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Once you have a new born baby in your house you would definitely like to buy a few things that would add convenience to your mobility while also taking care of the childÂ’s comfort when outside. What comes to mind when you are thinking of taking the baby out in the park? How will you take the baby over to the park? Well a baby stroller is what you would require. The baby stroller is the same as pram. Baby stroller is a term used in America while pram is British term. Even children can carry babies in these carriers.

Baby strollers are excellent for those parents who would like to take their baby to the children park and also indulge in jogging while the baby enjoys the surroundings. There are different kinds of baby strollers that are available and parents are usually confused as to which strollers will suits their needs. But parents also need to understand that there are points that you need to take care of while shopping in retail for a baby stroller. Model, price and looks should not determine your choice rather the baby pram should be wide enough and also soft so that the baby is comfortable.

When you go baby stroller shopping you should keep in mind that the baby stroller you wish to purchase has safety belts and straps that will ensure the complete baby safety. Also see that the safety belts can be adjusted. The other thing would like to have in a baby stroller is wheels with self lock and brakes. Another important aspect of baby stroller shopping is that the basket should be placed in a manner that it is just over the rear wheels. Retail market for these products is hot and its profitable. So there may be huge price difference in different retail stores. So parents need to try out different stores while shopping. Online shopping stores cannot be trusted. So going to retail market is a better option.

There different kinds of strollers to select from depending upon your choice. There are light weight strollers that are less than twelve pounds in weight making them easy to carry, usually foldable too. Car seat strollers are portable strollers that support infant car seats. Jogging strollers can be used under most conditions and include 3 large bicycle wheels mounted to a light frame. Multiple occupancy strollers, such strollers permit parents and chidren to carry more than one child together. Some models have tandem sitting where a child is seated behind the other. Multiple occupancy strollers are ideal for an older sibling and a baby.

So you can imagine that new parents would be inclined to having such products to remain mobile while also wanting to spend quality time with the new born. The baby strollers retail business is a worldwide market spanning from Japan to Australia & China and India but Europe and United States remain the biggest market for baby strollers.

The baby strollers business in the United States is categorized under the Infant, Toddler and Preschool Home Furnishings and Accessories market. This market caters to baby cribs, baby linens, baby strollers, baby monitors and car seats for babies. This market is more or less a stagnant market in the US but exports to other countries is now the driving force for this business.

Online baby accessories sites such as leading toy retailer have a wide range of baby stroller products list on their site. You can buy for example a lightweight stroller with single strap for $59.99 while a full-size stroller can be for as much as $629.99.

In Korea as well parents are well accustomed to spending exuberantly on things such as baby strollers. JoongAng Daily, a newspaper in Korea conducted a survey of 101 new parents and asked them regarding what expenses they are willing to incur for their new born. In response moms and dads said they would spend anywhere between 300,000 Won which is equalvent to $226 and 500,000 Won or $377 on a stroller. Korean parents are today willing to spend as much as $600 on their favorite baby stroller.

Another reason why the baby stroller business is seeing a slight uptrend is that there is a baby boom in the US and this trend has been in effect for the past few years. Additionally the introduction of electronic baby strollers has created a new niche with the pram business. In 2006 the baby care and accessories business in the US was pegged at $8 billion and it is expected to touch 9.5 billion US dollars by 2010.

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