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Babies are the most adorable ones that any parent can have. They are fun to play with and almost all of us would find a little bit of ourselves in them. But at the same time caring for babies is the biggest responsibilities that young parent are entrusted with each time they have new babies.

Baby feeding supplies business has huge retail market because the world population grows everyday and therefore children products are required by parent everyday. There are basically five board based babycare categories: Disposable Diapers, Wipes/Moist Towelettes, Baby Bodycare, Feeding Accessories, and Pacifiers/Teethers. Amongst the various baby care products in market the baby feeding supplies business is a niche in itself. Products such as baby feeding bottles, BPA-free sippy cups, organic baby foods, mess mats, hand & face wipes, feeding kits etc. fall under this category.

Traveling with an infant toddler can be really overwhelming if you do not carry the right baby gear and baby travel supplies. Babies Travel Lite is a well-known company that is engaged in the making of high quality baby feeding supplies. Let us look at some baby feeding supplies business in the category of cups, dishes & utensils. They have the Disney Winnie the Pooh Straw Cups that is priced at $4.29, Tossables Sippy Cups - 3 pack priced at $4.99, Munchkin Baby Food Grinder priced at $8.99. There is a wide range of child feeding supplies product to choose from.

The usual notion is that more babies’ mean more baby feeding supplies business but you would be surprised that this is not the case. The baby feeding supplies business has a mature retail market. The competition is fierce, survival in this difficult, but the baby feeding supplies remains a potentially lucrative business.

During the period beginning 2001 to 2005 babycare supplies business was worth 6.1 billion US dollars. Since the business is a mature one companies are often forced to sell products at heavy discounts just to grab a share of the over crowed market player. There are many fringe players who on a regional basis capture a large chunk of the market share. The major international brands include companies like Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble and Seventh Generation. The major issue such international brands are faced with is that they must spend to develop innovative new children products and mass-advertise them.

In a report made available by Packaged Facts Market Research Reports for The U.S. Market for Babycare Supplies for 2005 puts the projection as follow. The babycare supplies market includes segments – diapers, wipes, bodycare, feeding and pacifiers/teethers. The project sales in the babycare supplies market shall touch $6.6 Billion by 2010. Companies involved in the baby feeding supplies business spent $242 Million in 2004 on advertisements through different means. The sales for baby feeding supplies accessories business have touched the $500 Million mark in 2005.

Global major Johnson & Johnson’s babycare supplies business comes under the consumer sales division. According to data available from the annual sales report for Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Care franchise sales shows that the company’s sales grew by 13.9% to $2.0 billion in 2007. In 2005 Johnson & Johnson babycare business revenues stood at 1,561 million dollar. In 2006 the same business recorded sales of 1,740 million dollars representing a growth of 11.5% year on year. In 2007 the division’s sales touched almost touched 2 billion USD or to be precise it recorded 1,982 million dollar worth of sales representing 13.9% growth year on year.

Baby feeding supplies shopping in retail can be really a fun thing to do but you need to know what products are safe for the baby before you actually buy them. When out for baby feeding supplies shopping you should ensure that any material and stuffs that you buy is BPA-free. This because doctors and parents have seen some slight behavioral changes in infants resulting from low quality plastic material used in bottles and other baby feeding products.

There are a host of products that you will find in the baby feeding supplies shopping category. You can also shop online at online stores like Wal-Mart, eBay etc for your requirements. A basic The First Years – Soothie Bottle on is priced at $16.52 while a pack of 3 Evenflo – Glass 8-oz bottles are priced at $5.98.

So what are you waiting for if you in the last trimester of your pregnancy and cannot wait until your child is born or if you have an infant for whom you would like to go baby-feeding supplies shopping then just create a list of products that you would like to buy and then there’s no stopping you.

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