of baby slings and carriers products are always looking to add premium to a product so that they can move up the value chain thereby gaining crucial margin improvement as part of the deal. On April 1 2008 Global Sources was quoted as saying that models fitted with increasing number of accessories were successful in grabbing the attention and crucial sales numbers too. A large section of parents gave high importance safety and convenience when shopping for baby slings or carriers.

Also you can start a baby slings and carriers business in an inorganic way that is to buy a running business and then put in hard effort (always required for any successful business), create your own design or have them made by an expert baby care designer and launch them under a brand name into the retail market. You can also opt to be a retailer or wholesaler of baby slings and carriers. There are many well known brands in the market place that are established and well selling already. For instance you could opt to sell any of the following brands like RGO’s, Maya Wrap Ring Slings, BabyHawks, HotSlings, Urban Pouch, EllaRoo, ZoloWear, Kozy Carriers, Storchenweige, Baby Legs and Gypsy Mama. The margins on max retail prices depend upon the terms and conditions of the company with which to choose to do business.

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