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Baby's Dream Furniture, Inc.  Call 1800-835-2742
A family owned company who has been making nursery furniture since 1990. furniture is designed for parents who want long-lasting, good quality furniture for their children. Visit site for complete details.
Online store   (3646)

Nursery Furniture  Call 0800 028 2361
The Nursery Furniture store features baby furniture, baby bedding and baby high chairs amongst other items you need for a new born. The store offers products from some of the world's favourite nursery furniture brands including, Izziwotnot, Cosatto and Aspace Baby.
176 High Street, Burbage, SN8 3AB.   (6049)  Call 877-602-2742
Company helping to create a nursery that is beautiful, functional, comfortable, and safe for children and offer so many styles and models of baby furniture. Visit the site for online shopping of all retail products.
6344 Vegas Drive, San Jose, CA 95120, USA   (3645)

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Having a baby is every parent’s dream come true. It not only expands the family but it brings such happiness that cannot be put to words and increases as time unravels all of the beautiful mischief a baby known best to indulge in. A new brings happiness and responsibilities as well; you have to care for the baby immensely to ensure a good upbringing.

From changing diapers to healthy nutritious food and baby furniture all are basic things that every parents would like to provide the baby with. Baby furniture business is an old business but has got more and more sophisticated. There is a wide range of baby furniture products are available in the market from cradles, baby cots, cribs, nightstands, child rocking chairs, wooden chairs, bunk beds, toy containers, fabric utility clothes storage, trundle boxes etc.

Convertible cribs are baby cots that can be increased in size and the baby grows in length, similarly dressers are where you can keep the baby garments in organized shelves so that they remain most accessible. Toddlers enjoy their independence, thus they would love to have own toddler bed.

Baby furniture business is a constantly changing retail market with new products scoring over old-fashioned ones. More over most parents are not inclined to change baby furniture once babies have grown out of that furniture’s use. But since children can be very demanding parents soon or later have to give into their demands. But if you take care of the baby furniture you can reuse that same furniture when you have a new arrival in your family. Trends however in the western market show that most of such furniture is dumped as waste or re-sold in the used baby furniture market.

Baby furniture business is a worldwide market where parents buy furniture specifically tailored to suit the needs of a baby. According to an exclusive report published by Kids Today it reveals that baby furniture business in the US is over the next 5 year going to grow by 12.7% overall. Furniture sales for youth bedroom is estimated to reach $5.2 billion by 2013, as of 2008 baby & youth furniture sales clocked $4.6 billion.

Also parents in the US spent $1.18 billion just for baby furniture in 2006 and that figure is likely to touch $1.52 billion by 2011. Now the baby furniture business is not just limited to cribs and wooden chairs and things like that which are sold in retail. Mother Nursery, a new company promoted by first time parents Melanie and Brad Weber are looking to change the way baby furniture business is done in the US. The company shall have everything in baby furniture but will also design children's rooms and offer services in childproofing.

Mother Nursery will design aesthetic furniture for babies and kids that will help them identify and understand their world. Designs are such that are relevant for only the first couple years of a child's life. As of March of 2007 Mother Nursery had designed in access of 25 rooms and also offered childproofing services for 8 babies. The company levies $95 to $100 per hour of services. Mother Nursery's revenue jumped 108 % against the previous year. Additionally in February 2007 post a year after its launch they started making profits.

Undoubtedly baby furniture retail shopping is something most parents plan for yet it is natural for first time parents to not even have the thought regarding baby furniture shopping until guided by family and friends. Shop for deals on a huge selection of toddler beds and your little one will enjoy a restful night of sleep.

Never ever you plan to go baby furniture shopping you will be well advised to create a list of essentials that you would like to set up within your room. For instance a baby crib or cot is a baby furniture-shopping item you cannot miss to have. As the baby grows a little older you would want to have a baby-feeding table so that the baby can sit in his/her chair and eat a meal.

Baby furniture shopping in retail can also be done after the baby is born so if it is a girl then you can purchase baby girl specific furniture and same if the baby is a new born boy.

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