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Baby Formulas  Call 1800-833-769
Online Australian retailer selling baby food in different brands like Heinz Nurture, Karicare, Nestle Nan, Novalac and more.
Unit 16, 345 Plummer St. Port Melbourne VIC Australia   (6161)

Plum Mums  Call 0845 389 0061
Plum Baby manufactures high quality organic baby food from natural ingredients, including quinoa and other superfoods for babies. The range includes baby cereals, super porridge, delicious purees, mash, pasta, and more. Visit the site for online shopping.
Station Mill, Station Road, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9JQ   (3660)

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Food is something that we all need to keep our mind and body working but for the kids and more so for babies good nourishing food is the basis for their growth and development. The retail and wholesale market for baby food has witnessed consistent growth over the past couple of decades. The competition amongst chidren food retailers selling a wide range of baby food is actually quite stiff. As awareness has been drawn towards more natural and organic food parents have known to be more inclined to buying natural baby foods. Organic baby food is food which have been grown sans the use of pesticides or preservatives or pesticides.

When you think of chidren food shopping in retail then healthy and safe baby food is what will certainly be your concern. While going baby food shopping you should see to it that none of the ingredients or material added to the baby food has even a remote chance of causing a choking hazard with babies. Breast milk is always the best milk for your baby and at least for the first 3 months after the baby’s birth mother’s milk is recommended. Thereafter you can start giving solid foods. But start with caution because with a new born baby you never know how the baby will react to new substances, some foods may cause allergic reactions. Most baby food manufacturers also make iron-fortified, single-grain infant cereal, which can be the first solid your baby starts eating.

So if you are thinking to enter the baby food business in retail then it is vital that you understand the in and out of such a business. Firstly you should undertake research regarding all the aspects that influence the baby food business either on a local level if you are to start as small scale business or national level if you want to enter the business with multiple product range and complete with other players in the retail and wholesale market. The internet is always one place where initial research can be conducted. Search what is the current market size and what are the future prospects of this business. It will also hold you in good heed if you were to know the strength and weakness of your competitors. Conduct a SWOT, Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats analysis.

Write a complete business report and conduct a feasibility report to see how much time you think that you will be able to break even with such a venture. See what your marketing strategy will be, your funding resources and other such business reports are crucial to make the right decision and start. Alternatively you can approach a business consultancy company to advise you on your baby food business plan and ask them to conduct a feasibility report. If you are willing to acquire an already existing business who’s set up and model you subscribe to then you can always negotiate whether they would be interested in a joint venture business or selling off the business.

When starting your own baby foods business you can survey the market for the most popular baby foods around and then can compile a list of the baby foods that you think you would be able to carter the retail market for. Also hand choose your suppliers, base the criteria on accessibility, reliability and distance from your production unit. It would not be a bad idea to choose multiple suppliers so that options are always open to you.

Let us read about a case study where SANDOZ, a pharmaceutical giant headquartered in Switzerland bought Gerber Products, the US baby food company for dollars 3.7bn in 1994. This move gave Sandoz instant market share of 70% of the US baby food business. Gerber Products at that time had strong presence in the Central American as well as Mexican market. Since Sandoz purchase the entire business they also had a ready market for their other products in all of these markets. The company has many nutrition brand names such as Ovaltine, Roland crispbread, Wasa and and Isostar sports drinks.

Children food shopping can be somewhat of a turnoff especially with the numerous products on the shelf vying for your attention. But once you get to know what food keeps your baby happy and healthy then buying such food products will be fun and you can always keep adding baby food product of similar nature to list of to buy products. Once the baby is 1 year and older do not hesitate to introduce new food to him/her. Always be sure of the make and quality of baby food you are purchasing.

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